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Baal (E)Baby of Can Guru, The (UE)Back to the Future (UE)Back to the Future II (E)Back to the Future Part III (E)Bad Cat (E)Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (U)Bad Street Brawler (U)Ballblazer (E)Ballblazer (U)Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (E)Barbarian (UE)Barbie (UE)Bard's Tale II, The - The Destiny Knight (UE)Bard's Tale III, The - Thief of Fate (UE)Bard's Tale III, The - Thief of Fate (UE) [alt]Bard's Tale, The - Tales of the Unknown (E)Bard's Tale, The - Tales of the Unknown (U)Basil the Great Mouse Detective (E)Batman - The Caped Crusader (U)Batman - The Movie (E)Battle Chess (E)Battle Chess (U)Battle Command (E)Battle Island (UE)Battle of Midway, The (E)Battle of the Bulge (UE)BattleDroidz (UE)Battlefront - Corps Level Command in World War II (UE)Battleship (UE)Battletech (UE)Battletech (UE) (Power Hits Compilation)Bazooka Bill (E)Bazooka Bill (U)BC II - Grog's Revenge (UE)BC's Quest for Tires (UE)Beach Volley (UE) (Sports Compilation)Beach-Head (U) (v1)Beach-Head (U) (v5)Beach-Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back! (U)Beamrider (UE)Below the Root (UE)Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (E)Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (U)Beyond the Black Hole (UE)Beyond the Forbidden Forest (UE)Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (UE)Big Trouble in Little China (UE)Biggles (E)Bionic Commando (E)Bionic Commando (E) [alt]Bionic Commando (U)Bitte Waehlen (G)Black Crystal (UE)Black Gold - Schwarzes Gold (G)Black Tiger (E)Blackjack Academy (UE)Blasteroids (UE)Blasteroids (UE) [alt]Blitzkrieg (UE)Blockbuster (UE)Blockout (UE)Blockout (UE) [alt]Blood Brothers (UE)Bloodwych (UE)Bloodwych (UE) [alt]Blue Angel 69 (E)Blue Max - 2001 (UE)Blue Max (UE)BMX Racers (UE)Bob Moran - Rittertum - Die Gespenstische Mission (G)Bob Moran - Science Fiction (UE)Bobsleigh (E)Bonanza Bros (E)Boot Camp (U)Bop'n Rumble (U)Borrowed Time (UE)Boulder Dash Construction Kit (U)Bounder (UE)Brain Artifice (E)Breakers (UE)Breakthru (U)Brian Bloodaxe + Revelation + Quovadis (UE)Bride of Frankenstein (UE)Bridge Baron (UE)Bristles (UE)Bruce Lee (UE)Bruce Lee (UE) [alt]Bubble Bobble (E)Bubble Bobble (E) (Rainbow Collection)Bubble Bobble (U)Bubble Ghost (E)Bubble Ghost (U)Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (UE)Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (UE)Build It! - Das Bauhaus (G)Bulldog (U)

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