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Game Name:Average Rating
Star Force Seven (198x)(Bug-Byte) [SSD]5.0000
American Sud, Part 4 (198x)(Riverdale Software) [UEF]5.0000
Shanghai Warriors (1989)(English Software)[b] [UEF]5.0000
Steve Davis Snooker (1988)(Blue Ribbon) [SSD]5.0000
Anarchy Zone (198x)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]5.0000
Hex (1988)(Larsoft) [UEF]5.0000
Shanghai Warriors (1989)(English Software) [UEF]5.0000
Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis Software) [SSD]5.0000
Hexagram Of Trutania Valley, The (1986)(Potter Programs) [UEF]5.0000
Shark (1988)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]5.0000
Strykers Run (1986)(Superior Software) [SSD]5.0000
Annabel Gray - An Adventure In Two Parts (198x)(Anthony Lee)(Tape 2 of 2) [UEF]5.0000
Hi-Q Quiz (1989)(Blue Ribbon)[b] [UEF]5.0000
Shuttle Simulator (1983)(Microdeal) [UEF]5.0000
Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players) [SSD]5.0000
Answer Back - Junior Quiz General Knowledge (198x)(Kosmos Software) [UEF]5.0000
Hobgoblin (198x)(David Parsons) [UEF]5.0000
Sim (1984)(Viper) [UEF]5.0000
Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [SSD]5.0000
Answer Back - Sport (198x)(Kosmos Software) [UEF]5.0000
Hobgoblin 2 (198x)(David Parsons)[b] [UEF]5.0000
Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion) [SSD]5.0000
Arcade Games Creator (198x)(-) [UEF]5.0000
Hockey (1986)(Micropower) [UEF]5.0000
SkyHawk (1986)(Bug-Byte) [UEF]5.0000
Survivor (1987)(Atlantis Software)[cr S.A.M.] [SSD]5.0000
Arcade Soccer (1989)(The Fourth Dimension) [UEF]5.0000
Holed Out (1989)(The Fourth Dimension)[garbled] [UEF]5.0000
Sliding Block Puzzle (198x)(CCS) [UEF]5.0000
Swag! (19xx)(Micropower) [SSD]5.0000
Honey Logo (1985)(Glentop Publishers Ltd) [UEF]5.0000
Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software)[a2] [UEF]5.0000
Syncron (1986)(Superior Software) [SSD]5.0000
Arrow of Death - Part 1 (198x)(Adventure Soft) [UEF]5.0000
Hopper (1983)(Acornsoft) [UEF]5.0000
Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]5.0000
System-8 (1988)(Cygnus Software-Blue Ribbon) [SSD]5.0000
ASK - The way to Learn - Facemaker (198x)(ASK) [UEF]5.0000
Hopper (1983)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]5.0000
Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software) [UEF]5.0000
Tempest (1982-85)(Atari-Superior Sofware Ltd.) [SSD]5.0000
ASK - The way to Learn - Hide And Seek (198x)(ASK) [UEF]5.0000
Horse Race (198x)(Dynabyte Software) [UEF]5.0000
Snake (198x)(Kansas City Software) [UEF]5.0000
Templeton (1986)(JEC) [SSD]5.0000
ASK - The way to Learn - Podd (198x)(ASK) [UEF]5.0000
Hostages (1990)(Superior Software) [UEF]5.0000
Snooker (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]5.0000
Thrust (1986)(Jeremy C. Smith) [SSD]5.0000
ASK - The way to Learn - Words Words Words (198x)(ASK) [UEF]5.0000
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