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F 14 Fleet Defender (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)F 14 Tomcat (1990)(Activision)F-14_Fleet_Defender-PTGF-22 Lightning 2 (1996)(Novalogic)F1 Grand Prix 2 Racing (1996)(Spectrum Holobyte)F14 Fleet Defender Scenario and Mission Builder (1994)(Microprose)F14 Tomcat (1990)(Activision Publishing Inc)F14 Tomcat (1990)(Dynamix)F14 Tomcat Fleet Defender (1994)(Microprose)F15 Strike Eagle I (1986)(Microprose Software Inc)F15 Strike Eagle II (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)F15 Strike Eagle III (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)F16 Combat Pilot (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)F16 Combat Pilot Enhanced (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)F29 Retaliator (1989)(Ocean)F40 Interceptor Cga (1989)(Titus Interactive)F40 Interceptor Ega (1989)(Titus Interactive)Fable (1996)(Telstar Electronic Studios)Face Off (1987)(Gamestar)Face Off (1989)(Mindspan)Facts In Action (1994)(Spirit Of Discover)Fade To Black (1995)(Electronic Arts Inc)Fade To Black Cd (1995)(Delphine Software Intl)Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Micro Illusions)Faery Tale Adventure 2 Halls of the Dead (1997)(The Dreamers Guild)Falcon 3.0 (1991)(Sphere)Family Feud (1987)(Sharedata Inc)Family Feud Enhanced (1989)(Sharedata Inc)Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy (1994)(Codemasters)Fantastic Dizzy (1994)(Codemasters)Fantastic Four (1985)(Loadngo Software)Fantasy Empires (1993)(Silicon Knights)Fantasy Empires v1.1 Patch Disk (1994)(SSI)Fantasy Football 95 (1995)(Franchise Football League)Fantasy General (1996)(SSI)Fantasy Pinball (1994)(21st Century Entertainment)Fantasy World Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)Fascination (1991)(Coktel Vision)Fast Attack CD (1996)(Sierra Online)Fast Break (1988)(Accolade)Fast Food (1989)(Codemasters)Fastfood Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)Fatal Challenge (1992)(Minh Ma)Fatal Racing (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)Fatal Racing CD (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)Fates Of Twinion V1.0 (1993)(Sierra Online)Fatman (1994)(IO Product and Manifesto)Fellowship Of The Ring (1986)(Addison Wesley)Fgodmom (1991)(Soggybread Software)Fields Of Glory (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Fiendish Freddys Big Top O Fun (1989)(Gray Matter)FIFA 97 (1996)(Electronic Arts)FIFA International Soccer (1994)(The Creative Assembly)(Rev1)FIFA Soccer 96 (1995)(Electronic Arts)Fighter Duel (1995)(Philips)Fighter Duel Special Edition (1996)(Philips)Fighter Wing (1995)(Gemsoft Corp)Fire And Forget (1988)(Titus Interactive)Fire And Forget 2 The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus Interactive)Fire And Ice (1992)(Renegade Software)Fire Fighter (1999)(Freeware)Fire Power (1988)(Microillusions)Fire Team 2200 (1991)(Raw Entertainment)Fire Wind (1996)(Digital Dreams Multimedia)Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 (1995)(Core Design)Firezone (1988)(Arcadia)First Samurai (1991)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Fish (1988)(Rainbird Software)Fist Fight CD (1995)(Sunstar Software)Five A Side Soccer (1984)(Mastertronic)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)(F)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)(Rev1)Flashback The Quest for Identity Original Install (1993)(Delphine Software International)(Rev2)Flight CD (1996)(Sublogic-Sierra)Flight Commander 2 Mission Builder (1995)(Avalon Hill)Flight Light Plus (1995)(Sublogic)Flight Of The Amazon Queen (1995)(Renegade Software)Flight Of The Intruder (1990)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Flight Simulator Addon Disk 5 (1989)(Microsoft)Flight Simulator Addon Disk 5 (1994)(Microsoft)Flightmare (1984)(Peter Adams)Flintstones Lost In Bedrock (1990)(Softie)Floor 13 (1991)(Virgin Interactive)Flower Card (1995)(Ninao Software)Fools Errand (1989)(Cliff Johnson)Football Glory (1995)(Black Legend)Football Limited CD (1995)(Ocean)Football Manager 6.1 (1994)(Haavard Bjaastard)Ford Simulator (1987)(Ford Motor Company)Ford Simulator 50 (1994)(The Soft Ad Group)Ford Simulator II (1990)(Ford Motor Company)Ford Simulator III (1992)(Ford Motor Company)Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (1993)(SSI)Formula 1 (1994)(Domark)Fort Apache (1992)(-)Fountain Of Dreams (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Four Crystals Of Trazere The (1994)(Software Toolworks)Fragile Allegiance (1996)(Gremlin)Frankenstein (1994)(Merit Studios)Frantis (1991)(Anonymous)Freakin Funky Fuzzballs (1990)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist (1993)(Sierra Online)Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist (1993)(Sierra Online)(Rev1)Frederik Pohls Gateway (1991)(Legend Entertainment Company)Frederik Pohls Gateway (1992)(Legend Entertainment Company)Free DC (1991)(Cineplay Interactive)Friday Night Poker Club (1994)(Computer Easy)Fritz 3 Chess AKA Knightstalker (1995)(Chessbase)(M7)Frogger (1983)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Front Lines (1994)(Impressions)Front Page Sport Baseball 94 (1994)(Sierra Online)Front Page Sport Football Pro 94 Season (1993)(Sierra Online)Front Page Sport Football Pro 96 Season (1995)(Sierra Online)Front Page Sports Baseball 94 Legends and Stadiums Add On (1995)(Sierra Online)Front Page Sports Football Pro 95 (1994)(Sierra Online)Full Court Baseball (1992)(Advanced Software Technologies)Full Metal Planete (1989)(Atari Inc)Funball (1995)(Impulse Games)Fury Of The Furries (1993)(Kalisto)Fury Of The Furries (1993)(Kalisto)(Rev1)Future Wars (1989)(Interplay)Fuzzys World Of Miniature Space Golf (1995)(Pixel Painters)FX Fighter CD (1995)(GTE Vantage)FX Fighter Disk Version (1995)(GTE Vantage)

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