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I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream (1995)(Cyberdreams)I M Meen (1995)(Animation Magic)Ibm Alley Cat (1984)(Synsoft)Ibm Centipede (1983)(R.grafe)Icarus 4 (1994)(Japanese)If It Moves Shoot It (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Igor Objective Uikokahonia (1994)(Dinamic Multimedia Dro Soft Optik Software)ImagiNation Network (1994)(Sierra-On-Line)Immortal The (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Impact (1995)(Neurosoft)Impossible Mission 2 (1988)(Novotrade)Impossible Mission 2 (1988)(Novotrade)(Rev1)In Extremis (1993)(Blue Sphere)In Pursuit of Greed (1996)(SoftDisk)In Search Of Dr Riptide (1994)(Pack Media Company Inc)In Search Of Dr. Riptide (1994)(Mindstorm Software)Inca (1992)(Sierra Online)Inca II Nations Of Immortality (1993)(Sierra Online)Incredible Hulk, The (1996)(Eidos)Incredible Machine (1993)(Sierra Online)Incredible Machine 1 (1990)(Dynamix)Incredible Machine 2 (1992)(Dynamix)Incredible Machine 2 (1994)(Sierra Online)Incredible Toon Machine (1994)(Dynamix)Incredible Toons (1993)(Sierra-Dynamix)Indiana Jones 3 The Last Crusade (1990)(Lucas Arts)Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis (1992)(Lucas Arts)Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1995)(Lucas Arts)Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)(Lucasfilm Games)Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade The Graphic Adventure (1989)(Lucas Arts)Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1985)(Mindscape Inc)Indiana Jones In Revenge Of The Ancients (1987)(Mindscape Inc)Indianapolis 500 (1989)(Papyrus Design)Indianapolis 500 (1989)(Papyrus Design)(Rev)Indy Car Circuits Expansion Disks (1994)(Papyrus)Indy Car Indianapolis Motor Speedway Expansion (1994)(Papyrus)Indy Car Racing (1993)(Papyrus)Indy Car Racing 2 (1995)(Papyrus)Inferno (1995)(Ocean)Infestation (1990)(Psygnosis)Infidel (1983)(Infocom)Infiltrator (1986)(Mindscape Inc)Infiltrator 2 (1988)(Mindscape Inc)Infocom Adventure Pack (1995)(Activision Adventure)Infocom Fantasy Adventure Pack (1995)(Activision Adventure)Inherit The Earth Quest For The Orb (1994)(New World Computing Inc)Inherit The Earth Quest For The Orb (1994)(The Dreamers Guild)Innocent Until Caught (1993)(Divide By Zero)Innocent Until Caught 2 Proven Guilty (1995)(Psychosis)Inordinate Desire (1995)(Virtual Arts)Inside Sports with Girls Screensaver (1994)(-)Inspector Gadget (1992)(Azeroth Ltd)Intelligent Strategy Games 10 (1993)(Oxford Softworks)Intelligent Strategy Games 10 (1993)(Oxford Softworks)(Rev1)Interactive Girls (1994)(Interactive Girls Club)International Golf (1993)(Ocean)International Karate (1986)(Archer Maclean)International Moto X (1996)(Time Warner)International Ninja Rabbits (1990)(Microvalue)International Pro Rugby (1996)(Alternative Software)International Soccer Challenge (1989)(Red Rat)International Tennis (1993)(Cosmi)International Tennis Open 1996 (1996)(Philips)Into The Eagles Nest (1987)(Mindscape Inc)Invaders (1995)(Paul Reid)Iron Cross (1994)(New World Computing)Iron Man XO Man of War (1996)(Acclaim)Ironseed (1995)(Softdisk Publishing)Ishar 2 Messengers Of Doom (1993)(Silmarils)Ishar 3 (1994)(Amaloo)Ishar 3 The Seven Gates Of Infinity (1994)(Silmarils)Ishar 3 The Seven Gates of Infinity (1996)(Silmarils)Ishar Legend Of The Fortress (1992)(Silmarils)Ishido Ninja (1994)(Chinese)Ishido The Way Of Stones (1990)(Accolade)Island Of Dr Brain (1992)(Sierra Online)Islands Of Danger (1991)(Carr Software)Isle Of The Dead (1993)(Rainmaker Software)Isle Of Wars (1994)(William Soleau)It Came From The Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)Italy 90 (1989)(Us Gold)Italy 90 (1990)(Us Gold)Ivan Iron Man Stewarts Super Off Road (1989)(Avalon Interactive)Iznogoud (1987)(Atari Inc)

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