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Listing Adventure games for ZX Spectrum (TAP):

A View To A Kill (1985)(Domark)A View To A Kill (1985)(Domark)[a]Abracadabra (1988)(Odisea Software)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Abracadabra (1988)(Odisea Software)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Abyss (1984)(CCS)Advent (1985)(Quantum Soft)Adventure (1982)(Abersoft)Adventure 1 (1983)(D.J. Moody)Adventure B - Inca Curse (1982)(Artic Computing)Adventure D - Espionage Island (1982)(Artic Computing)Adventure Quest (1983)(Level 9 Computing)Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)Andromeda (1983)(PSS)Andromeda (1983)(PSS)[a]Anfractuos (1987)(Players Premier)Arc Of Yesod, The (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)Arc Of Yesod, The (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)Arc Of Yesod, The (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)[a].TapArtura (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)Astroclone (1985)(Hewson Consultants)Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[a2]Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[a3]Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[a4]Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[a]Automania (1985)(Mikro-Gen)Avenger (1982)(Abacus Programs)Avenger (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)Axe (1987)(Top Ten Hitst)Babaliba (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)Back To Skool (1985)(Microsphere)Back To The Future (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)Batman (1986)(Ocean Software)Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Delta 4)[Part 1 of 3]Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Delta 4)[Part 2 of 3]Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Delta 4)[Part 3 of 3]Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Delta 4)[a][Part 1 of 3]Black Crystal (1982)(Carnell Software)Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge)Captain Blood (1988)(ERE Informatique)(128k)Castle Master (1990)(Incentive)(Sp)[t]Cauldron (1985)(Palace)Cauldron (1985)(Palace)[a]City (1983)(Terminal Software)Cobra's Arc (1986)(Dinamic)(Sp)Colin The Cleaner (1987)(IJK Software)Colossal Adventure (1985)(Level 9 Computing)Colour Of Magic, The (1986)(Delta 4)Conquest (1984)(Cheetahsoft)Contact Sam Cruise (1986)(Microsphere)Corruption (1984)(CRL Group)Count (1983)(Widgit Software)Count, The (1985)(Mirrorsoft)Crystal Quest (1985)(Double Play Adventures)Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (1986)(Virgin Games)Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (1986)(Virgin Games)[a2]Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (1986)(Virgin Games)[a]Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)[Part 1 of 2]Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)[Part 2 of 2]Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)[a][Part 1 of 2]Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)[a][Part 2 of 2]Dark Sceptre (1987)(Beyond)Dark Side (1988)(Incentive)Dark Side (1988)(Incentive)[c Bill Gillbert]Denis Through The Drinking Glass (1983)(Gilsoft International)Destroyer (1983)(Abacus Programs)Destroyer (1983)(Impact Software)Detective (1983)(ASP Software)Detective (1983)(Gary Gates)Detective, The (1983)(Arcade Software)Diamond (1988)(Destiny Software)Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)[Free With Your Sinclair]Doctor What! (1986)(CRL Group)Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Doomsday Castle (1983)(Fantasy Software)Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (1987)(Software Projects)Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (1987)(Software Projects)[a]Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (1987)(Software Projects)[b]Dragons Of Flame (1990)(US Gold)Dragons Of Flame (1990)(US Gold)[b]Dun Darach (1985)(Garboyle Games)Echelon (1988)(US Gold)Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)[a]El Cid (1988)(Mastertronic)El Cid (1988)(Mastertronic)(Sp)El Misterio Del Nilo (1987)(Zigurat)(Sp)Energy Warrior (1987)(Mastertronic)Enigma (demo) (1995)(Gasman)Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond)Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond)[a]Escape (1992)(A. Price)Escape (19xx)(-)Escape From Castle (1988)(Jioi Chabek)(Cz)Escape MCP (1983)(Rabbit Software)Espionage (19xx)(Grandslam Entertainment)Eureka (1984)(Domark)Eve (1986)(Primoz Jakopin)Everyone's A Wally (1985)(Mikro-Gen)Explorer (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)[Magic Knight 1]Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)[a][Magic Knight 1]Flunky (1987)(Piranha)Forest Of Doom (1984)(Puffin Books)Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)[Part 1 of 3]Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)[Part 2 of 3]Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)[Part 3 of 3]Frankie (1988)(Micro Hobby)(Sp)Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1985)(Ocean Software)Fred (1984)(Quicksilva)Fred (1984)(Quicksilva)(Sp)Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[a]Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge)Gauntlet 3 - The Final Quest (1991)(US Gold)Ghost Hunt (1983)(PSS)Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)Ghost Town (1983)(Virgin Games)Glass (1985)(Quicksilva)Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)(128k)[t]Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)[a]Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive)Great Detective, The (19xx)(CRL Group)Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)Gremlins (1984)(Thor Computer Software)Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)(Sp)Gunfright (19xx)(Ultimate)Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)[a]Hampstead (1984)(Melbourne House)Head Over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)Heartland (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)Heavy On The Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)Heavy On The Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)[a]Hero Quest - Return Of The Witch Lord (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Heroes Of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)Heroes Of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)[a]Hijack (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)How To Be A Complete Bastard (1987)(Virgin Games)Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (1985)(Ocean Software)Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)I Alien (1988)(CRL Group)Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis (1992)(US Gold)Infiltrator (1986)(US Gold)Infiltrator (1986)(US Gold)[a]Inheritance, The (1987)(Infogrames)Inheritance, The (1987)(Infogrames)[a]Into The Eagle's Nest (1987)(Pandora)Iron Lord (1989)(Ubi Soft)Jack The Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)Jasper (1984)(Micromega)Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)Jetsons, The (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)Killed Until Dead (1987)(US Gold)Kingdom (19xx)(-)Knight Lore (1984)(Ultimate)Knight Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic)Knight Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic)(128k)Knight Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic)(128k)[Magic Knight 3]Knightmare (1987)(Activision)Kobyashi Naru (1987)(Mastertronic)Kokotoni Wilf (1984)(Elite Systems)Kwah (1986)(Melbourne House)La Guerra De Las Vajillas (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]La Guerra De Las Vajillas (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Labyrinth (1983)(Axis)Labyrinth (1983)(Christor Buening)(De)Labyrinth (19xx)(Steven Vignaux)Labyrinthion (1986)(Budgie Budget Software)Lap Of The Gods (1986)(Mastertronic)Little Puff In Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)Livingstone I Presume (1987)(Opera Soft - Alligata Software)Mad Martha (1983)(Mikro-Gen)Madballs (1988)(Ocean Software)Marie Celeste (1984)(Atlantis Software)Marsport (1985)(Gargoyle Games)Master, The (1986)(Artic Computing)Master, The (1986)(Artic Computing)[a]Masters Of The Universe (1987)(Adventuresoft UK)Mega Bucks (1986)(Firebird)Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Mill (1984)(-)Moonlight Madness (1986)(Bubblebus Software)Mordon's Quest (1985)(Melbourne House)Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(+2A)[Part 1 of 3]Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(+2A)[Part 2 of 3]Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(+2A)[Part 3 of 3]Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(48k)[Part 1 of 3]Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(48k)[Part 2 of 3]Mot (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(48k)[Part 3 of 3]Mot (demo) (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)Mot (demo) (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)(+2A)Mot (demo) (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a]Movie (1986)(Imagine Software)Mugsy's Revenge (1984)(Melbourne House)Mugsy's Revenge (1984)(Melbourne House)[a]Neverending Story II (1990)(Warner Bros.)Nodes Of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)Nosferatu The Vampyre (1986)(Alternative Software)Pentagram (1986)(Ultimate)Phantomas (1986)(Dinamic)Pimania (1982)(Automata UK)Quasimodo (1984)(Sinclair User)Quest Adventure (1983)(Hewson Consultants)Rapscallion (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)Realm Of The Undead (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)Rescue (19xx)(Mastertronic)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)Rick Dangerous II (1991)(CORE)Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 1 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 2 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 3 of 3]Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)Saboteur (1986)(Durell)Sabre Wulf (1984)(Ultimate)Sabrina (1989)(Ibersoft)(Sp)[Corrupt]Shackled (1988)(US Gold)(128k)Short Circuit (1986)(High Tech Soft)Sidewalk (1987)(Infogrames)Sinbad & The Golden Ship (1986)(Mastertronic)[Part 1 of 2]Sinbad & The Golden Ship (1986)(Mastertronic)[Part 2 of 2]Sir Fred (1986)(Mikro-Gen)Skool Daze (1985)(Microsphere)Skull (1984)(Games Machine)Slaine - The Celtic Barbarian (1987)(Martech Games)Slightly Magic (1990)(Codemasters)Spellbound (1984)(Beyond)Spellbound (1986)(Mastertronic)[Magic Knight 2]Spy Who Loved Me, The (1990)(Domark)Stormbringer (1987)(Mastertronic)[Magic Knight 4]Strange Loop (1984)(Virgin Games)Sweevo's World (1985)(Gargoyle Games)They Stole A Million (1986)(Ariolasoft)They Stole A Million (1986)(Ariolasoft)[a]Trap (1987)(Alligata Software)Tripods, The (1985)(Red Shift)Very Big Cave Adventure, The (1986)(CLR Group)[Part 1-2 of 2]Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, The (1984)(Penguin Books)Wild West Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)Worm In Paradise, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)[Text Version]

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