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EmuParadise Official Net64+ Server
Posted by MasJ on Mon, 14 May 2018 | EP Forums
There was a new release of Net64+ just a few weeks ago. This is basically Super Mario 64 Online where you can play multiplayer against other folks. It has a lot of new content and even several new playable characters.

We now run a Net64+ server where you can get together and play against each other. Details of the new Net64+ server and all our other game servers can be found at our game servers page.

If you want to match up with each other, join #netplay on the EmuParadise Discord.

Win a PS4 Pro God of War Bundle
Posted by MasJ on Tue, 27 Mar 2018 | EP Forums
We're having a birthday sweepstakes! EmuParadise turns 18 today, March 27th 2018. Since this is our 18th birthday we thought we should make our prizes ahem... a little more mature.

We received over 40,000 entries for this competition. Thank you for participating and making it so much fun! We've conducted a random draw and selected the winners. So without further ado, here they are:

Grand Prize - PS4 Pro 1TB God of War Bundle - szunyzoli99
2nd Prize - 18 months of EP Premium - MrSmart
3rd Prize - 12 months of EP Premium - VenomRush1997

We'll be in touch with the winners shortly to get their details and send them their prizes. Thanks again for making this so much fun and supporting EmuParadise. We couldn't have made it for 18 years without you.

The Prizes

  1. The Grand Prize - A PS4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition God of War Bundle

  2. Second Prize - 18 months of free EP Premium

  3. Third Prize - 12 months of free EP Premium

As always with EmuParadise we are following our tradition of having the competition open to our users WORLDWIDE. We will ship the PS4 Pro Bundle to you anywhere in the world, so everyone is welcome to enter!

How to enter

There are two steps to a valid entry.

Step one:
Submit at least one description, screenshot, or video to a game page.

Step two:
Make a post on social media about your entry. You need to either post publicly to your Facebook profile OR tweet about the competition. We have some useful links below that you can use to share to facebook or tweet out your entry. In general, your post should be public (so that we can see it), it should include a link to this page, and it should mention the prizes.

You *must* complete Step 2 for your entry to be valid. Please note, that you ONLY need to do Step 2 once. So, if you submit 50 screenshots, you only need to make a single social media post for all your entries to be valid. But we will check for Step 2, so make sure you do it right!

For each category of submission you get a different number of entries:

  • Descriptions - 5 entries

  • Videos - 3 entries

  • Screenshots - 2 entries

Think of each entry as a lottery ticket. Every entry you get increases your chances of winning. So if we get 200 total entries but you have 50 of them then you have a 25% chance of winning! Makes sense? Great!

So once you've submitted some media, please tweet about it or post to your facebook timeline. Remember to mark your facebook post as public.

Sweepstakes Rules

  1. The winner is chosen by a lucky draw. However, you can greatly increase your chances of winning as there are no limits on the number of entries per user.

  2. Only approved submissions count as entries. So if you submit poor quality screenshots, or poorly written descriptions we will not approve them. Also, if you spam us with unrelated videos, that would result in you getting blocked from the system.

  3. The sweepstakes is open to users WORLDWIDE. We will cover purchase and shipping costs of the console but we cannot cover customs duty and any other taxes that might arise.

  4. There is no region lock on the PS4 Pro so we may send you a console from a different region, however we will do our best to send you one that corresponds to your region. You may need to buy a power cord corresponding to your local region. (these are usually pretty cheap anyway)

  5. Competition closes at 12AM GMT on 18th April 2018, winners will be announced by 20th April 2018.

  6. The PS4 Pro God of War edition gets released on the 20th of April 2018 and we will be shipping your prize to you shortly thereafter.

That's all, we like to keep it simple. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. Oh and most importantly, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY EMUPARADISE :)

Thank you all for supporting us and our community for so many years. It is a matter of great pride to run this site for so many years and we could not have done it without you.

Introducing our new emulators section!
Posted by MasJ on Thu, 22 Feb 2018 | EP Forums
This has been in the works for a long time and finally, I'm very happy to introduce our brand new emulators section. We always had the goal of presenting emulators with all their different versions and add-ons on the site. But the way our emulators section was organised didn't help towards this. So we took into account what would help you the most in your journey to emulate specific games and redid our entire emulator section.

Every emulator is now unified under a single page. All version numbers are available on the same page with the latest one being presented up front. Furthermore, the emulator pages include helpful descriptions, a link to the project homepage, screenshots, videos and more. In some cases there are links to BIOS files that are often necessary, add-ons and plugins, etc.

Our new emulators section

Going forward, this will make it easier for us to add new emulators, recommend the best ones for certain cases, and more. To see all this, and more, head to our emulators section.

Games now have videos available
Posted by MasJ on Tue, 05 Dec 2017 | EP Forums
We've just launched some great new functionality for our game information pages. Now, you can submit game videos for your favourite video game titles. What's more, you'll earn 10 EP Points for each submission which can then be redeemed for various goodies.

All you need to do is login with your EPForums account and then hit the Add Video button on any game information page. We accept video URLs from Youtube.

Once you've submitted your video, we'll approve it within 24-48 hours and you'll get 10 EP Points for it. Also, if you notice anything out of order, please hit the report button so that we can review any incorrect submission that might have gone through our moderation system.

We accept trailers, short gameplay videos, short reviews, and more. Looking forward to watching all your submissions!

9 High Quality OSTs Added
Posted by MasJ on Sat, 14 Oct 2017 | EP Forums
Thanks to some quick uploading by ponymous, we've just added 9 OSTs to our High Quality soundtracks section. The new additions are:

- Resident Evil 5 OST
- Biohazard Symphony Op. 91
- Biohazard Outbreak OST
- Biohazard 2 OST
- Silent Hill 3 OST
- Shadow of the Colossus OST
- Final Fantasy IX OST Plus
- Final Fantasy I and II OST
- Disgaea Custom Soundtrack

Find these and over 200 high quality video game soundtracks only with us.

17th Birthday Competition Highlights and Winners
Posted by MasJ on Wed, 05 Apr 2017 | EP Forums
I'll start by saying that this competition was SO MUCH FUN! The lists that you all came up with blew us all away. It's delightful to know that our users are so talented and creative. Also it's very reassuring to know that you have great taste in games (phew!). Thank you for all your wonderful entries.

For this competition, entrants had to make game lists with our new lists feature. It's a way to organize and share your knowledge of video games in creative ways. And boy did we receive some incredible entries!

So without further ado, the winners are:
1. Nintendo Switch - chaosmazer for English Friendly Super Famicom games
2. Two years of EP Premium - Tenpouin for Lesser Known PS1 Games Worth Playing
3. Six months of EP Premium - xtremetoxicguy for 100 Retro Games That You Should Absolutely Play

There were so many great entries so here are some honourable mentions for you to enjoy as well:
- Castlevania: From Belmont to Vampires
- Great games that turn 17 years old in 2017
- Non mainstream horror games
- Top 20 RPGs of the 16-bit Era
- My Best 8-bit Platformers
- Nostalgia Inducing Games
- Top 40 SNES RPGs
- Best Games Based on Movies
- Point and Click Adventures
- Weird and Wonderful FMV Games

Those are just some of the great entries that we received. For more awesome game lists, check out our Video Game Lists section!

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