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E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)(128k)E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)[a]E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)[a2]E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)[a3]E-SWAT (1990)(US Gold)Eagle (19xx)(Juliet Software)(Sp)Earth Defence (1984)(Artic Computing)Earth Shaker (1990)(Michael Batty)Earthlight (1988)(Telecomsoft)Easiledger (1984)(Gemini Marketing)East Enders (1986)(Macsen Software)Echelon (1988)(US Gold)Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)[a]Edit Sampler v1.2 (1989)(MS-CID)Editor Caratteri (19xx)(M. Bianchi & G. Restano)Egal (19xx)(The Mad Guys)Egg Head (1989)(Jonathan Cauldwell)Egg Head 2 - To The Rescue (1989)(Jonathan Cauldwell)Egg, The (1985)(Automata UK)Eh Dollah (19xx)(-)Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)[a]Eight Cards Patience (19xx)(-)Ekranski Editor (1986)(Racunari)El Amo Del Mundo (1991)(Positive Software)(Sp)El Cid (1988)(Mastertronic)El Cid (1988)(Mastertronic)(Sp)El Detective - The Detective (1983)(Ventamatic Software)(Sp)El Dorado (1985)(Atlantis Software)El Gato (1985)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)El Jugador De Ajedrez (1983)(Quicksilva)(Sp)El Misterio Del Nilo (1987)(Zigurat)(Sp)Elecciones Generales (1986)(Hobbypress)(Sp)[Part 1-2 of 2]Election (1984)(Mastertronic)Electoral Suite Documentation (19xx)(Radical Alternative Software)Electra 9000 - Lunar Attack Vehicle (1987)(Alternative Software)Electro Bingo (1989)(Sinclair User)Electro Bingo II (1989)(Sinclair User)Electro Bingo III (1989)(Sinclair User)Electronics (1982)(FV)Elektro Storm (1983)(PSS)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Eliminator (1988)(Alternative Software)Eliminator (1988)(Hewson Consultants)Elite - Commander Editor (19xx)(-)Elite (1986)(Firebird)Elite (1986)(Firebird)[a]Elite (1986)(Firebird)[Joystick]Eliza (19xx)(-)Elven Warrior (1989)(Players Premier)Elven Warrior (1989)(Players Premier)[a]Embassy Assault (1982)(Psion)Emilio Butraguemo (1988)(Ocean Software)(Sp)Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1989)(Audiogenic Software)Empire Fights Back, The (1985)(Mastertronic)Enchanted (1989)(KFR Soft)(Sp)Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles (1988)(CCS)Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles (1988)(CCS)(128k)Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles (1988)(CCS)(128k)[a]Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles (1988)(CCS)[a]End Zone (1989)(Alternative Software)Endurance (1985)(CRL Group)Enduro (1984)(Activision)Enduro (1984)(Activision)[a]Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)(128k)Energy Warrior (1987)(Mastertronic)Engineer Humpty (1984)(Artic Computing)Engleski Jezik 2 (19xx)(Zavod Za Udzbenike & Nastavna Sreds)English Verbs (1994)(Softhouse)(Cz)Enigma (demo) (1995)(Gasman)Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond)Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond)[a]Enterprise (1987)(Melbourne House)Enterprise (19xx)(-)(De)Entropy Demo 128k (1998)(ZX Maniacs)Envelope, The (1984)(Yodasoft)Equinox (1986)(Mikro-Gen)Eric And The Floaters (1983)(Hudson Soft)Eric And The Floaters (1983)(Hudson Soft)[a]Eric Bristow's Pro-Darts (1984)(Quicksilva)Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera (1987)(Crysys)Escalador Loco (1983)(Ventamatic Software)(Sp)Escape (1992)(A. Price)Escape (19xx)(-)Escape From Arkaron 1 - Prisoner (1984)(Penguin Books)Escape From Arkaron 2 - Raid (1984)(Penguin Books)Escape From Arkaron 3 - Testrun (1984)(Penguin Books)Escape From Castle (1988)(Jioi Chabek)(Cz)Escape From Colditz (1982)(Martin Malley)Escape From Krakatoa (1983)(Abbex Electronics)Escape From Sylon 6 (19xx)(C & S Woodhouse)Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)Escape MCP (1983)(Rabbit Software)Escape To Eskelos (1987)(Gilsoft International)Eskimo Eddie (1984)(Ocean Software)Espacial - La Conga vs el Celo II - En Los Dominios Del Cerebelo (1990)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)Espersoft - Esperanto (1988)(Samir Ribic)Espionage (19xx)(Grandslam Entertainment)Estimate The Angle (1983)(SciSoft)ETa (1982)(Automata UK)Ethnipod (1991)(Your Sinclair)ETX - The Extra-Terrestrial Xargon (1983)(Abbex Electronics)Eugene - Lord Of The Bathroom (1999)(Manic Miner Technologies)Eureka (1984)(Domark)Euro Boss (1991)(Challenge Software)Euro-soccer (19xx)(-)(128k)Europa (1985)(Argus Press Software)European Champions (1990)(Challenge Software)European II (1986)(E&J Software)Eve (1986)(Primoz Jakopin)Everest Ascent (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)Every Second Counts (1988)(Domark)Everyone's A Wally (1985)(Mikro-Gen)Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace)Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace)[a]Evolution (1983)(Microsphere)Excalibur - Sword Of Kings (1987)(Alternative Software)Exodus (1984)(Firebird)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[t]Exotron (1985)(Carrium Software)Expert (1988)(OKF)Explode v3.1 (1989)(Homesoft)(Sp)Explode v3.1 (1989)(Homesoft)(Sp)[a]Exploding Wall (1989)(Byte Back)Explorer (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)Exterminator (1983)(Silversoft)Extreme (1991)(Digital Integration)Extricator, The (1986)(Precision Games)Extricator, The (1986)(Precision Games)[Corrupt]Eye (1987)(Endurance Games)Eye Of The Star Warrior, The (1983)(Carnell Software)

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