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F-14 Tomcat (E)F-15 Strike Eagle - Air Combat in the Jet Age (UE)F-15 Strike Eagle - Air Combat in the Jet Age (UE) [alt]F-16 Combat Pilot (UE) (M5)F40 Pursuit (U)Factory, The (UE)Faery Tale Adventure, The (UE)Fahrenheit 451 (UE) (Telarium)Fahrenheit 451 (UE) (Trillium)Fairlight - A Prelude (UE)Family Feud (UE)Fast Break (U)Fast Tracks (UE)Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom (UE)Fernandez Must Die (UE)Ferrari Formula One (UE)Field of Fire (UE) (v1.1)Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun (E)Fight Night (E)Fight Night (U) (RapidLok 1)Fight Night (U) (RapidLok 6)Fighter Bomber (E)Fighter Bomber (E) (Compilation Power Hits)Fighter Bomber (E) [alt]Fighter Pilot (E)Fighting Warrior (E) ~ Kung-Fu II - Sticks of Death (U)Final Assault (E)Final Assault (U)Final Assault (U) [alt]Final Blow (E)Final Fight (E) (SuperFighter Compilation)Finders Keepers (UE)Fire King (UE)Fire Storm (UE)Fire Track (E)Firefly (E)FireTrap (E)First Samurai (U)Fish-Metic (UE)Five-a-Side Soccer (UE)Flight Simulator II (UE) (v1.0)Flimbo's Quest (U)Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt]Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt2]Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt3]Flintstones (UE)Flying Shark (E)Football Manager - World Cup Edition (UE)Football Manager (UE)Football Manager 2 (UE)Football Manager 2 (UE) [alt]Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit (UE)Footballer of the Year (E)Forbidden Forest (U)Force Seven (UE)Forgotten Worlds (E)Fort Apocalypse (UE)Frak! (UE)Frank Bruno's Boxing (E)Frankie Goes to Hollywood (U)Frantic Freddie (UE)Fred (UE)Frogger (UE)Fruit Machine Simulator (UE)Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UE)Fugger (G)Fun in Learning (U)

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