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Listing Driving/Racing games for ZX Spectrum (TAP):

4x4 Off Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)4x4 Off Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)[a]911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)Action Biker - With Clumsy Colin (1985)(Mastertronic)Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird)Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird)[a2]Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird)[a]Africa (19xx)(Phantomsoft)(De)African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive)(Sp)BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software)BMX Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)Badlands (1990)(Domark)Ballblazer (1985)(Activision)Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)[b]Buggy Boy (1988)(Elite Systems)Buggy Boy (1988)(Elite Systems)(128k)Carlos Sainz (1991)(Zigurat)(Sp)Championship Sprint (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)Chase (19xx)(Stefan Benk)Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)Chequered Flag (1982)(Psion)Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works)Convoy (1985)(Budgie Budget Software)Crazy Cars (1985)(JB Software)Enduro (1984)(Activision)Enduro (1984)(Activision)[a]Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)(128k)Europa (1985)(Argus Press Software)Fire & Forget (1988)(Titus)Formula 1 (1986)(Mastertronic)Full Throttle (1984)(Micromega)Gee-Bee Air Rally (1987)(Activision)Gee-Bee Air Rally (1987)(Activision)[a]Grand Prix (1988)(D & H Games)Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)Hard Drivin' (1989)(Domark)(128k)Hot-Rod (1990)(Activision)Hydra (1991)(Domark)(128k)Iron-I (1994)(The Unbelievable)Jackal (1986)(Konami)Jetsons, The (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Nigel Mansell's World Championship (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Outrun (1987)(US Gold)Outrun (1987)(US Gold)[a]Outrun Europa (1991)(US Gold)Paris Dakar (1988)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)Perico Delgado (19xx)(-)(Sp)Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)[a2]Pole Position (1983)(Atarisoft)[a]Pole Position (19xx)(G.Whitehead)Power Drift (1989)(Sega & Activision)(128k)Road Racer (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)Road Runner (1983)(Protek Computing)Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)[a]S.T.U.N. Runner (1990)(Domark)Sly Spy (1990)(Ocean Software)Stunt Car Racer (1989)(Micro Style)Super Monaco GP (19xx)(US Gold)Super Scramble Simulator (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)Turbo Outrun (1990)(US Gold)

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