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M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty SportM1 Tank PlatoonMach 3Mad Professor MariartiMad TVMafdet and the Book of the DeadMagic BoyMagic CoinsMagic Garden, TheMagic Johnson's BasketballMagic LinesMagic MarbleMagic PocketsMagicland DizzyMagiczna KsiegaMagnetic Scrolls Collection, TheMajor MotionMalta StormManagerManchester United - Premier League ChampionsManchester United - The DoubleManchester United - The Official Computer GameManchester United EuropeManhunter - New YorkManhunter 2 - San FranciscoManiac MansionManoir de Mortvielle, LeMarathonMarble MadnessMarble RescueMaria's Christmas BoxMarvin's Marvellous Adventure (AGA)Master Axe - The Genesis of MysterXMasterblazerMasterTypeMatch of the DayMatch PairsMatch-ItMath Blaster Plus!Math WizardMath-A-MagicianMaths DragonsMaths MonkeyMatrixMatrix MaraudersMau-MauMavis Beacon Teaches TypingMayday Squad HeroesMean 18 - Ultimate GolfMean ArenasMean MachineMedal WinnerMedieval WarriorsMega lo ManiaMega MotionMega PhoenixMega TwinsMegaroidsMegArts HockeyMegaTraveller 1 - The Zhodani ConspiracyMegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the AncientsMenaceMercenary - Escape from Targ & The Second CityMercenary III - The Dion CrisisMercsMerv the MercilessMetagalactic Llamas - Battle at the Edge of TimeMetal LawMetal MastersMetal MutantMeteorsMF TanksMiami ChaseMiasto SmierciMickey's 123's - The Big Surprise PartyMickey's ABC's - A Day at the FairMickey's Memory ChallengeMicro MachinesMicrobattleMicrobesMicroProse Formula One Grand PrixMicroProse GolfMicroProse SoccerMidnight ResistanceMidwinterMidwinter II - Flames of FreedomMiG-29 FulcrumMiG-29 Soviet FighterMiG-29M Super FulcrumMight & Magic III - Isles of TerraMight and Magic II - Gates to Another WorldMikiMikro Mortal TennisMillennium 2.2Mind ForceMind WalkerMindbenderMindbreakerMindfighterMindrollMindshadowMini Golf PlusMinosMinskies Furballs - The AbductionMirror MagicMisja HaroldaMisja HaroldaMission - Con-BatMission Andromeda (Demonware)Mission ElevatorMistrz Polski Manager '96Mixed-Up Mother GooseMixed-Up Mother GooseMoebius - The Orb of Celestial HarmonyMoney Cascade Professional Fruit MachineMoney-Player ProfessionalMonkey Island 2 - LeChuck's RevengeMonster (AGA)Monster BusinessMonty Python's Flying CircusMoochies, TheMoon BlasterMoonbase - Lunar Colony SimulatorMoonfallMoonmistMoonshine RacersMoonstone - A Hard Days KnightMoonwalkerMorph (AGA)Mortal KombatMortal Kombat IIMortal WeaponMorton Strikes BackMortville ManorMotMotor MassacreMotorola Invaders 2 (AGA)Mouse TrapMoverMovingMr BlobbyMr Do! Run RunMr. HeliMulti Player Soccer ManagerMulti ZockerMulti-Player YahtzeeMurderMurders in VeniceMuzzyMy Funny MazeMysterious WorldsMystery of the MummyMysticalMythMyth - History in the Making

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