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Listing Platformer games for ZX Spectrum (TAP):

Action Reflex (1986)(Mirrorsoft)Adventurer (1991)(Proxima - T & T)Altered Beast (1988)(Activision)Athena (1987)(Imagine Software)Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)BC's Quest For Tires (1983)(Software Projects)Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)Beyond The Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)Beyond The Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)[a2]Beyond The Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)[a3]Beyond The Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)[a]Bionic Commando (1988)(Go - Capcom)Black Lamp (1988)(Firebird)Black Tiger (1989)(US Gold)Blade Warrior (1988)(Codemasters)Blinky's Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)Bobo - Stir Crazy (1989)(Infogrames)Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite Systems)Bomber (19xx)(Joseph Duffy)Bomber Bob In Pentagon Capers (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)Bombfusion (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)Booty (1984)(Firebird)Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1984)(US Gold)Brian Bloodaxe (1985)(The Edge)Bubble Bobble (1987)(Firebird)Bubble Bobble 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)CJ In The USA (1991)(Codemasters)CJ In the USA (1991)(Codemasters)[a]Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)Cavemania (1990)(Atlantis Software)Chuckie Egg (1983)(A & F Software)Cobra (1986)(Ocean Software)[t]Count Duckula (1989)(Alternative Software)Count Duckula (1989)(Alternative Software)[a]Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)[Free With Your Sinclair]Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[t]Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[t]Flintstones, The (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)Frank N Stein (1984)(PSS)Frank N Stein (1984)(PSS)[a]Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[a]Future Knight (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Ghost Hunt (1983)(PSS)Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)Giant's Revenge (1984)(Thor Computer Software)Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a2]Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a3]Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a]Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)[a]Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)(Topo Soft - Elite Systems)Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)(Topo Soft - Elite Systems)[a]Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)(Topo Soft)(Sp)Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)Head Over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)Hoppin' Mad (1988)(Elite Systems)House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)[a]Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)[a]Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (1985)(Ocean Software)Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[b]Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1987)(US Gold)Jack & The Beanstalk (1984)(Thor Computer Software)Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)Jetpac (1983)(Ultimate)Kingdom (19xx)(-)Kong (1983)(Anirog Software)Kong (1984)(Ocean Software)Kong (19xx)(Stephen Hall & Nicholas Walmsley)Little Puff In Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)Livingstone I Presume (1987)(Opera Soft - Alligata Software)Manic Miner (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)Manic Miner (1983)(Software Projects)Manic Miner (1983)(Software Projects)[a]Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)Mission Impossible (1983)(Silversoft)Monty Is Innocent (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)Monty On The Run (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)Monty Python's Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[a]Night Shift (19xx)(US Gold)(128k)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[a]Pang (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)Pentagon (19xx)(T. Korber)(De)Quasimodo (1984)(Sinclair User)Race, The (demo) (1990)(Players Premier)Rastan (1988)(Imagine Software)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)Rick Dangerous II (1991)(CORE)Robin Hood (1984)(TS Software)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)[a]Saracen (1987)(American Software)Scumball (1987)(Mastertronic)Shadow Dancer (1991)(Sega Europe)Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)Sir Lancelot (1984)(Melbourne House)Sir Lancelot (1986)(Melbourne House)(Sp)Slightly Magic (1990)(Codemasters)Sorcery (1984)(Virgin Games)Steg (1992)(Codemasters)Stop The Express (1983)(Psion)Strider (1989)(US Gold - Capcom)Strider II (1990)(US Gold)Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)[a]

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