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R-Type (E)R.I.S.K. (UE)Racing Destruction Set (UE)Racing Destruction Set (UE) [alt]Racing Destruction Set (UE) [alt2]Racing Simulation (UE)Rack 'em (UE)Rad Warrior (U)Raid on Bungeling Bay (UE)Raid over Moscow (UE)Railroad Works,The (UE)Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (E)Rainbow Walker (UE)Rally Cross (E)Rally Cross (UE)Rally Speedway (UE)Rambo - First Blood Part II (E)Rambo - First Blood Part II (U)Rambo III - The Rescue (U)Rampage (E)Rampage (U)Rampage (UE) (Power Hits Compilation)Rasputin (U)Rastan (E)Rastan Saga (U)Raw Recruit (U)Reach for the Stars v2.0 (UE)Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory (UE)Real Ghostbusters, The (UE)Real Ghostbusters, The (UE) (Single Sided)Realm of Impossibility (U) [alt]Realm of Impossibility (UE)Realm of the Trolls ~ Down at the Trolls (U)Rebounder (E)Red Arrows, The (UE)Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.U3)Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.U3) [alt]Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.U3) [alt2]Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.U3) [alt3]Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.X3)Red Storm Rising (UE) (143.X3) [alt]Reisende im Wind (G)Rendezvous with Rama (UE) (Telarium)Rendezvous with Rama (UE) (Trillium)Renegade (U)Repton (UE)Rescue of Fractalus! (E)Rescue of Fractalus! (U)Rescue Squad (UE)Rescue Squad (UE) [alt]Retrograde (E)Revs 6-Track (E)Rhymes & Riddles (UE)Richard Petty's Talladega (UE)Rick Dangerous (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Ring der Nibelungen, Der (G)Rings of Medusa (G)RISK (UE)Riskant! - First Edition (G)RMS Titanic (UE)Road Rally U.S.A. (UE)Road Runner (E)Road Runner (U)Road to Moscow (UE)Road Warrior (E)Road Wars (UE)Roadwar 2000 (UE) (v1.2)Robbers of the Lost Tomb (UE)Robin Hood (UE)RoboCop (U)RoboCop (U) [alt]Robots of Dawn (UE)Rock n' Bolt (E)Rock'n Roll (E)Rock'n Roll (E) [alt]Rock'n Wrestle (E)Rock'n Wrestle (E) [alt]Rock'n Wrestle (UE)Rock'n Wrestle (UE) [alt]Rocket Ranger (U)Rockford (U)Rocky Horror Show (UE)Roll Call USA (U)Rolling Thunder (U)Round the Bend! - Doc Croc's Outrageous Adventures (UE)Rubicon Alliance, The (U) (v1.1)Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (UE)Run the Gauntlet (E)Running Man, The (UE)Rush'n Attack (U)

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