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17th Birthday Competition Highlights and Winners
Posted by MasJ on Wed, 05 Apr 2017 | EP Forums
I'll start by saying that this competition was SO MUCH FUN! The lists that you all came up with blew us all away. It's delightful to know that our users are so talented and creative. Also it's very reassuring to know that you have great taste in games (phew!). Thank you for all your wonderful entries.

For this competition, entrants had to make game lists with our new lists feature. It's a way to organize and share your knowledge of video games in creative ways. And boy did we receive some incredible entries!

So without further ado, the winners are:
1. Nintendo Switch - chaosmazer for English Friendly Super Famicom games
2. Two years of EP Premium - Tenpouin for Lesser Known PS1 Games Worth Playing
3. Six months of EP Premium - xtremetoxicguy for 100 Retro Games That You Should Absolutely Play

There were so many great entries so here are some honourable mentions for you to enjoy as well:
- Castlevania: From Belmont to Vampires
- Great games that turn 17 years old in 2017
- Non mainstream horror games
- Top 20 RPGs of the 16-bit Era
- My Best 8-bit Platformers
- Nostalgia Inducing Games
- Top 40 SNES RPGs
- Best Games Based on Movies
- Point and Click Adventures
- Weird and Wonderful FMV Games

Those are just some of the great entries that we received. For more awesome game lists, check out our Video Game Lists section!

MAME Section Updated to 0.184
Posted by MasJ on Fri, 31 Mar 2017 | EP Forums
Our MAME ROMs section was at 0.164 for a while so it was definitely time for an update. MAME 0.184 just came out a few days ago. The biggest change however is that we've now moved from split MAME sets to non-merged MAME sets. What does that mean?

Well, to put it simply, you no longer need to get a parent ROM for any MAME title that you download. All you need to do is get the rom and everything (parent roms, bios files, etc.) will be included in the file! The only exception to this of course are CHDs. If you need a CHD for a particular game then you'll need to get that separately since those can run to several gigabytes in size.

However, most of our MAME ROMs will now be directly playable with a single download. So go right ahead, fire up the new MAME and enjoy some arcade classics without any additional complications!

Make a list - Win a Nintendo Switch!
Posted by MasJ on Sun, 26 Mar 2017 | EP Forums
EmuParadise turns 17 years old tomorrow, March 27th 2017! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EP! We've had a great time sharing your favourite retrogames with you through the years and bringing back joy and nostalgia from times gone by.

To celebrate the occasion we just launched a brand new feature and a competition to go with it. Make a games list and win a Nintendo Switch.

Retro video game discovery is a tough problem since there are so many wonderful games buried in the sands of time. With that said, I've just finished working on a new feature for the site. We now allow you to create lists and add games to them. This way we can help each other discover some wonderful gems from the past. We'll feature the best lists on the Game Lists homepage so that other users too can find games that are truly magical and tend to get overlooked.

You too can create your own game lists. All you need to get started is to be logged in with an EPForums account (free) and you can start creating and sharing game lists right away! We're hoping that some great ideas and lists come together through this initiative and we'll of course feature the best ones as mentioned above.

To enter the competition to win a Nintendo Switch, you need to:
  1. Sign in to EmuParadise with your EPForums account (free)
  2. Create a game list on a theme of your choice. You can do this by clicking on the + Add to List button on any game page
  3. Share your list on either twitter or facebook and make sure you tag us (twitter: @emuparadise Facebook: @EmuParadise) so that we can see your share. (remember to set privacy to public on your Facebook share)

Competition Rules:
  1. We will select the best list as the winner based on a combination of creativity, popularity, and usefulness to the EP community.
  2. Each user may enter up to FIVE lists into the competition. This means that you must share each list on five different posts on social media.
  3. The competition is open to users WORLDWIDE. We will cover purchase and shipping costs of the console but we cannot cover customs duty and any other taxes that might arise.
  4. There is no region lock on the Nintendo Switch so we may send you a console from a different region, however we will do our best to send you one that corresponds to your region.
  5. You can create more than 5 lists but please note that only the five that you share with us on social media will be eligible for the competition.
  6. Tip: When you create lists, some of the games on your list may not have screenshots or descriptions. We prefer lists where games DO have screenshots and descriptions so if your game choices are missing those details, please add screenshots and descriptions and once they are approved (this normally takes 24-48 hours) they will show up on your list page.
  7. Competition closes at 12AM GMT on 3rd April 2017, winners will be announced by 5th April 2017.

Winner: Nintendo Switch Console
2nd Prize: 2 years of free EP Premium
3rd Prize: 6 months of free EP Premium

Simple enough, right? So start making your lists right away! If you're still wondering what to make a list on, check out some of the featured game lists we already have on the site. If that's not enough, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

- Wacky 16-bit games
- 8-bit titles that still rule
- Toughest retro games ever
- GBA games for children
- Most violent retro games of all time
- Games with the weirdest voice acting
- Top 100 retro titles of all time

Looking forward to your entries! Happy 17th Birthday EmuParadise!

22 Lossless Soundtracks Added
Posted by MasJ on Fri, 10 Feb 2017 | EP Forums
Thanks to a huge submission from Jacob, I've just added 22 incredible lossless soundtracks to our High Quality Game Soundtracks section. Most of the soundtracks are direct OST rips in FLAC and there are also some high quality game rips in there as well. Here's a list of what's been added:

Blue Blur - Sonic Generations Soundtrack
Diablo II
Kirby Air Ride
Marathon (1994)
Limbo (2011)
Mega Man Powered up
Metroid Prime
Might & Magic Heroes VI
Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit - The Album (1998)
Portal and Portal 2
Rainbow Six
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sonic Adventure OST
Sonic CD (Europe)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Starcraft II- Wings Of Liberty (2010)
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - The Original Game Soundtrack
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear (2000)
Unreal Tournament
Warcraft II - Tides Of Darkness & Beyond The Dark Portal

Some pretty great tunes in there! Nothing like some game music to get the day started. Check out the new additions and hundreds more at our Lossless video game soundtracks section.

Full No-Intro Sets Added
Posted by MasJ on Fri, 27 Jan 2017 | EP Forums
So we have a pretty nice update for you today. I've just added a huge amount of No-Intro sets to our Complete ROM Sets section. No-Intro takes this name from their initial mission of removing introductions added to GBA rom dumps by certain release groups. However, they later changed their goal to curate the best rom image for each game and thus have the closest possible archive for every single game they could get their hands on. If you're looking for a clean, almost 1:1 set for a console, No-Intro is definitely the way to go. These sets do not include bad dumps, overdumps, hacks, or any other types of images. Here's what has been added today:

Atari - 5200
Atari - 7800
Atari - Jaguar
Atari - Lynx
Atari - ST
Bandai - WonderSwan Color
Bandai - WonderSwan
Casio - Loopy
Casio - PV-1000
Coleco - ColecoVision
Commodore - 64 (PP)
Commodore - 64 (Tapes)
Commodore - 64
Commodore - Amiga
Commodore - Plus-4
Commodore - VIC-20
Emerson - Arcadia 2001
Entex - Adventure Vision
Epoch - Super Cassette Vision
Fairchild - Channel F
Funtech - Super Acan
GamePark - GP32
GCE - Vectrex
Hartung - Game Master
Leapfrog - Leapster Learning Game System
Magnavox - Odyssey2
Microsoft - MSX 2
Microsoft - MSX
NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16
NEC - Super Grafx
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards)
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
Nintendo - Game Boy Color
Nintendo - Game Boy
Nintendo - Nintendo 64
Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Pokemon Mini
Nintendo - Satellaview
Nintendo - Sufami Turbo
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Virtual Boy
Nokia - N-Gage
Philips - Videopac+
RCA - Studio II
Sega - 32X
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - Master System - Mark III
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis
Sega - PICO
Sega - SG-1000
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum +3
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket
Tiger - Game.com
VTech - CreatiVision
VTech - V.Smile
Watara - Supervision

You can find these and many more complete sets in our Full ROM Sets section. Time to enjoy some retrogames!

More Dreamcast ISOs
Posted by MasJ on Thu, 12 Jan 2017 | EP Forums
We're back yet again with some more DC ISOs for you. This time around we have some more perfect CDIs for you to play as you like. Here are the new additions:

2D House of Terror (World) [English Translated]
2D House of Terror (World) [EspaƱol Translated]
Alice's Moms Rescue
Cave Story (World)
Cool Herders (USA)
Divi-Dead (World)
Doom Online DC (World)
DUX (Germany)
DUX 1.5 (Germany)
Fast Striker Ver. 1.5 (Germany)
Fast Striker
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA) (Swap CD) (Odity) - (Disc 1 of 4) (DDR1 Dance Dance Revolution)
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA) (Swap CD) (Odity) - (Disc 2 of 4) (Dancing Stage Euro Edition)
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA) (Swap CD) (Odity) - (Disc 3 of 4) (PSX Exclusives 185)
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA) (Swap CD) (Odity) - (Disc 4 of 4) (Compilation)
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA) (Swap CD) (Skar)
Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (USA)
Frog Feast (World)
Ghost Blade
Ghosts'n Demons (beta)
Giana's Return (Germany)
Gunlord (Germany)
Inhabitants (USA)
Irides - Master of Blocks (USA)
Jump and Blob
Last Hope (Germany)
Last Hope - Pink Bullets (Germany)
Maqiupai (USA)
MILK (World)
Miss Driller (World)
Pier Solar and the Great Architects
Polyko's Super Jelly Bean Quest in the Sketchbook of Illusion
Rectangle Battle
Redux Dark Matters
Rush Rush Rally Racing (Germany)
SQRXZ (World)
SQRXZ 2 (World)
SQRXZ 3 - Adventure for Love (World)
SQRXZ 4 (World)
Sweet Home (World)
Volgarr the Viking
Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Germany)

As always, head to our Dreamcast ISOs section to grab these amazing new additions. Thanks again to Zorlon for the update.

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