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Listing Shooter games for ZX Spectrum (TAP):

3D Starfighter (1988)(Codemasters)After The War (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)After The War (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]After The War (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Airborne Ranger (1988)(Microprose Software)Alien Storm (1991)(US Gold)Alien Syndrome (1987)(ACE Software)Alien Syndrome (1987)(ACE Software)[a]Alien Syndrome (1987)(Ace Software)[a2]Aquarius (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)Aquarius (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)[a]Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)[Part 1 of 2]Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)[Part 2 of 2]Astro Marine Corps (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 1-2 of 2]Back To The Future III (1990)(Image Works)Back To The Future III (demo) (1990)(Image Works)Badlands (1990)(Domark)Battle Valley (1988)(Rack-It)Battlefield (1988)(Atlantis Software)Black Hawk (1984)(Creative Sparks)Blaster (1985)(Ian Collier)Blazing Thunder (1990)(Hi-Tec)Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (1985)(US Gold)Butcher Hill (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)Cabal (1988)(Ocean Software)Codename Mat II (1984)(Domark)Colony (1982)(Softek Software International)Colony (1987)(Mastertronic)Colony (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Commando (1985)(Elite Software)Commando (1985)(Elite Software)[a]Cosmic Pirate (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)Cosmic Pirate (1989)(Byte Back)Dick Tracy (1990)(Titus)Dick Tracy (1990)(Titus)[a]Dominator (1989)(System 3 Software)Dominator (demo) (1989)(System 3 - Electric Dreams)[Your Sinclair Demo]Dragon Breed (1989)(Activision)[t]Dragon Spirit (1989)(Domark)Dragon Spirit (1989)(Domark)[t]Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Eliminator (1988)(Alternative Software)Eliminator (1988)(Hewson Consultants)Empire Fights Back, The (1985)(Mastertronic)Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[t]Fernandez Must Die (1988)(Image Works)Freedom Fighter (1988)(The Power House)Galaxy Force (1989)(Activision)Gemini Wing (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)Gemini Wing (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[a]Ground Attack (1982)(Silversoft)Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)Gutz (1988)(Ocean Software)Hellfire (1985)(Melbourne House)Hellfire (1985)(Melbourne House)[a]Hellfire Attack (1989)(Martech Games)Hellfire Attack (1989)(Martech Games)[a]Hostages (1990)(Infogrames)(128k)Hydra (1991)(Domark)(128k)Ikari Warriors (1988)(Elite Systems)Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)[a2]Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)[a]Level 5 (1987)(Mastertronic)[Requires .z80]Leviathan (1987)(English Software)(128k)Line Of Fire (1990)(US Gold)Mercs (1991)(US Gold)Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)Moon Alert (1984)(Ocean Software)Mr. Weems & The She Vampires (1987)(Piranha)N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)[t]Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[a]Operation Gunship (1989)(Codemasters)P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (1990)(Firebird)[t]Penetrator (1983)(Melbourne House)Ram (19xx)(Topo - Mircro Hobby)(Sp)Rambo (1985)(Ocean Software)Rambo III (demo) (1988)(Ocean Software)Raw Recruit (1988)(Mastertronic)Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)[a]Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)[a]Slap Fight (1987)(Imagine Software)Space Gun (19xx)(Ocean Software)[b]Star Wars (1987)(Domark)Super Hero (1988)(Codemasters)Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(128k)Turrican II (demo) (1991)(Rainbow Arts)War Machine (1989)(Players Premier)X-Out (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[t]Xybots (1989)(Domark)

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