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H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain EncounterHalley Project, The - A Mission in Our Solar SystemHalls of MontezumaHammer Boy!HammerfistHannibalHannibalHanseHanse - Die ExpeditionHanse - Die Expedition (AGA)Happy MonsterHarald Hardtand - Kampen om de Rene TaenderHard Drivin'Hard Drivin' II - Drive HarderHardBall IIHardBall!HarlequinHarley-Davidson - The Road to SturgisHarricana - Raid International Motoneige - Quebec-Canada 90Harry's Balloons (AGA)Haus, DasHead Over HeelsHeart of ChinaHeat Wave - Offshore Superboat RacingHeavy MetalHeimdallHeimdall 2 - Into the Hall of WorldsHeimdall 2 - Into the Hall of Worlds (AGA)Helicopter MissionHeliosferaHell RaiserHellbentHellfire AttackHellraiderHellrun Machine, TheHelter SkelterHenry's HouseHero's Quest - So You Want to Be a HeroHeroes of the LanceHeroQuestHeroQuest - Return of the Witch LordHeroQuest II - Legacy of SorasilHexuma - Das Auge des KalHigh Seas Trader (AGA)High Seas Trader (AGA)High SteelHighway HawksHill Street BluesHilt - Against the HoardesHired GunsHirnrissHistoryline 1914-1918Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheHockey PistaHoiHoi Remix (AGA)Hole-In-One Miniature GolfHoliday Lemmings 1993Holiday Lemmings 1994Holiday MakerHollywood HijinxHollywood HustlerHollywood PokerHolo SquashHome AloneHong Kong PhooeyHookHook (Es)HostagesHot RubberHotel DetectiveHoversprintHoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 1Hoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 2 - SolitaireHoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 3 - Great Board GamesHuckleberry Hound in Hollywood CapersHudson HawkHugo - Pa Nye Eventyr (Dk)Hugo - Pa Nye Eventyr Del 2 (Dk)Human Killing MachineHumans, TheHunt for Red October, TheHunt for Red October, The - The MovieHunterHunter KillerHurricane CommandoHybrisHydraHyperdomeHyperforce & Artificial DreamsHyperion

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