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G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero (E)G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero (U)Galactic Controller (UE)Galactic Games (UE)Galactic Games (UE) [alt]Galdregon's Domain (E)Gambler, The (UE)Game Over (E)Game Over II (E)Games, The - Summer Edition (E)Games, The - Summer Edition (U)Games, The - Winter Edition (E)Games, The - Winter Edition (U)Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screams (UE)Garrison (E)Gateway to Apshai (UE)GATO (U)Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (E)Gauntlet (E)Gauntlet (U)Gauntlet (U) (Newer)Gauntlet (U) [alt]Gauntlet (U) [alt2]Gauntlet II (E)Gauntlet II (U)Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (E)Gazza II (E) (M3)Gazza's Super Soccer (UE)GBA Championship Basketball - Two-on-Two (UE)GBA Championship Basketball - Two-on-Two (UE) [alt]Gee Bee Air Rally (E) (Power Hits Compilation)Gee Bee Air Rally (U)Gem'X (E)Genesis (UE)Gettysburg - The Turning Point (UE) (v1.2)GFL Championship Football (U)GFL Championship Football (UE) (Big Box Compilation)Ghostbusters (UE)Ghostbusters (UE) [alt]Ghostbusters (UE) [alt2]Ghostbusters (UE) [alt3]Ghostbusters II (E)Ghostbusters II (E) [alt]Ghosts'n Goblins (E)Ghosts'n Goblins (UE)Ghouls 'n Ghosts (E)Gluecks-Rad (G)Gold Medal Games (UE)Golden Axe (E)Goofy's Railway Express (UE)Goonies, The (UE)Goonies, The (UE) [alt]Gradius (U)Graffiti Man (UE)Graffiti Man (UE) [alt]Grammar Examiner, The (UE)Grand Monster Slam (UE)Grand Monster Slam (UE) [alt]Grand Prix Circuit (E)Grand Prix Circuit (U)Grand Slam Baseball (UE)Grave Yardage (UE)Grave Yardage (UE) [alt]Grave Yardage (UE) [alt2]Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The (UE)Great Escape, The (E)Great Escape, The (U)Green Beret (E)Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf (E)Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf (E) [alt]Gremlins (UE)Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UE)Gryphon (UE)Gryzor (E)Gryzor (E) [alt]Guerrilla War (U)Guild of Thieves, The (UE) (v1.0)Gumball (UE)Gun.Smoke (UE)Gunship (E)Gunship (U)

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