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S.W.I.V. (E)Saboteur (UE)Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (U)Sailing (E)Saint Dragon (UE)Salamander (E)Salvage III - The Master (UE)Sanxion (UE)Saracen (UE)Sarakon (E)Sargeant Slaughters Mat Wars (UE)Sargon II (UE)Sargon III (UE)Satan (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Satan's Hollow (UE)Saucer Attack! (UE)Savage (E)Scenario (G)Schatzjager (G)Schwert Skar, Das (G)Schwert und Magie - Folgen 1 und 2 (G)Schwert und Magie - Folgen 1 und 2 (G) [alt]Schwert und Magie - Folgen 1 und 2 (G) [alt2]Schwert und Magie - Folgen 3 und 4 (G)Schwert und Magie - Folgen 3 und 4 (G) [alt]Schwert und Magie - Folgen 5 und 6 (G)Scooby Doo (E)Scooby Doo (E) [alt]Scrabble (UE)Scramble Spirits (UE)Security Alert (UE)Sentinel, The (E)Sentry, The (UE)Serpent's Star, The (UE)Serve & Volley (U)Sesame Street Pals around Town (UE)Seven Cities of Gold (UE)Seven Cities of Gold (UE) [alt]Shadow Warriors (UE)Shadowfire + Shadowfire Turner (U)Shamus (UE)Shamus (UE) [alt]Shamus Case II (UE)Shanghai (UE)Shanghai (UE) (Power Hits Compilation)Shanghai (UE) [alt]Shard of Spring, The (UE)Shiloh - Grant's Trial in the West (UE)Shinobi (E)Shinobi (U)Shogun (UE)Sidearms (UE)Sigma 7 (U)Sigma Seven (UE)Silicon Dreams (UE)SimCity (UE) (v1.1)SimCity (UE) (v1.1) [alt]Simpsons Arcade Game, The (U)Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (E)Sinbad (E)Sinbad (U)Skate or Die! (E)Skate or Die! (U)Skate Rock (UE)Ski or Die (UE)Skramble! (UE)Sky Runner (UE)Sky Shark (U)Sky Travel (UE)Skyfox (UE)Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict (UE)Slam-Dunk (UE)Slamball (UE)Slugger, The (UE)Slurpy (UE)Snake Byte (UE)Snap Dragon + Cave Fighter (E)Snare (UE)Snare (UE) (The Hits 2 Compilation)Snokie (UE)Snooper Troops - Case 1 - The Granite Point Ghost (UE)Snow Strike (U)Soko-Ban (UE)Soko-Ban (UE) [alt]Soldier of Fortune (G)Solo Flight - 2nd Edition (UE)Solo Flight (UE)Solo Flight (UE) [alt]Soul Crystal (E)Space - The Ultimate Frontier (UE)Space Harrier (U)Space Harrier II (UE)Space Pilot (U)Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (U)Space Station Oblivion (U)Space Taxi (UE)Spare Change (UE)Speed Buggy (U)Speed King (UE)Speed Rumbler, The (UE)Speedball (UE)Speedball 2 (UE)Speedball 2 (UE) [alt]Speedy Delivery (UE)Spell of Destruction (U)Spellbound (UE) (Ocean)Spellbound (UE) (Timeworks)Spelunker (UE)Spherical (E)Spherical (E) [alt]Spider-Man (UE) (E260)Spiderbot (U)Spike's Peak (UE)Spike's Peak + Ghost Manor (UE)Spindizzy (UE)Spooks (UE)Sporting News Baseball, The (UE)Sporting News Baseball, The (UE) [alt]Spy Hunter (UE)Spy vs Spy (U)Spy vs Spy I & II (U)Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics (U)Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics (U) (Vorpal)Squish 'em (UE)Standing Stones, The (UE)Star Control (E)Star Control (U)Star Fleet I - The War Begins! (2nd Edition) (UE) (v2.1)Star League Baseball (U)Star Raiders II (UE)Star Rank Boxing - Main Event (U)Star Rank Boxing - Main Event (U) [alt]Star Rank Boxing II (UE) (Powerhits Compilation)Star Trooper (U)Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (E)Star Wars (E)Star Wars (U)Starhopper (G)Starion (UE)Starray (E)Starship Andromeda (UE)StarTrash (E)StarTrash (E) [alt]Stealth (UE)Stealth Mission (UE)Stealth Mission (UE) [alt]Steel Eagle (E)Steel Thunder (E)Steel Thunder (U)Stellar 7 (UE)Sterne wie Staub (G)Storm (UE)Street Cred Boxing (UE)Street Fighter (U)Street Gang (E)Street Sports Baseball (UE)Street Sports Basketball (UE)Street Sports Football (UE)Street Sports Soccer (E)Street Sports Soccer (UE)Strider (U)Strike Aces (U)Strike Fleet (UE)Strike Force Cobra (U)Strike Force Cobra (U) [alt]Strike Force Harrier (UE)Sub Battle Simulator (UE)SubLogic Football (UE)Success with Math - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (UE)Summer Camp (UE) (The Hits 2 Compilation)Summer Challenge (U)Summer Games (U) [b-highscores]Summer Games (UE)Summer Games (UE) (Compilation Xmas Bonus) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (E) (2 sides) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (E) (3 sides) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (U) [b-highscores]Summer Olympiad (E)Summer Olympiad (E) [alt]Super Boulder Dash (U)Super Bowl Sunday (UE)Super Bowl Sunday General Manager (UE)Super Bunny (UE)Super Bunny (UE) [alt]Super Cars (UE) (Chart Attack Compilation)Super Cycle (UE)Super Cycle (UE) [alt]Super Huey II (UE)Super League (E)Super Space Invaders (E)Super Zaxxon (UE)Superbike Challenge (UE)Supercuda (UE)Superman - Man of Steel (UE)Superman - The Game (UE)Superstar Ice Hockey (E)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE) (V-MAX)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE) (V-MAX) [alt]Superstar Ping Pong (E)Survivor (UE)Suspended (UE) (R7)Suspended (UE) (R8)Swap (E)Swiss Family Robinson (UE)Sword of Kadash (UE)

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