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Camelot (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [SSD]Camelot (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Castle Assault (1985)(Blue Ribbon) [UEF]Castle Frankenstein (198x)(IJK Software) [UEF]Castle of Riddles (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Castle of the Skull Lord (198x)(-) [UEF]Caterpillar (1983)(IJK Software) [UEF]Caterpillar (1984)(Romik Software) [UEF]Caveman Capers (1985)(Icon Software) [UEF]Caveman Capers (1985)(Icon Software)[a] [SSD]Centibug (1982)(R.M.P. Hanson) [SSD]Centibug (1982)(Superior Software) [UEF]Chess (1983)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Chess (1983)(Micropower) [UEF]Chess (1984)(Superior Software) [UEF]Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F Software) [SSD]Chuckie Egg (1984)(A&F Software) [UEF]Chuckie Egg (1984)(A&F Software)[a] [UEF]Circus (1986)(Adventure Soft U.K. Ltd.) [UEF]Circus (1986)(Adventure Soft U.K. Ltd.)[a] [UEF]Circus Games (1988)(TyneSoft) [SSD]Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft) [UEF]Citadel (1985)(Superior Software) [UEF]Citadel (1985)(Superior Software)[a] [SSD]Citadel (1985)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]Classic Adventure (1984)(Abersoft) [UEF]Classic Arcade Games (198x)(Electron User) [UEF]Clogger (1988)(Impact Software)[b] [UEF]Clogger (1988)(Impact Software)[t] [UEF]Clown (1985)(Macmillan Ltd.) [UEF]Codename Droid - Stryker's Run-Part 2 (1987)(Superior Software) [UEF]Codename Droid - Stryker's Run-Part 2 (1987)(Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Colossus 4 Bridge (1988)(U.S. Gold) [UEF]Colossus 4.0 (1986)(CDS Software)[b] [UEF]Combat Lynx (1985)(Durell Software) [UEF]Combat Lynx (1985)(Durell Software)[a] [UEF]Commando (198x)(Elite) [UEF]Commando (198x)(Elite)[a] [UEF]Commando (19xx)(Elite) [SSD]Commonwealth '86 (1986)(Tynesoft) [UEF]Condition Red (198x)(Blue Ribbon) [UEF]Confuzion (198x)(Incentive Software)[b] [UEF]Contract Bridge (1984)(Aligata Software) [UEF]Cops n' Robbers (1987)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Cops n' Robbers (1987)(Atlantis Software)[a] [SSD]Corn Cropper (1983)(D. Fortune) [UEF]Corporate Climber (198x)(Dynabyte Software) [UEF]Cosmic Camouflage (1988)(Acornsoft-Superior Software) [UEF]Cosmic Camouflage (1988)(Acornsoft-Superior Software)[a] [SSD]Cosmic Camouflage (1988)(Acornsoft-Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Crack-Up (1989)(Atlantis Software) [SSD]Crack-Up (1989)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Crazee Rider (1987)(Superior Software) [UEF]Crazee Rider (1987)(Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Crazy Erbert (198x)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Crazy Tracer (1984)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Creative Graphics (198x)(-)(Side a) [UEF]Creative Graphics (198x)(-)(Side b) [UEF]Creepy Cave (198x)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Cricket (1986)(Bug Byte) [UEF]Croaker (1983)(Aligata Software-Unicorn Software) [UEF]Croaker (1983)(Program Power)[a] [SSD]Crown Jewels, the (198x)(Aligata Software)[b] [UEF]Crystal Castles (198x)(U.S. Gold) [UEF]Cybertron (1983)(Micropower-Program Power) [UEF]Cybertron (1983)(Micropower-Program Power)[a] [SSD]Cyborg Warriors (198x)(Superior Software) [UEF]Cyborg Warriors (19xx)(Superior Software)[a] [SSD]Cylon Attack (1984)(A&F Software) [UEF]Cylon Invasion (1985)(Tynesoft) [UEF]

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