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A Dudley Dilemna (1989)(Lane Barrow)A IV Network$ (1995)(Infogrames)A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)(Infocom)A Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)(Monarch Software)A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.0 (1989)(Monarch Software)A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean)A10 Tank Killer (1989)(Dynamix)A10 Tank Killer (1991)(Dynamix)A10 Tank Killer Enhanced (1989)(Dynamix)A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software)A320 Airbus European Mission Disk (1993)(Thalion)A320 Airbus USA Edition (1993)(Thalion)Aaargh (1988)(Arcadia)Abandoned Places A Time For Heroes (1992)(International Computer Entertainment Ltd)Abc Monday Night Football (1989)(Abc Interactive)Abc Wide World Of Sport Boxing (1991)(Data East Corporation)Absolut Vodka Virtual Museum (1994)(Absolut)Absolute Pinball (1996)(21st Century Entertainment)Absolute Zero (1996)(Domark)Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)(Rev1)Accordion (1990)(Softdisk Publishing)Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker)Ace Of Aces (1987)(Accolade)Ace Of Aces 2 (1987)(Accolade)Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online)Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online)Aces of the Pacific WWII 1946 (1992)(Dynamix)Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1)Acheton (1990)(Topologika)Acid Tetris (1998)(Jason Pimble)Ack Ack Attack (1996)(Kurt Dekker)Ackack (1995)(Plbm)Action Fighter (1986)(Firebird Software Ltd Kixx)Action Fighter (1994)(Chinese)Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software)Action Soccer (1995)(Ludi Media)Action Soccer (1995)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations)Action Super Cross (1993)(Ervin Horvath)Action Supercross (1998)(Bal)Activision Adventure Pack (1995)(Infocom)Actobots (1989)(Scott Emmons)Actua Soccer (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)Advanced Civilization (1995)(Microprose Software Inc)Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)(Futura)Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Volume III Plus II and I CD (1995)(SSI)Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Blood and Magic (1996)(Interplay)Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)Advanced Tactical Air Command (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)Advanced Tactical Fighters (1996)(Electronic Arts)Advanced Xoru (1989)(Castle Technologies)Advantage Tennis (1991)(Atari Inc)(F)Adventure (1991)(Craig Pell)Adventure Construction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)Adventure Fun Pack (1989)(Apogee Software)Adventure Game Toolkit (1993)(Softworks)Adventures In Math (1983)(Ibm)Adventures In Serenia (1986)(Online Systems)Adventures of 5 Girls and 1 Stud, The (1992)(Event Horizons)Adventures of a Donut (1995)(RSD)Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev3)Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev4)Adventures Of Maddog Williams In The Dungeons Of Duridian (1991)(Game Crafters)Adventures Of Microman (1993)(Brian Goble)Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive)Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive)(Rev)Adventures Of Robin Hood (1992)(Millennium)Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Dynamix)Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Sierra Online)African Adventure (1984)(Fullerton)African Raiders (1986)(Tomahawk)African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive)After Burner (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Afterlife (1996)(Lucas Arts)Age (1991)(Coktel Vision)Age (1991)(Coktel Vision)(F)Age of Rifles (1996)(SSI)AH-3 ThunderStrike Air Assault (1995)(JVC)Air Bucks (1992)(Sierra Online)Air Force Commander (1992)(Impressions Games)Air Power Battle for the Skies (1995)(Mindscape)Air Strike Usa (1990)(Cinemaware)Air Traffic Controller (1993)(Wesson)(Rev2.11)Air Traffic Controller (1996)(Cascoly Software)Air Trax (1983)(Presearch Incorporated)Air Warrior CD (1992)(Kesmai)Airball (1987)(Micro Deal)Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Airforce Commander (1996)(Impressions)Airlift Rescue (1995)(David Fleming)Airline (1991)(Falkan)(G)Airlines (1994)(Interactivision)(Rev1.11)Airlines (1996)(InterActivision)Ajax (1989)(Konami)Ajs World Of Discovery (1992)(Coktel Vision)Akalabeth World Of Doom (1980)(Origin Systems Inc)Al Qadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Aladdin (1994)(Virgin-Disney)Albion (1996)(Blue Byte)Alcatraz (1992)(Atari Inc)Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software)Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software)(Rev)Alex Higgins World Snooker (1986)(Amstrad And Lindensoft)Alf The First (1987)(Box Office)Alfs Thinking Skills (1993)(Vision Software)Aliants The Desparate Battle for Earth (1989)(Star Soft)Alice In Wonderland (1985)(Dale Disharoon Inc)Alien Anarchy (1998)(Perceptum Informatica)Alien Attack (1997)(Eldon Martin)Alien Breed (1993)(Team 17)Alien Breed Tower Assault (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17)Alien Breed Tower Assault Enhanced (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17)Alien Cabal 1 (1997)(Qasoft)Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software)Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev)Alien Carnage Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software)Alien Fires 2199 Ad (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Alien Incident (1996)(Housemarque)Alien Invasion (1995)(Capstone)Alien Legacy (1993)(Sierra Online)Alien Logic (1994)(Mindscape Inc)Alien Olympics (1994)(Mindscape Inc)Alien Quake (1997)(Alien Quake Team)Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing)Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing)(Rev)Alien Syndrome (1987)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Alien Trilogy (1996)(Probe Entertainment)Alien Virus CD (1994)(Vic Tokai)All American College Football (1994)(Microsports)All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)(Mgm Interactive)All New Family Feud (1989)(Sharedata Inc)All New World Of Lemmings 3 (1994)(Psygnosis)All-Star Sports Collection CD (1995)(Accolade)Allan Borders Cricket (1994)(Audiogenic)Alley Cat (1984)(Synsoft)Alone In The Dark (1992)(Interplay)Alone In The Dark 2 (1994)(Interplay)Alone In The Dark 3 (1995)(Interplay)Alpha Waves (1990)(Infogrames)Alqadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Alter Ego Female (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)Altered Beast (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Altered Destiny (1990)(Accolade)Alternate Reality The City (1986)(Datasoft Inc)Amado (1990)(Yong Choi)Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)Amarillo Slim Dealers Choice (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)Amazing 3-D Adventure Set CD (1995)(Corioli)[Book CD]Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press)Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press)(Rev)Amazing Spiderman (1989)(Paragon Software Corporation)Amazing Spiderman (1992)(Oxford Digital)Amazing Spiderman And Captain America Doctors Dooms Revenge (1989)(Paragon Software)Amazon (1984)(Trillium)Amazon Guardians Of Eden (1992)(Access Software Inc)Amazon Trail, The (1993)(MECC)Amberstar (1992)(Thalion Software)Ambush At Sorinor (1993)(Mindcraft)American Adventure (1994)(Knowledge Software)American Challenge A Sailing Simulation (1986)(Mindscape Inc)American Dreams Screen Saver (1994)(DeskTop Software)American Gladiators (1991)(Gametek)Amnesia (1984)(Cognetics Corporation)Amok (1996)(Scavenger)Amulet Of Yendor (1985)(Keypunch)An American Tail (1993)(Capstone Software)Anacreon Reconstruction 4021 (1988)(Tma)Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc)Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev)Ancient Art Of War At Sea (1987)(Broderbund Software Inc)Ancient Art Of War In The Skies (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Ancient Art of War in the Skies The (1992)(Evryware)Ancient Land of Ys (1989)(Nihon Falcom Japan)Ancients 1 Deathwatch (1993)(Epic Megagames Inc)Ancients 1 Deathwatch Final (1993)(Farr-Ware)Ancients II Approaching Evil (1993)(Epic)Andre Panzas Kickboxing (1992)(Loriciel)Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Interactive)Angband 2.8.2 (1997)(Robert Ruehlmann)Animal Math (1986)(Donald Pavia)Annals Of Rome (1986)(Personal Software Services)Another World (1991)(Delphine Software)Another World (1991)(Delphine Software)(F)Ansi Dude (1995)(Vectorscope Software)Anstoss Action (1994)(Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh)Antarctic Adventure (1984)(Friends Software Konami)Anti Ballistic Missle (1984)(David Disk)Antixonix (1985)(Pavlovsky)Anvil of Dawn (1995)(Dream Forge Entertainment)Anvil Of Dawn (1995)(New World Computing Inc)Apache Longbow BETA (1995)(Digital Integration)Apache Longbow CD (1995)(Digital Integration)Apache Longbow RIP (1995)(Digital Integration)Apache Strike (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc)Apb (1989)(Domark)Apba Baseball Deluxe (1996)(Miller Associates)APBA Hockey (1993)(APBA Games)Apollo 18 (1988)(Accolade)Apple Panic (1982)(Broderbund Software Inc)Aquanoid (1992)(Stefan Heineke)Aquaphobia (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)Arachnaphobia (1991)(Blue Sky Software)Arcade Fruit Machine (1993)(Zeppelin Games)Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17)Arcade Volleyball (1987)(Einstein)Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Interactive)(Rev)Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Games)Archery (1985)(Sicis)Archimedean Dynasty (1996)(Blue Byte)Archipelagos (1989)(Britannica Software)Archon (1984)(Electronic Arts Inc)Archon Ultra (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Arctic Adventure Volume 1 (1991)(Apogee Software)Arctic Adventure Volume 2 (1991)(Apogee Software)Arctic Adventure Volume 3 (1991)(Apogee Software)Arctic Adventure Volume 4 (1991)(Apogee Software)Arctic Baron (1993)(Readysoft)Arctic Moves (1995)(Dinamic Software)(Manual+Crack+Trainer)Arcticfox (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Are We There Yet (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Ario Brothers (1994)(SwiftData Software)Arkanoid (1986)(Taito Corporation)Arkanoid 1 (1986)(Taito Corporation)Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1987)(Taito Corporation)Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation)Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev)Armada (1990)(Interstel)Armada 2525 (1991)(Interstel)Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition (1991)(Interstel)Armaeth The Lost Kingdom (1993)(Grandslam Software Inc)Armchair Quarterback (1985)(Pseudonym)Armor Alley (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)Armor Alley (1996)(Three Sixty Pacific)Armored Fist (1994)(Nova Logic)Armored Fist (1994)(Novalogic Inc)Armour Geddon (1991)(Psygnosis)Arnie 2 (1993)(Eutechnyx)Arnie 2 CD RIP (1995)(Zeppelin Games)Arthur The Quest For Excalibur (1989)(Infocom)Artificial Live Collection (1994)(Various)Artura (1989)(Mastertronic)Arya Vaiv (1994)(Dongelware Selections)(Rev1)Arya Vaiv (1994)(Megadream Software)Ascii Invaders (2002)(Corey Mercer)Ashes of Empire (1993)(Gametek)Aspar Gp Master (1989)(Dinamic)Aspetra (1996)(Zonarware)Assault Rigs (1996)(SCE)Asterix And The Magic Carpet (1987)(Coktel Vision)Asterix Operation Getafix (1989)(Coktel Vision)Astro Dodge (1982)(Digital Marketing Corporation)Astro Fire (1994)(Ort Software)Astronomy Quiz (1988)(Softdisk Publishing)Astrotit (1987)(Rudeware Productions)Atac (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)Atlantis World (1994)(Znderungen Und Neuerungen)(G)Atomino (1990)(Psygnosis)Atomix Thalion (1990)(Freeware)Attack (1982)(Ibm)Attack On Altair (1982)(Windmill Soft)Aufschwung Ost (1993)(Sunflowers)(G)Austerlitz (1989)(Mirrorsoft Personal Software Services)Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems Inc)Av8b Harrier Assault (1992)(Domark)Avoid The Noid (1989)(Sharedata Inc)Awesome Earl Stars In Skate Rock (1987)(Anonymous)Axis Game Cheater (1996)(Quaterdeck)Azalta The Cult Of The Raven (1996)(Psychosoft Ent)

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