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Listing Action games for TG16:

Adventure Island (Japan)Aero Blasters (Japan)Aero Blasters (USA)After Burner II (Japan)Air Zonk (USA)Alien Crush (Japan)Alien Crush (USA)Ballistix (Japan)Ballistix (USA)Barunba (Japan)Batman (Japan)Battle Lode Runner (Japan)Be Ball (Japan)Bikkuriman World (Japan)Bikkuriman World (Japan) (Alt)Bikkuriman World (Japan) [En by Demiforce v1.0]Bloody Wolf (USA)Bomberman '93 (Japan)Bomberman '93 (Japan) (Special Version)Bomberman '93 (USA)Bomberman '94 (Japan)Bomberman (Japan)Bomberman (USA)Bomberman - Users Battle (Japan)Bonk's Revenge (USA)Bravoman (USA)Cadash (Japan)Cadash (USA)Chew Man Fu (USA)Cratermaze (USA)Darius Alpha (Japan)Darkwing Duck (USA)Dead Moon (Japan)Dead Moon (USA)Die Hard (Japan)Don Doko Don! (Japan)Dragon Egg! (Japan)Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit (Japan)Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit (Japan) (Alt)Energy (Japan)Final Soldier (Japan)Final Soldier (Japan) (Special Version)Gekisha Boy (Japan)Gekisha Boy (Japan) [En by Zatos v0.99] (~Photograph Boy)Ghost Manor (USA)Gunboat (USA)Image Fight (Japan)Impossamole (USA)J.J. & Jeff (USA)Jackie Chan (Japan)Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (USA)Jigoku Meguri (Japan)Jinmu Denshou (Japan)Jinmu Denshou (Japan) (Alt)Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman (Japan)Kato Chan & Ken Chan (Japan)Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (USA)Kiki Kaikai (Japan)Klax (Japan)Klax (USA)Legend of Hero Tonma (Japan)Legend of Hero Tonma (USA)Legendary Axe II, The (USA)Legendary Axe, The (USA)Mesopotamia (Japan)Moto Roader (Japan)Moto Roader (USA)Neutopia (Japan)Neutopia (USA)Neutopia II (Japan)Neutopia II (USA)New Adventure Island (USA)New Zealand Story, The (Japan)Night Creatures (USA)Ninja Spirit (USA)Operation Wolf (Japan)Ordyne (Japan)Ordyne (USA)P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (Japan)Pac-Land (Japan)Pac-Land (USA)Panza Kick Boxing (USA)Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubble Bobble III (Japan)Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubble Bobble III (USA)Psychosis (USA)Puzznic (Japan)Salamander (Japan)Samurai-Ghost (USA)Shinobi (Japan)Shockman (USA)Sinistron (USA)Skweek (Japan)Soldier Blade (Japan)Soldier Blade (USA)Somer Assault (USA)Space Harrier (Japan)Space Harrier (USA)Special Criminal Investigation (Japan)Splatterhouse (Japan)Splatterhouse (USA)Strip Fighter II (Japan)TaleSpin (USA)Thunder Blade (Japan)Tiger Road (USA)Titan (Japan)Turrican (USA)Veigues - Tactical Gladiator (Japan)Veigues - Tactical Gladiator (USA)Vigilante (Japan)Vigilante (USA)Violent Soldier (Japan)Volfied (Japan)Wonder Momo (Japan)Yo, Bro (USA)

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