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Sadim Castle (1984)(MP Software Ltd.) [UEF]Saigon (1988)(Tynesoft) [UEF]Saigon (1988)(Tynesoft)[t] [UEF]Saracoid (198x)(-) [UEF]SAS Commander (1984)(Hewson Consultants) [UEF]Savage Pond (198x)(Starcade) [UEF]Savage Pond (198x)(Starcade)[a] [UEF]Sea Queen (1988)(J.P. Oates) [UEF]Shanghai Warriors (1989)(English Software) [SSD]Shanghai Warriors (1989)(English Software) [UEF]Shanghai Warriors (1989)(English Software)[b] [UEF]Shark (1988)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Shuttle Simulator (1983)(Microdeal) [UEF]Sim (1984)(Viper) [UEF]Sim City (1990)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Simcity (1990)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [SSD]SkyHawk (1986)(Bug-Byte) [UEF]Sliding Block Puzzle (198x)(CCS) [UEF]Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software) [SSD]Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software) [UEF]Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]Smash & Grab (1984)(Superior Software)[a2] [UEF]Snake (198x)(Kansas City Software) [UEF]Snapper (1983)(Acornsoft) [SSD]Snooker (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Snooker (198x)(Visions) [SSD]Snooker (198x)(Visions) [UEF]Soccer Boss (198x)(-) [UEF]Soccer Supremo - A Football League Managment Simulation (1986)(Qual-soft) [UEF]Soccer Supremo - A Football League Managment Simulation (1986)(Qual-soft)[a] [UEF]Southern Belle (198x)(CDS Software) [UEF]Space Caverns (1985)(Tynesoft) [SSD]Space Caverns (1985)(Tynesoft) [UEF]Space Ranger (198x)(Micropower)[b] [UEF]Space Station Alpha (198x)(-)[b] [UEF]Spaceman Sid (1984)(English Sotfware) [UEF]Special Operations (198x)(-) [UEF]Spectapede (198x)(Mastertronic) [UEF]Spellbinder (198x)(Superior Software)[b] [UEF]Spellbinder (198x)(Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Speroids (1987)(Quad Squad) [UEF]Sphere Of Destiny (1987)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Sphere Of Destiny 2 (1987)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Sphinx Adventure (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Spitfire 40 (1987)(Mirrorsoft)[b] [UEF]Spooksville (1988)(Blue Ribbon-Exasoft Software) [SSD]Spooksville (1988)(Blue Ribbon-Exasoft Software) [UEF]Spycat (1988)(Superior Software) [UEF]Spycat (1988)(Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Squeakaliser (198x)(Bug-Byte) [UEF]Staff Of Law, The (198x)(Potter Programs) [UEF]Star Force Seven (198x)(Bug-Byte) [SSD]Star Force Seven (198x)(Bug-Byte) [UEF]Star Wars (1983-87)(Lucasfilm Ltd.-Atari Games) [UEF]Star-port (198x)(Superior Software) [UEF]Starmaze II (1984)(Mastertronic) [UEF]Starship Command (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Starship Command (198x)(Acornsoft)[a] [UEF]Starship Quest - The Sequel to Magnetic Moon - Part 1 (198x)(The ELK Adventure Club) [UEF]Starship Quest - The Sequel to Magnetic Moon - Part 2 (198x)(The ELK Adventure Club) [UEF]Starship Quest - The Sequel to Magnetic Moon - Part 3 (198x)(The ELK Adventure Club) [UEF]Steve Davis Snooker (1985)(CDS Software) [UEF]Steve Davis Snooker (1988)(Blue Ribbon) [SSD]Steve Davis Snooker (1988)(Blue Ribbon) [UEF]Stix (198x)(Supersoft) [UEF]Stock Car (198x)(Micropower) [UEF]Stolen Lamp, The (198x)(M.C. Lothlorien) [UEF]Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis Software) [SSD]Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Stranded (198x)(Superior Software) [UEF]Stranded On Iloofrax (198x)(Gilsoft) [UEF]Stratobomber (198x)(IJK Software) [UEF]Strike Force Harrier (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[b] [UEF]Stripper II (198x)(Aggressive Software) [UEF]Strykers Run (1986)(Superior Software) [SSD]Strykers Run (1986)(Superior Software) [UEF]Strykers Run (1986)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]Strykers Run (1986)(Superior Software)[a2] [UEF]Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players) [SSD]Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players) [UEF]Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players)[b] [UEF]Suds - Part 1 (198x)(Riverdale Software) [UEF]Suds - Part 2 (198x)(Riverdale Software) [UEF]Suds - Part 3 (198x)(Riverdale Software) [UEF]Suds - Part 4 (198x)(Riverdale Software) [UEF]Super Agent Flint II - Return Of Flint (198x)(Potter Programs) [UEF]Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion) [SSD]Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion) [UEF]Super Spy Flint (198x)(Potter Programs) [UEF]Super-Hangman (1983)(IJK Software) [UEF]Supergolf (198x)(Squirrel Software) [UEF]Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [SSD]Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Superman - The Game (1987)(First Star) [UEF]Survivor (1983)(MP Software) [UEF]Survivor (1987)(Atlantis Software)[cr S.A.M.] [SSD]Survivors, The (1987)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Swag! (198x)(Micropower) [UEF]Swag! (19xx)(Micropower) [SSD]Swoop (198x)(Program Power) [UEF]Syncron (1986)(Superior Software) [SSD]Syncron (1986)(Superior Software) [UEF]System-8 (1988)(Cygnus Software-Blue Ribbon) [SSD]System-8 (1988)(Cygnus Software-Blue Ribbon) [UEF]

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