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D Day America Invades (1994)(Impressions)D Generation Cga (1991)(The Software Toolworks)D Generation Ega (1994)(The Software Toolworks)D Generation Vga (1991)(The Software Toolworks)Daemonsgate (1992)(Imagitec Design)Daffy Duck (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions)Dam Busters (1984)(Accolade)Dam Busters 1 (1984)(Accolade)Dangerous Daves Risky Rescue (1993)(Softdisk Publishing)Dangerous Streets (1992)(Micromania)Dark Ages (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Dark Half The (1992)(Symtus)Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1990)(Broderbund Software Inc)Dark Legions (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Dark Seed (1992)(Cyberdreams)Dark Sun Shattered Lands AD&D (1993)(Strategic Simulations)Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager (1995)(SSI)Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager AD&D (1994)(Strategic Simulations)Dark Sword (1987)(Crazy Club)Dark Wolf (1994)(Dindia Software)Dark Woods 2 (2002)(Jocke The Beast)Darker CD (1995)(Psygnosis)DarkStrike Advanced Tactical Fighter (1995)(Prisim Software)Das Boot (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)(G)David Wolf Secret Agent (1989)(Dynamix)Davis Cup Tennis (1996)(Telstar)Dawn Patrol (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment)Dawn Patrol Head to Head (1996)(Empire)Dawn Raiders (1991)(Softstar)Day Of Tentacle (1992)(Lucas Arts)Day Of The Tentacle (1993)(Lucas Arts)Day Of The Tentacle Talkie (1993)(Lucas Arts)Day Of The Viper (1989)(Accolade)Deadline (1982)(Infocom)Deadline (1996)(Nova Spring)Deadly Racer (1994)(Flair Software)Death By Backgammon (1990)(Kanaris)Death Gate (1994)(Legend Entertainment)Death Knights Of Krynn (1991)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Death Rally (1996)(Apogee Software Ltd)Death Sword (1987)(Epyx)Deathtrack (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc)Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing)Decathlon (1982)(Microsoft)Dedale (1986)(Softstar)Defcon 5 (1995)(Millennium Interactive)Defender Of The Crown (1986)(Mindscape Inc)Defender Of The Crown Cga (1982)(Mindscape Inc)Defender Of The Crown Ega (1983)(Mindscape Inc)Definitive Wargame Collection, The (1995)(SSI)Delta V (1994)(Bethesda Softworks)Deluxe Ski Jump (2001)(Jussi Koskela)Deluxe Ski Jump Demo (2000)(Jussi Koskela)Demons Winter (1986)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Depth Dweller Episode 1 To 3 (1995)(Trisoft)Der Planer 1 (2001)(Greenwood)(G)Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres (1987)(Loraiticles)Descent (1995)(Interplay)Descent (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)Descent 100 New Levels (1995)(Black Bird)Descent 2 Infinite Abyss Expansion (1996)(Interplay)Descent Destination Saturn (1995)(Interplay)Descent Levels of the World CD (1995)(Interplay)Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay)Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)Descent Update v1.4a (1995)(Interplay)Desert Strike (1995)(Front Street Publishing)Desert Strike Return To The Gulf (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Designasaurus (1988)(Brittanica Software)Destroyer (1987)(Epyx)Destruction Derby (1996)(Reflections Interactive)Destruction Derby (1996)(Reflections Interactive)(Rev1)Destruction Derby 2 (1996)(Psygnosis)Detroit (1993)(Impressions)Detroit (1993)(Sierra Online)Devastator (1984)(Compute)Dgeneration (1988)(Mindscape Inc)Die Hard (1989)(Dynamix)Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1991)(Grandslam Software Inc)Die Siedler 2 Veni Vidi Vici (1996)(Blue Byte)(De)Dig Dug (1982)(Namco)Dig It (1996)(Pixel Painters)Digger (1983)(Millennium Interactive)Digger 1.49 (1993)(Millennium Interactive)Digger Remastered (2000)(Andrew Jenner)Diggers (1994)(Millenium)Diggers CD v1.94 (1995)(Millenium)DIGGERS II Extractors (1995)(Millenium 95)Digging For Buried Treasure (1994)(Marathon Technology Inc)Digital Downs 1.3 (1994)(Accidental Software)DiGiTAL Dreamware CD (1995)(Virgin)Dimos Quest (1994)(Boeder)Dinopark Tycoon (1993)(Mecc)Dinosaur Adventure (1993)(Knowledge Adventure)Dinosaur Balls (1992)(Amwa Hk)Dinotopia (1996)(Turner Interactive)Diplomacy (1984)(Avalon Interactive)Disc (1990)(Loriciel)Disciples of Steel (1994)(FormGen)Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions)Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions)(Rev1)Disneys Aladdin (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Disneys Aladdin (1994)(Virgin Interactive)Dizzy (1987)(Codemasters)Dizzy Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)Dj Puff (1992)(Codemaster)Dogfight 80 Years Of Aerial Warfare (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Dominium (1992)(Microids)Dominus (1994)(US Gold)Donald Ducks Playground (1984)(Sierra Online)Dont Go Alone (1989)(Accolade)Doofus (1993)(Prestige Software)Doom (1993)(Id Software)Doom 2 (1994)(Atari Inc)Doom 2 Ultimate Mods (1996)(Id Software)Doom 2D (1996)(Sodom)Doom 2d 1997 (Act)Doom and Doom 2 Frontend D!Zone (1995)(UNK)Doom Commercial Wad v1.0 Extra Hard (1994)(ID Software)Doom Deluxe CDROM (1993)(Id Software)Doom Evilution, Final (1996)(GT Interactive)Doom II Add-On Levels (1995)(Id Software)Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)Doom Plutonia, Final (1996)(GT Interactive)Doom Update v1.5 (1994)(Id Software)Doom User Mod Alien Doom v2.0Doom User Mod BloodFest Addon Level (1994)(Id Software)Doom User Mod Buttman 3D (1994)(Id Software)Doom User Mod RanDoom (1994)(Id Software)Doom v1.1 to v1.2 Patch (1994)(Id Software)Doom v1.2 Patch Registered (1994)(Id Software)Doom Version (1993)(Id Software)(Rev1.2)Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia Tradewest Inc)Double Dragon II The Revenge (1989)(Avalon Interactive)Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones (1991)(Avalon Interactive)Double Talk Sport Edition (1994)(Boyle And Elggren Games Inc)Dr Who (1992)(Bbc Enterprises Ltd)Dracula In London (1993)(SDJ Enterprises)Dragon Fly (1988)(Freeware)Dragon Knights 3 Knights of Xentar (1995)(Megatech Software)[adult]Dragon Slayer (1992)(Silmarils)Dragon Strike (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Dragonriders Of Pern (1987)(Everlasting)Dragons A Challenge In Chivalry (1989)(Freeware)Dragons Bane Mah Jongg II PD (1995)(Arcanum Computing)Dragons Lair (1989)(Sullivan Bluth)Dragons Lair II Escape From Singes Castle (1987)(Readysoft Incorporated)Dragons Lair III The Curse Of Mordread (1992)(Readysoft Incorporated)Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(Rev)Drain Drome (1995)(King Soft)Drakkhen (1989)(Atari Inc)Dreamweb (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment)Drug Wars (1995)(American Laser Games)Druid Daemons of the Mind (1995)(Sir-tech Software)Duck Tales Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney)Duck Tales The Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney)Duke Nukem 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Duke Nukem 3D (1996)(3D Realms)Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)Duke Nukem 3D Addon Nuke It (1996)(Crystal Vision)Duke Nukem 3D Addon Super Dead (1996)(3D Realms)Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition 1.4 (1996)(Atari Inc)Duke Nukem 3D It And Out In D.C. (1996)(3D Realms)Duke Nukem Compliation 2.0 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Duke Nukem Episode 1 Shrapnel City (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Duke Nukem Episode 3 Trapped In The Future (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F)Dune 2 The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Westwood Studios)Dune 3 Russian (1994)(Sergei Bobrovsky)Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F)Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Dungeon Basement Quest (1994)(-)Dungeon Hack (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software)Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software)(F)Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated)Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated)(F)Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee Software Ltd)Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee)Dungeons Of Kroz 2 (1990)(Apogee)Durak (1999)(Serge Birj)Dusk Of The Gods (1991)(Interstel)Dylan Dog The Murderers (1992)(Simulmondo)Dylan Dog Through the Looking Glass (1993)(Simulmondo)Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft)Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft)(Rev1)

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