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R-Type (1988)(Activision)Rabbit Shoot (1983)(Phipps Associates)[a][Part 1 of 2]Rabbit Shoot (1983)(Phipps Associates)[Part 1 of 2]Rabbit Shoot (1983)(Phipps Associates)[Part 2 of 2]Race Ace (1983)(Micro Gold)Race Against Time, The (1988)(Codemasters)Race Against Time, The (1988)(Codemasters)[a]Race Against Time, The (1988)(Codemasters)[a2]Race Fun (1983)(Rabbit Software)Race Track (19xx)(-)Race Track (19xx)(-)[a]Race, The (1989)(Players)Race, The (1989)(Players)[a]Racing (19xx)(-)Racing Manager (1983)(Virgin Mastertronic)Racing Manager (1983)(Virgin Mastertronic)[a]Rad Ramp Racer (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)Rad Ramp Racer (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)[a]Radiomania - Introduction (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Radiomania (1991)(Zenobi Software)Raid On Lethos (1984)(D. Newton)Raid Over Moscow (1985)(US Gold)Raid Over Moscow (1985)(US Gold)[a]Raid Over Moscow (1985)(US Gold)[a2]Raiden Greets (demo) (19xx)(Raiden)Raider (19xx)(-)Raider Of The Cursed Mine (1983)(Arcade Software)Raider Of The Cursed Mine (1983)(Arcade Software)[a]Raiders (19xx)(-)Rainbow Islands - The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2 (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Rainbow Islands - The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2 (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a2]Rainy Day (1984)(CCS)Rainy Day (1984)(CCS)[Speech]Rally Cross (1989)(Codemasters)Rally Driver (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)Rally Driver (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)[a]Rally Moto (1988)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)[t]Rally Simulator (1988)(Zeppelin Games)Rally Simulator (1988)(Zeppelin Games)[a]Ram (demo) (19xx)(Topo - Mircro Hobby)(Sp)Rambo (1985)(Ocean Software)Rambo III (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)Ramdos (1985)(Ro)Ramon Rodriguez (1986)(System 4)(Sp)Rampage (1988)(Activision)Rampage (1988)(Activision)[a]Ramparts (1988)(Go)Ramparts (1988)(Go)[a]Rana Rama (19xx)(Hewson Consultants)Rancho (1984)(Spinnaker Software)(Sp)Random Attack (1985)(Micro-Engineering)Random Attack (1985)(Micro-Engineering)[a]Random Attack (1985)(Micro-Engineering)[a2]Rapede - The Centipede's Revenge (1983)(Visions Software)Rapede - The Centipede's Revenge (1983)(Visions Software)[a]Rapid Fire (1987)(Mastertronic)Rapid Fire (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Rapid Fire (1987)(Mastertronic)[a2]Rapscallion (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)Rapscallion (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)[a]Rasputin (1986)(Firebird)Rasputin (1986)(Firebird)(128k)Rasputin (1986)(Firebird)[a]Rastan (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)Raster Runner (1990)(Mastertronic)(128k)Rats, The - Introduction (1985)(Hodder & Stoughton)Rats, The - Introduction (1985)(Hodder & Stoughton)[a]Rats, The (1985)(Hodder & Stoughton)[a][Incomplete]Rats, The (1985)(Hodder & Stoughton)[Incomplete]Rattler (1985)(Atlantis Software)Rattler (1985)(Atlantis Software)[a]Raven, The (1988)(8th Day Software)(128k)Raw Recruit (1988)(Mastertronic)Raymond Pringle's Quest (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Rays (1987)(Tartan Software)RBI 2 (19xx)(Domark)(128k)Reaction Time (1996)(CSSCGC)ReactionTester (1995)(Vaxalon)Ready Steady Go (1988)(Alternative Software)Real Ghostbusters, The (demo) (1988)(Activision)[b]Realm Of Darkness (1987)(Zenobi Software)Realm Of Darkness (1987)(Zenobi Software)[a]Realm Of Impossability (1985)(Dro Soft)(Sp)Realm Of The Undead (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)Realm, The (1986)(Cult)Reaper (1990)(Ubi Soft)(128k)Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)[a]Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)[a2]Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)[a3]Rebelstar - 1 Player (1986)(Firebird)Rebelstar - 1 Player (1986)(Firebird)[a]Rebelstar - 2 Player (1986)(Firebird)Rebelstar - 2 Player (1986)(Firebird)[a]Rebelstar - 2 Player (1986)(Firebird)[a2]Rebelstar (1986)(Firdbird Software)[h][Hack of Some Sort]Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 1 Player (1988)(Silverbird)Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 1 Player (1988)(Silverbird)[a]Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 1 Player (1988)(Silverbird)[a2]Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 2 Player (1988)(Silverbird)Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 2 Player (1988)(Silverbird)[a]Rebelstar Raiders - Scenario 1 - Moonbase (1984)(Red Shift)Rebelstar Raiders - Scenario 1 - Moonbase (1984)(Red Shift)[a]Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)(128k)Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)[a]Recovery (1989)(Jioi Chabek)(Cz)Red Alert (1991)(Zenobi Software)[a][Part 1 of 2]Red Alert (1991)(Zenobi Software)[a][Part 2 of 2]Red Alert (1991)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 2]Red Alert (1991)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 2]Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database Software)Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database Software)[a]Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database Software)[a2]Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database Software)[a3]Red Attack (19xx)(Unique)Red Baron (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Red Baron (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a]Red Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)Red Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)[a]Red Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)[a2]Red Hawk (1986)(Melbourne House)Red Hawk (1986)(Melbourne House)[a]Red Hawk (1986)(Melbourne House)[a2]Red Hawk (1986)(Melbourne House)[a3]Red Heat (1989)(Ocean Software)Red Lion, The (1987)(Mystic Software)Red Moon (1985)(Level 9 Computing)Red Moon (1985)(Level 9 Computing)[a]Red Moon (1985)(Level 9 Computing)[a2]Red Moon (1985)(Level 9 Computing)[a3]Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)[a2]Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)[a3]Red Weed (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Redcoats (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)Reflections (1983)(Brian Neenan)Regresiona Analiza (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Reis Staerke (1984)(Aquarius)(UNK-LANG)Reka (1986)(Colic)(UNK-LANG)Relocate (19xx)(-)Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)[a]Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)[a2]Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a]Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a2]Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a3]Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a4]Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(128k)Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a]Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a2]Rentakill Rita (1987)(Mastertronic)Repton (1989)(Superior Software)Repton (1989)(Superior Software)[b]Repton (1989)(Superior Software)[b][a]Repton 2 (1989)(Superior Software)Repton 2 (1989)(Superior Software)[a]Repulsar (1983)(Softek)Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(128k)(Sp)Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Rescate En El Golfo (1990)(Operasoft)(Sp)[a][Part 1 of 2]Rescate En El Golfo (1990)(Operasoft)(Sp)[a][Part 2 of 2]Rescate En El Golfo (1990)(Operasoft)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Rescate En El Golfo (1990)(Operasoft)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Rescue - Introductions (19xx)(CRL Group)Rescue - Introductions (19xx)(CRL Group)[a]Rescue (1987)(Mastertronic)Rescue (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Rescue From Doom (1986)(The Guild)Rescue On Fractalus (1986)(Mastertronic)Rescue On Fractalus (1986)(Mastertronic)[a]Rescue On Fractalus (1986)(Mastertronic)[a2]Retarded Creatures & Caverns (1989)(Zenobi Software)Retarded Creatures & Caverns (1989)(Zenobi Software)[a]Return Of The Holy Joystick (1984)(Delta 4)Return Of The Holy Joystick (1984)(Delta 4)[a]Return To Earth (1982)(Saturnsoft)Return To Earth (1982)(Saturnsoft)[a]Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)[a]Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)[a2]Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)[a3]Return To Ithaca (1985)(Atlantis Software)Return To Ithaca (1985)(Atlantis Software)[a]Return To Ithaca (1985)(Atlantis Software)[a2]Return To Oz (1986)(US Gold)Return To Oz (1986)(US Gold)[a]Reveal (1989)(Mastertronic)Reveal (1989)(Mastertronic)[a]Revenge Of The C5 (1985)(Atlantis Software)Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes (1984)(Visions Software Factory)Revenge Of The Space Pirates - The Search For Jaelaine - Daris (19xx)(FSF Adventures)[Part 1 of 2].z80Revenge Of The Space Pirates - The Search For Jaelaine - Waystar (19xx)(FSF Adventures)[Part 2 of 2].z80Reversor (19xx)(Peter Witzgall)(De)Revolution (1986)(Vortex Software)Revolution (1986)(Vortex Software)[a]Revolver (19xx)(Alternative Software)Rex (1988)(Martech Games)(128k)Rex (1988)(Martech Games)[Part 1 of 2]Rex (1988)(Martech Games)[Part 2 of 2]Rex Hard (1986)(Mr Chip Software)(Sp)Reyes Y Castillos (1984)(Special Soft)(Sp)Rhyme Cryme (1996)(Zenobi Software)(128k)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)(128k)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)[a]Ricochet (1987)(Firebird)Riddler's Den (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)Riddler's Den (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)[a]Rider - Introduction (19xx)(Virgin Games)Riding The Rapids (1987)(Players Premier)Riding The Rapids (1987)(Players Premier)[a]Rifle Range - Introduction (1984)(Mastertronic)Rifle Range (1984)(Mastertronic)Rifts Of Time, The (1984)(Pocket Money Software)Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)[a][Part 1 of 2]Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)[a][Part 2 of 2]Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)[Part 1 of 2]Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)[Part 2 of 2]Rik The Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)Riko Sphere (1991)(Your Sinclair)Riko Sphere (1991)(Your Sinclair)[a]Ring Master (19xx)(-)Ring Master (19xx)(-)[a]Ring Of Darkness, The (1983)(Wintersoft)Ring Quest (19xx)(Uburrg Software)Ring Wars (1989)(Cascade)Rings Of Saturn (19xx)(-)Rio Blanco (1989)(AMG)Riptoff - Editor (1991)(Your Sinclair)Riptoff - Editor (1991)(Your Sinclair)[a]Riptoff (1991)(Your Sinclair)Riptoff (1991)(Your Sinclair)(128k)Riptoff (1991)(Your sinclair)(128k)[a]Riptoff (1991)(Your Sinclair)(128k)[Help File]Risar v1 (1984)(Radio Student)Ristar (19xx)(Megasoft)River Raid (1982)(Activision)River Rescue (1984)(Creative Sparks)Road Blasters (1988)(US Gold)(128k)Road Blasters (1988)(US Gold)(128k)[a]Road Blasters (1988)(US Gold)(128k)[a2]Road Frog (1983)(Spectrum Games)Road Race (1987)(Ocean Software)Road Race (1987)(Ocean Software)[a]Road Race (1987)(Ocean Software)[a2]Road Racers (1983)(Artic Computing)Road Racers (1983)(Artic Computing)[a]Road Racers (19xx)(-)Road Runner (1983)(Protek Computing)Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)Road Runner (19xx)(Hi-Tec Software)Road Toad (1983)(Elfin Software)Road Wars (1987)(Melbourne House)Road Wars (1987)(Melbourne House)[a]Roadkapje (1984)(Wolters Software)(UNK-LANG)Roads Of Plexar (1987)(Mastertronic)Roads Of Plexar (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Robber (1983)(Virgin Games)Robber (1983)(Virgin Games)[a]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[a][Part 1 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[a][Part 2 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[a][Part 3 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 1 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 2 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 3 of 3]Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon - Introduction (1985)(Adventure International)Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)[a]Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)[a]Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)[Kempston Joystick]Robin Smith's International Cricket (1990)(Challenge Software)Robo Rumpus (1984)(Atlantis Software)Robo Rumpus (1985)(Atlantis Software)Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)[t]Robocop 3 (1992)(Ocean Software)(128k)Robon (1983)(Softek Software International)Robot Attack (19xx)(Mastertronic)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(128k)(Sp)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)Robot Factory (1984)(Ventamatic)(Sp)Robot Messiah (1985)(Alphabatim)Robot Messiah (1985)(Alphabatim)[a]Robot Messiah (1985)(Alphabatim)[a2]Robot Riot (1983)(Silversoft)Robot Riot (1983)(Silversoft)[a]Robot Runner (1984)(Micromega)Robotank (19xx)(-)Robotics (19xx)(Ocean Software)Roboto (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)Robotron (1984)(PAB)Robotron (1984)(PAB)[a]Robotron 2084 (1984)(Atarisoft)Robozone (demo) (1991)(Image Works)Robyn Hode (1986)(ACD Software)[Part 1 of 2]Robyn Hode (1986)(ACD Software)[Part 2 of 2]Rocco (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)Rock 'n' Roll - Tuner (1986)(Your Sinclair)Rock 'n' Roll - Tuner (1986)(Your Sinclair)[a]Rock 'n' Roll (1986)(Your Sinclair)Rock 'n' Roll (1986)(Your Sinclair)[a]Rock 'n' Roller (1989)(Dinamic)Rock 'n' Roller (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)Rock 'n' Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)Rocket Raider (19xx)(C Tech)Rockfall (1989)(Crash)Rockfall (1989)(Crash)[a]Rockfall (1989)(Crash)[a2]Rockfall II - The Crash Readers Edition (1991)(Crash)Rockfall II - The Crash Readers Edition (1991)(Crash)[a]Rockfall II - The Crash Readers Edition (1991)(Crash)[a2]Rockford (1987)(Mastertronic)Rockford (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Rockman (1985)(Mastertronic)Rockman (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]Rocks (1985)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)Rocks (1985)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)[a]Rockstar Ate My Hamster (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)Rocky (1985)(Dinamic - Gremlin)Rocky Horror Show, The (1986)(CRL Group)Rocky Horror Show, The (1986)(CRL Group)(128k)Rocky Horror Show, The (1986)(CRL Group)[a]Rocman (1986)(Budgie Budget Software)Rocman (1986)(Budgie Budget Software)[a]Rod Land (1991)(Storm)(128k)Rodent Run (19xx)(-)Rogue (1988)(Mastertronic)Rogue Trooper (1986)(Macmillan - Piranha)Rogue Trooper (1986)(Macmillan - Piranha)[a]Rogue Trooper (1986)(Macmillan - Piranha)[a2]Rogue Trooper (1986)(Macmillan - Piranha)[a3]Roland's Rat Race (1985)(Ocean Software)Roland's Rat Race (1985)(Ocean Software)[a]Roll Em (19xx)(-)Rollaround (1987)(Mr Chip Software)Roller Coaster (1985)(Elite Systems)Roller Coaster (1985)(Elite Systems)[a]Roller Coaster (1985)(Elite Systems)[a2]Roller Coaster (1985)(Elite Systems)[a3]Rolling Thunder (1988)(US Gold)Rolling Thunder (1988)(US Gold)[a]Roman Empire (1982)(M.C. Lothlorien)Rommel's Revenge (1984)(Design Design)Rommel's Revenge (1984)(Design Design)[a]Rommel's Revenge (1984)(Design Design)[a2]Ronnie Goes To Hollywood (1987)(8th Day Software)Ronnie Goes To Hollywood (1987)(8th Day Software)[a]Rookie (1989)(Mastertronic)Room Ten (1986)(CRL Group)Room Ten (1986)(CRL Group)[a]Rotation (1991)(Jacek Michalak)Roulette (1982)(Dymond Software)Roulette (1984)(Micromega)Roulette (19xx)(A.J. Parish)Roulette (19xx)(A.J. Parish)[a]Roulette (19xx)(Stefan Freise)Round The Bend (1991)(Zeppelin Games)Roundheads & Cavaliers (1987)(Argus Press Software)Roundheads & Cavaliers (1987)(Argus Press Software)[a]Rox III (1982)(Llamasoft)Roy Of The Rovers (19xx)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Royal Adventure Of A Common Frog (1985)(Automata UK)Rsg (1998)(A. Kavanaugh)RTC Kings Cross (1986)(Dee Kay Systems)RTC Penzance (1986)(Dee Kay Systems)Rubicon (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)Rubicon (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)[a]Rubics Wuerfel (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Rubicubo (19xx)(Video Spectrum)(UNK-LANG)Ruby Runabout (1984)(Scorpio Software)Ruby Runabout (1984)(Scorpio Software)[a]Ruff & Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)Ruff & Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)(128k)Ruff & Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[a]Ruff & Reddy (demo) (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)Ruff & Reddy (demo) (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[a]Rugby Coach (1991)(Cult)Rugby Manager (1986)(Artic Computing)Rugby Manager (1986)(Artic Computing)[a]Run The Gauntlet (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)Run, Bronwynn, Run! (1992)(FSF Adventures)[Part 1 of 3]Run, Bronwynn, Run! (1992)(FSF Adventures)[Part 2 of 3]Run, Bronwynn, Run! (1992)(FSF Adventures)[Part 3 of 3]Runaway Robot (19xx)(Simon N Goodwin & Jonathan Smith)Rund Um Den Kalender (19xx)(-)(De)Runes Of Zendos, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)Runes Of Zendos, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)[a]Runes Of Zendos, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)[a2]Runestone (1986)(Firebird)Runestone Of Zaobab, The (1988)(Eric Stewart)Runestone Of Zaobab, The (1988)(Eric Stewart)[a]Rupert & The Ice Castle (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)Rupert & The Ice Castle (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)[a]Rupert & The Ice Castle (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)[a2]Rupert & The Toymaker's Party (1985)(Quicksilva)Rupert & The Toymaker's Party (1985)(Quicksilva)[a]Russian's Attack (1988)(-)(Sp)Rychle Sipy (1990)(Maja Software)(Cz)[Part 1 of 2]Rychle Sipy (1990)(Maja Software)(Cz)[Part 2 of 2]Rygar (1987)(US Gold)Rygar (1987)(US Gold)(128k)Rygar (1987)(US Gold)[a]

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