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B1 Nuclear Bomber (1980)(Avalon Interactive)B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Baal (1988)(Psygnosis)Baby Jo in Going Home (1991)(Loriciel)(Rev1)Back To Baghdad (1996)(Military Sim)Back to the Future 3 (1991)(Probe Software)Back To The Future Part II (1990)(Image Works Mirrorsoft)Backlash A Turret Gunner Simulation (1996)(Sanctuary Software Studio)Bad Blood (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Bad Blood 94 (1994)(Origin)Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)Bad Dudes (1988)(Data East Corporation)Bad Street Brawler (1987)(Mindscape Inc)Badman A Night With Troi (1991)(Badman)Balance (1993)(Kingsoft)Balance Of Power (1985)(Mindscape Inc)Balance of the Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies)Baldies (1995)(Creative Edge)Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis)Ballrace (1988)(Carl Mclawhorn)Ballyhoo (1986)(Infocom)Bananoid (1991)(Banana Development Inc)Banatron (1989)(Xtc)Bandit Kings Of Ancient China (1989)(Koei Co Ltd)Bank Street Music Writer (1986)(Mindscappic)Banyon Wars (1990)(William Soleau)Bar Games (1989)(Accolade)Barbarian (1987)(Mastertronic)Barbarian II Dungeons Of Drax (1988)(Epyx)Barbie Super Model (1996)(Hi Tech Expressions)Bards Tale Construction Set (1991)(Interplay)Bards Tale Construction Set the (1991)(Interplay)Bards Tale II The Destiny Knight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bards Tale III Thief Of Fate (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bards Tale The (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)(F)Barney Bear Goes To School (1991)(Free Spirit)Barney Bear Goes To Space (1992)(Free Spirit)Baryon (1995)(Acro Studios)Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic Software)Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic)Basketball Challenge (1987)(Xor Corporation)Basstour (1992)(Dick Olsen)BAT 2 The Koshan Conspiracy (1992)(Computers Dream)Bat (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Bataille Pour Sirius (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)(F)Batalia (1980)(The Right Brothers)Batman 2 (1990)(Data East Corporation)Batman Forever (1996)(Probe Software)Batman Returns (1992)(Konami Corporation)Batman The Arcade Game (1995)(Acclaim)Batman The Caped Crusader (1988)(Data East Corporation)Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean)Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean)(Rev)Battle Arena Toshinden (1996)(Takara)Battle Bugs (1994)(Sierra Online)Battle Bugs 1 (1994)(Sierra Online)Battle Chess (1988)(Interplay)Battle Chess (1989)(Interplay)Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay)Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay)(Rev1)Battle Chess II Chinese Chess (1990)(Interplay)Battle Command (1990)(Ocean)Battle Cruiser 3000AD (1996)(Take 2 Interactive)Battle For Atlantis (1990)(William Soleau)Battle For Midway (1982)(Avalon Interactive)Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev1)Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev2)Battle Isle 2 (1993)(Accolade)Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte)Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte)(Rev1)Battle Of Antietam (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Battle Of Austerlitz (1989)(Cornerstone Software Inc)Battle Of Britain 1940 Their Finest Hour (1989)(Lucas Arts)Battle On The Black Sea (1992)(Bady)Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(Lucas Arts)Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(LucasFilm Games)Battlemaster (1991)(Pss)Battles Of Napoleon (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Battleship Bismarck (1987)(General Quarters Software)Battlestar (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)Battletech The Crescent Hawks Inception (1988)(Infocom)Battletech The Crescent Hawks Revenge (1989)(Infocom)Battlezone (1983)(Atari Inc)BC Racers (1995)(Core Design)Bc Racers (1995)(Front Street Publishing)Bcs Quest For Tires (1984)(Front Street Publishing)Beast (1984)(Dan Baker)Beat The House (1992)(Bridge Publications Inc Spirit Of Discovery)Beat the House (1995)(Interplay)Beauty And The Beast (1994)(Infogrames)Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest (1994)(Disney Software)Beethoven 2 (1993)(Hitek Expressions)Beetlejuice In Skeletons In The Closet (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)Begin 2 A Tactical Starship Simulation (1991)(Clockwork)Below The Root (1984)(Telarium)Beneath A Steel Sky (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Beregis Automobia Russian (1998)(Watcom International Corp)Berenstain Bears Learning Essentials The (1992)(Comptons Newmedia)Berlin 1948 (1990)(Time Warp)Bert And The Snake (1983)(William Piazza)Best Of The Best (1992)(Loriciel)Betrayal (1990)(Rainbird Software)Betrayal At Krondor (1993)(Sierra Online)Betrayal at Krondor (1994)(Dynamix)Betrayal At Krondor Original Install (1993)(Sierra Online)Beverly Hillbillies, The (1993)(Capstone)Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1983)(Muse Software)Beyond Columns (1990)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Beyond The Black Hole (1989)(Software Toolworks The)Beyond The Titanic (1986)(Apogee Software)Beyond Zork (1992)(Infocom)Beyond Zork The Coconut Of Quendor (1987)(Infocom)Bible Builder (1992)(Everbright)Bicycle Card Games Xmas Edition (1996)(Swfte International Ltd)Bicycle Cribbage (1991)(Swfte International Ltd)Bicycle Poker (1992)(Swfte International Ltd)Big Blue Disk 31 (1989)(Softdisk Publishing)Big Business (1990)(Magic Bytes)Big Game Fishing (1991)(Simulmondo)Big Red Adventure (1994)(Dynabyte)Big Sea (1994)(Starbyte)Big Three (1989)(Sdj Enterprises)Big Two (1990)(Tegl Systems Corporation)Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure (1990)(Capstone Software)Bill Elliotts Nascar Challenge (1991)(Konami)Bio Menace 1 Dr. Mangles Lab (1993)(Apogee Software)Bio Menace Compilation (1993)(Apogee Software)Bio Menace Episode 1 (1993)(Apogee Software)Bio Menace Episode 2 (1993)(Apogee Software)Bio Menace Episode 3 (1993)(Apogee Software)Bionic Commando (1988)(Capcom)Birds Of Prey (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bit Bat (1986)(Albert Savoia)Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online)Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev)Black Cauldron The (1987)(Sierra Online)Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software)Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software)(Rev1)Black Hawk (1994)(Interplay)Black Knight Marine Strike Force (1995)(FormGen)Black Sect (1993)(Lankhor)Black Sect (1993)(Lankhor)(F)Blackjack (1984)(Ibm)Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 1 (1995)(Worwyk Software)Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 2 (1995)(Worwyk Software)Blackthorne (1994)(Interplay)Blackthorne Original Install (1994)(Interplay)Blade Warrior (1991)(Image Works)Blades Of Steel (1988)(Konami Corporation)Blake Stone (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)Blake Stone Aliens of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2.1)Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2)Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software)Blake Stone Aliens of Gold Update (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2.01)Blake Stone Planet Strike (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)BLAM Machinehead CD (1996)(Eidos Interactive)Blaster Master (1990)(Gary Maddox)Blasteroids (1990)(Image Works)Blind Justice (1995)(RAW Entertainment)Blind Wars (1992)(Soleau Software)Blitzkrieg Battle At The Ardennes (1989)(Raw Entertainment)Block Buster (1990)(Brian Cotton)Block Five (1986)(Keypunch Software Inc)Block O Mania (1989)(Cassiopeia)Blockade 2.01 (1986)(Don Laabs)Blockout (1989)(California Dreams)Blockout 1.0 (1989)(California Dreams Rainbow Arts)Blood (1997)(Monolith)Blood Bowl (1995)(Destiny Software)Blood Bowl (1995)(Microleague)Blood Money (1989)(Psygnosis)Bloodstone An Epic Dwarven Tale (1993)(Mindcraft)Bloodwych (1989)(Konami Corporation)Blort (1987)(Hennsoft)Blue And The Gray The (1993)(Impressions Games)Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation (1989)(Accolade)Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Games)Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Media Inc)Blue Ice (1996)(Psygnosis)Blue Max Aces Of The Great War (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)Blues Brothers 2 The (1991)(Titus Interactive)Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventure (1993)(Titus Interactive)Blues Brothers The (1990)(Titus Interactive)Bo Jackson Baseball (1991)(Data East)Bob Winner (1986)(Loriciel)Body Blows (1993)(Team 17)Body Slam Wrestling CD RIP (1995)(Merit-soft gold)Bolix (1994)(ACA Software)Bolo Ball (1992)(Soleau Software)Bomb Run (1991)(Pc Solutions)Bombuzal (1989)(Mirrorsoft)BombX (1994)(Mediagogo)Bones The Game Of The Haunted Mansion (1991)(Bruce Baker)Bookie Bookworm Goldielocks And The Three Bears (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)Bookie Bookworm Jack And The Beanstalk (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)Bookie Bookworm Little Red Riding Hood (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)Bookie Bookworm The Ugly Duckling (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)Boot Camp (1987)(Konami Corporation)Bopn Wrestle (1985)(Mindscape Inc)Boppin (1992)(Apogee Software)Boppin Super Ultimate (1994)(Apogee Software)Border Zone (1987)(Infocom)Borrowed Time (1985)(Interplay)Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils)Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils)(F)Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Epyx)Boulderdash 1 (1984)(First Star Software)Boulderdash 2 (1985)(First Star Software)Bounce Zone (1990)(Compute Publications)Bouncing Babies (1984)(Dave Baskin)Boxer Rebellion (1980)(Kl Carpenter)Bram Stokers Dracula (1993)(Psygnosis)Bravo Romeo Delta (1993)(Frankennstein)Breach (1987)(Artronic Limited)Breach 2 (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft)Breach 2 Scenario Disk (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft)Breach 3 CD (1995)(Impressions)Breakers (1986)(Broderbund Software Inc)Breakfree (1995)(Software Storm Inc)BreakLine (1994)(Atreid Concept)Brett Hull Hockey 95 (1995)(Accolade)Brick Layer (1993)(Steve Chamberlin)Bricks (1984)(Vincent Bly)Bridge 7.0 (1992)(Artworx)Bridge Baron (1989)(Great Game Products Inc)Bridge Champion with Omar Shariff (1993)(-)(F)(E)Bridge Deluxe 2 with Omar Sharif (1995)(Interplay)Bridge Master The Art of Playing Bridge (1994)(Capstone)Bridge with Omar Shariff Update (1995)(Interplay)Brimstone (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc)Brix (1992)(Epic Megagames Inc)Brix Deluxe (1994)(SAV Creation)Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars (1996)(Virgin)Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft Inc)Bruce Lee Lives The Fall Of Hong Kong Palace (1989)(Software Toolworks The)Brudal Baddle Registered (1994)(Sandbird Software)Brutal Above The Claw CD (1995)(Gametek)Brutal Paws Of Fury (1994)(Gametek)Brutal Paws of Fury (1995)(GameTek)Brutal Sports Football (1993)(Millenium)Brutal Sports Football 96 (1995)(Millennium Interactive)[Pre-Release]Bubble Bobble (1987)(Taito Corporation)Bubble Bobble (1990)(Taito Corporation)Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Probe Entertainment)Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)Bubble Ghost (1987)(Accolade)Buck Rogers Countdown To Doomsday (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Buck Rogers Matrix Cubed (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom (1984)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Bud Tucker (1996)(Merit Studios)Budokan The Martial Spirit (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bug Bomber (1992)(Kingsoft)Bugs (1982)(Michael Ouye)Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop (1990)(Novotrade)Bugs Bunny Hare Brained The (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)Bugworld (1990)(Kd Games)Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software)Bumpys Arcade Fantasy (1992)(Loriciel)Bundesliga Manager (1991)(Software 2000)Bundesliga Manager Professional (1991)(Software 2000)Bunny Bricks (1992)(Silmarils)Bureau 13 (1995)(Gametek)Bureaucracy (1987)(Infocom)Burger Blaster (1987)(Anonymous)Burger Time (1982)(Data East)Burntime (1993)(Max Design)Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunter (1991)(Pc Globe Inc)Bushido (1983)(Ebenel Enterprises)Business Simulator (1987)(Reality Development Corp)Bust A Move (1997)(21st Century Entertainment)Bust A Move (1997)(Taito)Bust Hillary 3D (1996)(Tenkiller Studios)Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1992)(Interplay)Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1993)(Avalon Interactive)By Fire And Sword (1984)(Avalon Interactive)

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