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List of all ZX Spectrum (Tapes) ROMs
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Game Name:Average Rating
Jetpac (1983)(Ultimate)4.25
Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]4.02
Manic Miner (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)4.25
Knight Lore (1984)(Ultimate)4.25
Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)4.24
Commando (1985)(Elite Software)4.25
Sabre Wulf (1984)(Ultimate)4.25
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)4.14
Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)4.08
Pssst (1983)(Ultimate)4.24
R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)4.77
Dizzy II - Treasure Island Dizzy (1988)(Codemasters)(128k)4.87
Dizzy III - Fantasy World Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)4.46
Gunfright (19xx)(Ultimate)4.77
Street Fighter II (1992)(Capcom USA)(128k)4.22
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A & F Software)4.89
Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate)4.77
Lunar Jetman (1983)(Ultimate)4.83
Batman (1986)(Ocean Software)4.42
Skool Daze (1985)(Microsphere)5
Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)(128k)3.98
Dizzy IV - Magicland Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)4.47
Outrun (1987)(US Gold)3.82
Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)4.92
Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)5
Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)4.91
Amazing Spiderman & Captain America In Doctor Doom's Revenge (1989)(Paragon Software)(Sp)4.67
Dizzy V - Spellbound Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)5
Cookie (1983)(Ultimate)4.6
Final Fight (1991)(US Gold)2.17
Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite Systems)5
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (1984)(Ocean Software)4.71
Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)4.33
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)4.83
Fantasy - An Adult Game (1987)(R 'n' H Microtec)4.22
Bruce Lee (1984)(US Gold)4.63
Hobbit v1.2, The (1982)(Melbourne House)5
Elite (1986)(Firebird)5
Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)5
Dizzy VI - Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)5
Saboteur (1986)(Durell)5
Lemmings (1991)(Psygnosis)4.57
Street Fighter (1988)(Capcom)4.8
Double Dragon (1988)(Mastertronic)5
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)5
Lode Runner (1984)(Software Projects)(128k)3.98
Boulder Dash (1985)(First Star Software)4.73
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland (1987)(Activision)5
Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)5
Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)(128k)[t]5
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