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Race 1.1 (1995)(Michael Ertelt)Race Drivin (1992)(Domark)Race Mania (1996)(Flair Software)Rad (1992)(M Gaillard)Rad Warrior (1986)(Epyx)Radix Beyond The Void (1995)(Epic Megagames Inc)Rags To Riches (1994)(Interplay)Raiden (1991)(Acer)Raiden (1994)(Acer)Raiden Pc (1994)(Fabtek Inc)Railroad Tycoon (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Railroad Tycoon Deluxe Original Install (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Rallo Gump (1995)(Just Softworks)Rally Championship (1994)(Flair Software)Rally Lombard (1989)(Future Brain Inc)Rambo 3 (1989)(Banana Development)Rambo III (1988)(Taito Corporation)Rampage (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)Rampage (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)(Rev)Rampart (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Rampart (1991)(Electronic Arts)Ranx (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Rapid Assault (1995)(GTE Software)Raptor Call Of The Shadows (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Raptor Call of the Shadows 1 to 3 v1.2 Final (1994)(Apogee Software)Raptor Call Of The Shadows Episode 1 To 3 (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Rastan (1987)(Taito Corporation)Ravenloft Strahds Possession (1994)(Mindscape Inc)Rawcopy (1992)(Copyware Inc)Rayman (1995)(UBI Soft)Rayman (1995)(Ubisoft)Rayman Multilanguage CD (1996)(Ubi Soft)Reach For The Gold (1993)(Us Gold)Realms (1991)(Avalon Interactive)Realms Of Arkania 2 Startrail (1994)(Attic Entertainment Software)Realms Of Arkania 2 Startrail Original Install (1994)(Attic Entertainment Software)Realms Of Arkania Blade Of Destiny (1992)(Fantasy Productions)Realms of Chaos (1995)(Apogee)Realms of the Haunting (1996)(Gremlin)Red Baron (1990)(Dynamix)Red Baron (1990)(Sierra Online)Red Baron (1990)(Sierra Online)(Rev)Red Crystal, The (1993)(QQP)Red Ghost (1995)(Empire)Red Hell (1993)(Merit Studios)Red Storm Rising (1988)(Microprose Software Inc)Regatta (1993)(Gamos)Reiko (1996)(Trash 1996)Relentless Little Big Adventure (1995)(Adeline Software)Remote Control (1989)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)Renegade Battle for Jacobs Star (1995)(SSI)Renegade Battle for Jacobs Star CD (1995)(SSI)Renegade The Battle For Jacobs Star (1995)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Resurrection Rise 2 Multilanguage CD (1996)(Acclaim)Retribution (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Return Of The Phantom (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Return Of The Phantom Original Install (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Return To Kroz (1990)(Apogee)Return To Zork (1993)(Infocom)Reunion (1994)(Grandslam Software Inc)Revenge Of Defender (1988)(Epyx)Reversy (1996)(Dmitry Tjurev)Rex Blade (1996)(Simon and Schuster Interactive)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Kixx Rainbird Software)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Rainbird Software)Rick Dangerous 32 (2003)(Core Design)Rick Dangerous II (1990)(Kixx Micro Style)Ring Cycle Cd (1996)(Psygnosis)Rings Of Medusa (1989)(Starbyte)Rings Of Medusa (1990)(Starbyte)Rings Of Medusa (1994)(Starbyte)Rings of Medusa Gold (1995)(New Generation)(De)Rings of the Magi Grand Master Edition (1995)(Cytherean Adventures)Rings Of Zilfin (1987)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Ringworld The revenge of the Patriarch (1993)(Tsunami-Accolade)Ripper (1996) (Take-Two Interactive)Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires (1996)(Sierra Online)Rise Of The Dragon (1990)(Sierra Online)Rise Of The Robots (1994)(Mirage Media)Rise Of The Robots (1994)(Time Warner Interactive)Rise Of The Triad (1994)(Apogee)Rise of the Triad Addon Extreme (1995)(Apogee)Rise Of The Triad Dark War (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Rise Of The Triad Dark War (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)(Rev)Rise of the Triad Dark War (1995)(Apogee Software)Rise of the Triad Dark War Power Pack Expansion (1995)(Apogee Software)Risk (1986)(Virgin Interactive)Risk (1989)(Mastertronic)Risk (1996)(Hasbro)Risky Woods (1992)(Dinamic Multimedia Electronic Arts Inc)Road From Sumter To Appomattox 2, The (1995)(Adanac Command Systems)Road from Sumter to Appomattox, The (1993)(Adanac Command Systems)(Rev1.4)Road Hog 1 and 2 (1995)(Teacy Entertainment)Road Runner (1989)(Mindscape Inc)Road Warrior (1995)(GameTek)Roadwar 2000 (1986)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Roadwar Europa (1987)(Strategic Simulations Inc)ROBBO (1993)(X-Land)Robinsons Requiem (1994)(Readysoft Incorporated)RoboCod (1993)(Millenium)Robocop (1988)(Ocean)Robocop 3 (1991)(Ocean)Robocop 3 (1992)(Ocean)Roboman (1989)(Xor Corporation)Robot Rascals (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Robotron 2084 (1984)(Williams Electronics)Rock Games (1989)(Volker Eloesser)Rock N Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware Corporation)Rockford The Arcade Game (1987)(Mastertronic)Rockford The Arcade Game (1987)(Mastertronic)(Rev)Rockstar (1989)(Wizard Games)Rodeo Games (1989)(Microvalue)Roger Rabbit In Hare Raising Havoc (1989)(Disney)Rogue The Game (1983)(Artificial Intelligence Design)Rogue The Adventure Game (1983)(Artificial Intelligence Design)ROL Crusaders (1995)(Spanish)(Sp)[Doom Clone]Rollin Part 1 and Part 2 (1995)(Ticsoft-Homebrew Software)Rolling Ronny (1991)(Avalon Interactive)Rolling Ronny 2 The Return of Rolling Ronny (1995)(VCSi)Rollo And The Brush Brothers (1983)(Windwill Software)Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (1988)(Koei Co Ltd)Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 3 (1993)(KOEI)Romance Of The Three Kingdoms II (1990)(Koei Co Ltd)Romance Of The Three Kingdoms III Dragon Of Destiny (1992)(Koei Co Ltd)Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Battles In Time (1995)(QQP)Rome Pathway To Power (1992)(Millennium)Rome Pathway To Power (1993)(Maxis)(Multilanguage)Rosemary Wests House Of Fortunes (1993)(Villa Crespo)Rostov (1996)(Schwerpunkt-Strategy Games)Round 42 (1986)(Mike Pooler)Royal Flush Pinball (1994)(Amtex)Rubic (1989)(Boruch Zivas)Rugby World Cup 95 CD (1995)(Electronic arts)Rules of Engagement 2 (1993)(Omnitrend-Impressions)Rush Hour (1997)(Clockwork Games)Rush N Attack (1986)(Konami Corporation)Russian Six Pack (1994)(Interplay Production)Ryder Cup (1993)(Ocean)

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