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P47 (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)Pac Girl (1982)(Al Jimenez)Pac Girl (1982)(Al Jimenez)(Rev)Pac In Time (1995)(Mindscape)Pac Maniac (1993)(Champeau)Pacific Strike (1994)(Electronic Arts Inc)Pacific Strike Speech Pack (1994)(Electronic Arts)Pacific Strike Update v2.01 (1994)(Electronic Arts)Pacman (1984)(F Bataille)Pacman (1984)(Rowan)Pacmania (1990)(Sophisticated Software Systems)Paganitzu Part 1 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Paganitzu Part 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Paganitzu Parts 1 to 3 (1993)(Apogee Software Ltd)Pangea Return To Planet Earth (1993)(Interactive Computer Entertainment Inc)Pango (1983)(Anonymous)Panthers in the Shadows (1995)(HPS Simulations)Panza Kick Boxing (1990)(Futura)Panza Kick Boxing (1990)(Futura)(Rev1)Panzer General (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Panzer General (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(Rev1)Panzer General Gold CD (1995)(SSI)Paperboy (1986)(Mindscape Inc)Paperboy 2 (1991)(Mindscape Inc)Paperboy 2 (1991)(Mindscape)Paratrooper (1982)(Orion Software Inc)Paratrooper (1982)(Orion Software)Patcher 6.1 (1991)(Michael Caldwell)Patriot Games (1994)(Three Sixty Pacific)Pawn (1986)(Rainbird Software)Pc Bowl (1983)(Bareware Systems)Pc Man (1982)(Orion Software)Pc Pool (1983)(Dale Jurich)Pc Rally (1995)(Freeware)Pc Starglider 1 (1988)(Argonaut Software)Pc Starglider 2 (1988)(Argonaut Software)Pea Shootin Pete (1994)(Mindstorm Software)Peach The Lobster (1994)(A To J Games)Pente (1984)(Michael Leach)Penthouse Electric Jigsaw (1990)(Anonymous)Penthouse Hot Numbers (1992)(Magic Bytes)Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe (1993)(Magic Bytes)(German)Penthouse Majong (1993)(Tiny Team)Peppers Adventures In Time (1993)(Sierra Online)Per Oxyd (1993)(Dongleware Publishing Inc)Perfect General 2, The (1995)(QQP)Perfect General The (1991)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Peter Pans Adventure (1993)(Electronic Arts)Peter Schmeichel Soccer (1994)(Zeppelin Games)PGA European Tour (1996)(Electronic Arts)PGA Tour 96 Course Wentworth (1996)(Electronic Arts)Pga Tour Golf (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Phantasie (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Phantasie III The Wrath Of Nikademus (1987)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Phantom Of The Opera (1995)(Gaston Leroux)Pharaohs Tomb Episode 1 To 4 (1990)(Apogee Software Ltd)Phoenix Fire Computer Ouija (1993)(Pentakel Software)Pick And Pile (1990)(Ubi Soft)Pickel Wars (1994)(MVP)Pinball 2000 (1994)(Frogman)Pinball Arcade CD (1994)(21st Century)Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century Entertainment)(Rev)Pinball Dreams Deluxe (1994)(Spidersoft)Pinball Dreams II (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Fantasies (1992)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Fantasies Deluxe CD (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Fantasies Deluxe CD (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)(Rev1)Pinball Games (1987)(Russco)Pinball Gold Pack (1996)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Illusions (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Illusions (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)(Rev)Pinball Mania (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball Prelude (1996)(Effigy)Pinball World (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball World (1995)(Spidersoft)Ping Pong (1985)(Konami)Pipe Dream (1989)(Empire Interactive)Pipe Dream (1989)(Lucas Arts)Pipe Mania (1989)(Empire Interactive)Pipes (1983)(Creative Software)Pirates Of The Barbary Coast (1987)(Keypunch Software Inc)Pirates Of The Barbary Coast (1987)(Keypunch Software Inc)(Rev)Pit Stop 2 (1984)(Epyx)Pitfall (1982)(Anonymous)Pizza Connection (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)(Rev1)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)(Rev2)Plague (1996)(Microforum)Plague Moon (1994)(Gabe Macchia)Plan 9 From Outer Space (1992)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Plan 9 From Outer Space (1992)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)(F)Planetfall (1983)(Infocom)Planets Edge (1991)(New World Computing Inc)Platoon (1986)(Data East Corporation)Play Girls (1992)(Hot-B)Playboy (1994)(Victory Software)Player of the Year (1996)(Krisalis-Philips)Playworld (1993)(Broderbund)Plundered Hearts (1987)(Infocom)Pocahontas (1995)(Teeny Weenie Games)Point of Attack (1993)(-)Poko Memorial 18th Hole Miniature Golf (1987)(Gold Hill Software)Polanie (1996)(MDF)Pole Chiudes 1 (1992)(Anonymous)(R)Pole Chiudes 2 Russian (1993)(Anonymous)Pole Position (1983)(Thunder Mountain)Pole Position II (1987)(Mindscape Inc)Police Quest 1 (1987)(Sierra Online)Police Quest 2 The Vengeance (1988)(Sierra Online)Police Quest 3 The Kindred (1990)(Sierra Online)Police Quest 3 The Kindred (1991)(Sierra Online)Police Quest 4 Open Season (1993)(Sierra Online)Police Quest 4 Open Season (1993)(Sierra Online)(Rev)Police Quest In Pursuit Of The Death Angel (1987)(Sierra Online)Police Quest In Pursuit Of The Death Angel 2.0 (1987)(Sierra Online)Police Quest In Pursuit Of The Death Angel Vga (1987)(Sierra Online)Pong (1986)(Imagine)Pool (1994)(Ninano Software Co)Pool Of Radiance (1988)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Pool Of Radiance Original Install (1988)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Pool Shark (1993)(Virgin Games)Pools Of Darkness (1991)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Popcorn (1988)(Lacaze Christophe)Popeye 2 (1992)(Godwin Graham)Popo Car (1994)(Gorng Shen Ltd)Populous (1989)(Bullfrog)Populous (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Populous 2 Trials Of The Olympian Gods (1993)(Bullfrog)Populous Data Disk The Promised Lands (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Porntris (1992)(Image Line Software)Ports Of Call (1987)(Aegis International The Disc Company)Ports Of Call (1987)(Aegis International)Power Drive (1994)(Us Gold)Power F1 (1996)(Eidos)Power Monger and Populous II SVGA Version CD (1995)(Electronic Arts)Powermonger (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Powerslave (1995)(3D Realms)Powerslave (1996)(Lobotomy-Playmates Interactive)Predator 2 (1990)(Konami Corporation)Pref Club (1991)(Ibs)Prehistorik (1991)(Titus Interactive)Prehistorik 2 (1993)(Titus Interactive)Premier Manager (1992)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Premier Manager 2 (1993)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Premier Manager 3 (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Premier Manager 3 Multi-Edit (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)President Elect (1988)(Edition (1987)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Pretty Girl Campaign (1994)(Chinese RPG)Primal Rage (1995)(Time Warner Interactive)Prince Of Evil (1993)(Softstar)Prince Of Persia (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Prince Of Persia 1 (1992)(Broderbund)Prince Of Persia 1.3 (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Prince Of Persia 2 The Shadow And The Flame (1993)(Broderbund Software Inc)Prince Of Persia 2 The Shadow And The Flame (1993)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev)Prince Of Persia 2 The Shadow And The Flame (1993)(Broderbund)Prince Of Persia 2 The Shadow And The Flame (1993)(Broderbund)(Rev1)Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1993)(Codemasters)Princess Maker 2 (1996)(Gainax)Prisoner Of Ice (1995)(Infogrames)Privateer (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Privateer 2 The Darkening (1996)(Origin)Privateer Rightous Fire (1994)(Origin)Privateer Speech Pack (1993)(Origin Systems)Pro League Baseball Final Version (1994)(Microsports)Pro Pinball The Web CD (1995)(Empire)Pro Tennis Tour (1989)(Blue Byte)Professional Yamb (1995)(Ognjasoft)Prohibition (1987)(Infogrames)Project Neptune (1989)(Atari Inc)Project Nomad (1993)(GameTek)Project X (1992)(East Point)Project X (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17)Prophecy - The Viking Child (1991)(Imagitec Software)Prophecy 1 Fall of Trinadon (1988)(Activision)Prophecy Of The Shadow (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Prophecy, The (1996)(CokTel Vision-Sierra Online)Protostar War On The Frontier (1993)(Tsunami Games)Protostar War on the Frontier (1993)(Tsunami Games)(Rev1.1c)Prototype CD (1995)(German)(De)Psi 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)Psion Chess (1989)(Richard Lang)Psionics (1993)(Nachos Software)(Rev1.1)Psychic War Cosmic Soldier (1989)(Kyodai Software)Psycho Pinball (1995)(Codemasters)Psycho Pinball (1995)(Codemasters)(Rev1)Pursue the Pennant PC Baseball v5.0 (1994)(Tippett Software)Pushover (1992)(Ocean)Pushover (1992)(Red Rat Software)Pyramid Of Egypt (1989)(Softdisk Publishing)Pyro II (1990)(Michael Obrien)Pyrotechnica (1995)(Psygnosis)

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