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P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (E)P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)P.H.M. Pegasus (UE)Pac-Man (UE)Pac-Mania (UE)Paperboy (U)Parallax (E)Paranoia Complex (G)Passport to London (UE)Pastfinder (UE)Patton vs Rommel (UE)Paul Whiteheads Schachschule (G)Pawn, The (UE) (v2.3)Penetrator (U)Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (UE)Pharaoh's Curse (UE)Pharaoh's Revenge (UE)Pick'n'Pile (UE)Pick'n'Pile (UE) (Six Appeal Compilation)Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw (UE)Pinball Construction Set (UE)Ping-Pong (U)Pink Panther (E) (Kind of Magic Compilation)Pipe Mania (E)Pipe Mania (E) [alt]Pirates of the Barbary Coast (UE)Pirates! (UE)Pit-Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (UE) (SuperFighter Compilation)Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (UE)Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure (UE)Pitstop (E)Pitstop II (UE)Pitstop II (UE) (Compilation Xmas Bonus)Platoon (E)Platoon (U) (v1.1)Platou (E)Plundered Hearts (UE) (R26)Pocket Rockets (U)Pocket Rockets (U) [alt]Pogo Joe (UE)Pole Position (U)Pole Position 2 (UE)Police Cadet (UE) (v1.1b)Pooyan (UE)Power Drift (UE)Powerboat USA - Offshore Superboat Racing (E)Powerplay Hockey - USA vs USSR (UE)Predator (UE)Pro Golf (UE) [b-disk]Project Firestart (U)Project Stealth Fighter (UE)Project Stealth Fighter (UE) [alt]Project Stealth Fighter (UE) [alt2]Project Stealth Fighter (UE) [alt3]Projekt Prometheus (G)Protector 2 (UE)Psi 5 Trading Company (U) (RapidLok 1)Psi 5 Trading Company (U) (RapidLok 5)Psycastria (UE)Puffy's Saga (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Puffy's Saga (U)Pure-Stat Baseball (UE)Pure-Stat Football (UE)Puzznic (E)

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