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Listing Sports games for ZX Spectrum (TAP):

2 Player Soccer Squad (1991)(Cult)A Question Of Sport (1988)(Elite Systems)Alternative World Games (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)Alternative World Games (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]American Football (1984)(Argus Press Software)American Football (1984)(Argus Press Software)[a]Angleball (1987)(Mastertronic)Aquaplane (1983)(Quicksilva)BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software)BMX Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)Ballblazer (1985)(Activision)Baseball (19xx)(Marco V)(Sp)Bounces (1985)(Monolith)Boxing (1984)(Silicon Joy)Boxing Manager (1987)(Willysoft UK)Boxing Manager (1987)(Willysoft UK)[a]Budokan (19xx)(-)(Sp)Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(128k)Bully's Sporting Darts (1993)(Alternative Software)California Games (1987)(Epyx)Championship Baseball (1987)(Activision)Championship Basketball (1987)(Activision)Championship Golf (1988)(D&H Games)Championship Soccer (1989)(STD Software)(128k)Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)Crash (1983)(Mogul Communications)Crazy Golf (1993)(Jonathan Cauldwell)Daley Thompson's Decathlon (1984)(Ocean Software)Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)Daley Thompson's Supertest (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)Devastating Blow (1991)(Beyond Belief)Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)[a]Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1989)(Audiogenic Software)Endurance (1985)(CRL Group)Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)(128k)FA Cup Football (1987)(Virgin Games)Fernando Martin Basket Master (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)Fernando Martin Basket Master (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)[a]Football Champions (1990)(Cult)Football Director (1986)(D & H Games)Football Director (1986)(D & H Games)[a]Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)(Cz)Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)(Sp)Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)(Sp)[a]Football Manager 2 (1988)(Addictive Games)Footballer (1989)(Cult)Footballer Of The Year (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)Footballer Of The Year 2 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)Footballer Of The Year 2 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)(Elite Systems)Free Climbing (1988)(Zafiro Software)(Sp)GBA Basketball - Two On Two (1987)(Activision)GFL Championship Football (1987)(Activision)Games - Summer Edition, The (1988)(US Gold)Games - Winter Edition, The (1988)(US Gold)Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)[a]Geoff Capes Strongman (1985)(Martech Games)Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (1992)(Zepplin Games)Grand National (1985)(Elite Systems)Grand Prix (1988)(D & H Games)Hardball (1986)(Advance Software)Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Psion)Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Psion)[a]Hypaball (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)Hyper Sports (1985)(Imagine Software)Indoor Sports (1987)(Advance Software)International 3D Tennis (1990)(Palace)International 3D Tennis (1990)(Palace)(128k)International Cricket (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)International Rugby (1987)(Artic Computing)Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (1985)(Alligata Software)Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts (1991)(Zepplin Games)Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)[a]Kick Off (1989)(Anco Software)Kick Off (1989)(Anco Software)[a]Kikstart 2 (1988)(Mastertronic)League Challenge (1988)(Atlantis Software)Manager, The (1990)(GTI Software)Manchester United (1990)(Krisalis Software)Match Day (1987)(Ocean Software)Match, The (1991)(Cult)Metro Cross (1987)(US Gold)Michel Futbol Master (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)Michel Super Skills (1991)(Dinamic)(Sp)Microprose Soccer (1989)(Microprose)(128k)[Part 1 of 2]Microprose Soccer (1989)(Microprose)(128k)[Part 2 of 2]Microprose Soccer (1989)(Microprose)(128k)[a]Mountain Bike Racer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)Olympic Challenge (1984)(Century City Software)Passing Shot (1988)(Mirrorsoft)Perico Delgado (19xx)(-)(Sp)Peter Beardsley's International Football (19xx)(Grandslam Entertainment)Ping Pong (1986)(Imagine Software)Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)[a2]Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)[a]Pole Position (19xx)(G.Whitehead)Pool (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)Pool (1984)(CDS Microsystems)Simulador Profesional De Tenis (1990)(Dinamic)(Sp)Skate Or Die (demo) (19xx)(Kinetic Designs)Snooker (1983)(Visions Software)Summer Games (1988)(US Gold)Summer Games II (19xx)(US Gold)Super Ski (1988)(Microids)Tennis (1986)(Imagine & Konami)

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