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D-Day - The Beginning of the EndD-GenerationD-Generation (AGA)Daily Double Horse RacingDalek AttackDaley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeDamage - The Sadistic Butchering of HumanityDames SimulatorDamocles - Mercenary IIDanger CastleDangerous StreetsDangerous Streets (AGA)Darius +Dark CenturyDark FusionDark Queen of Krynn, TheDark SeedDark SideDarkmanDarkmereDarts 501DatastormDay of the PharaohDays of ThunderDeadlineDeath Knights of KrynnDeath Mask (ECS & AGA)Death TrapDeathbotsDeathbringer - The Sword of AbaddonDeep CoreDeep SpaceDefenderDefender IIDefender of the CrownDefenders of the EarthDeflektorDeja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True!!Deja Vu II - Lost in Las Vegas!!DeliveranceDelivery AgentDelta RunDeluxe GalagaDemolitionDemon BlueDemon's Tomb - The AwakeningDemon's WinterDenarisDennisDenver Presente - Je Decouvre les FormesDesert Strike - Return to the GulfDesignasaurusDetectorDetroitDetroit (AGA)Deuteros - The Next MillenniumDiabloDiego Maradona's World Football ManagerDiggers (AGA)Dimo's QuestDingsdaDinosaur Detective AgencyDiscover U.S. History and GeographyDiscovery - In the Steps of ColumbusDisposable HeroDistant Armies - A Playing History of ChessDitrisDizzy - Prince of the YolkfolkDizzy DiceDNA - The Variety of LifeDojo DanDomanDominationDominiumDonald's Alphabet ChaseDonk! - The Samurai Duck! (OCS & AGA)Doodlebug - Bug-Bash 2DoofusDouble AgentDouble DragonDouble Dragon II - The RevengeDownhill ChallengeDr. FruitDr. Plummet's House of FluxDrachen von Laas, DieDrachensteineDraggy and CrocoDragon CaveDragon FighterDragon TilesDragon Tiles (AGA)Dragon's LairDragonflightDragons BreathDragonStrikeDream ZoneDreamWebDribbling - Calcio Serie A 1992-93DrillerDripDrivin' ForceDrolDrsna CestaDuck Tales - The Quest for GoldDuggerDuneDune II - The Battle for ArrakisDungeon MasterDungeon Master (Psygnosis)Dungeon QuestDungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin'Dylan Dog - The MurderersDylan Dog - Through the Looking GlassDylan Dog 01 - La Regina delle TenebreDyna BlasterDynamite DickDynamite DuxDynatechDynatech (AGA)Dyter-07

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