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R-TypeR-Type IIRace Drivin'Rad van FortuinRadio Controlled RacerRafflesRage (Scorpius)Railroad TycoonRainbow IslandsRainy Day Disk, TheRally ChampionshipsRally Championships (AGA)Rally Championships (AGA)Rally Cross ChallengeRallye MasterRambo IIIRampartRanXRasende Reporter, DerRasterBikeRat TrapReach for the Stars - Conquest of the Galaxy - Third EditionRead & RhymeReal GeniusRealm of the TrollsRealm of the WarlockRealmsRealms of Arkania - Blade of DestinyRealms of Arkania - Blade of DestinyReasoning with TrollsRebel Charge at ChickamaugaRebellionRectangleRed BaronRed LightningRed Storm RisingRed ZoneReel Fish'nRenaissanceRenegadeRescueRescue 2Retee 2!Retee!Return to AtlantisReturn to GenesisReunionRevelation!Revenge of the Mutant CamelsReverseReversiRick DangerousRick Dangerous 2Rick Dangerous 2.5Rings of MedusaRings of Medusa (De)Ringside BoxingRise of the DragonRise of the RobotsRise of the Robots (AGA)Rise of the WestRisk - The World Conquest GameRiskant!Risky WoodsRoad BlastersRoad RaiderRoad RashRoadkill (AGA)Roadwar 2000Roadwar EuropaRoadwarsRobbearyRobin HeedRobin Hood - Legend QuestRobin Smith's International CricketRobocopRoboCop 2RoboCop 3RoboSportRobot Reader - Chicken LittleRobotnicRobozoneRock Star Ate My HamsterRock'n RollRocket AttackRocket RangerRockford - The Arcade GameRockStar - Never Trust Rotten TangerinesRockyRod-LandRoketz (AGA)Roll or DieRoll-outRollerBallRollerpedeRolling StonesRolling ThunderRomance of the Three KingdomsRomance of the Three Kingdoms IIRomantic Encounters at the DomeRorke's DriftRotonRotoxRoue de la Fortune, LaRoulette-RoyalRound the Bend! - Doc Croc's Outrageous Adventures!RoundaboutRubiconRuff 'n' TumbleRuffianRugby - The World CupRugby CoachRugby League CoachRules of EngagementRunning Man, TheRVF HondaRycerze MrokuRyder Cup - Johnnie Walker (AGA)

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