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G-Force (1983)(Eurobyte)G-Force (1983)(Eurobyte)[a]G-LOC - Loader (1992)(US Gold)(128k)G-LOC (1992)(US Gold)(128k)G-Man (19xx)(Peter Williamson)G.I. Hero (1988)(Firebird)G.I. Hero (1988)(Firebird)[a]G.I. Hero (1988)(Firebird)[a2]GA Max Spy (19xx)(G.A. Bobker)Gablota (19xx)(-)(Sl)GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive)GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive)[a]GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive)[a2]Galactians (19xx)(David Turner)Galactic Abductors (1983)(Anirog Software)Galactic Attack In Stereo 3D (19xx)(Olaf Hartwig)(De)Galactic Gambler (1984)(Alpha Omega Software)Galactic Games (1988)(Activision)Galactic Gunners (1987)(Cybexlab Software)Galactic Gunners (1987)(Cybexlab Software)[t]Galactic Patrol (1983)(CRL Group)Galactic Trooper (1984)(Romik Software)Galactic Trooper (1984)(Romik Software)[a]Galakzions (1983)(Mikro-Gen)Galax (1983)(Hipocrates Soft)Galaxians (1982)(Artic Computing)Galaxians (1982)(Artic Computing)[a]Galaxians (1982)(Artic Computing)[a2]Galaxians (1985)(Atarisoft)Galaxians (1985)(Atarisoft)[a]Galaxias (1986)(Delta 4)Galaxias (1986)(Delta 4)[a]Galaxias (1986)(Delta 4)[a2]Galaxy Attack (1983)(Sunshine Books)Galaxy Defence (19xx)(M Lewis)Galaxy Warlords (1983)(R & R Software)Galaxy Warlords (1983)(R & R Software)[a]Galen (1989)(Madragora Software)Galgje (19xx)(-)(Nl)Galipoli (1986)(CCS)Galletron (1987)(Mastertronic)Gallipoli (1986)(CSS)Gama Copy (19xx)(-)Gamble (19xx)(Gilad Japhet)Game For Anything (1982)(K.B.G. Judson)Game For Anything (1982)(K.B.G. Judson)[a]Game Mix (1987)(Suzy Soft)(Se)Game Over - World 1 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)Game Over - World 1 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)[a]Game Over - World 2 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)Game Over - World 2 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)[a]Game Over (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(128k)Game Over (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(128k)[a]Game Over (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(128k)[a2]Game Over II - World 1 (1988)(Dinamic)Game Over II - World 1 (1988)(Dinamic)[a]Game Over II - World 2 (1988)(Dinamic)Game Over II - World 2 (1988)(Dinamic)[a]Game Screen I (19xx)(Software Rebels)Game Screens II (19xx)(Software Rebels)Game Without A Name (1987)(Dented Designs)Game, The (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)Game, The (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)[a]Games Designer (1983)(Quicksilva)Games Designer (1983)(Quicksilva)[a]Gangplank (1987)(Pirate Software)Gangsters (1983)(CCS)Gangsters (1983)(CCS)[a]Gangsters (1983)(CCS)[a2]Ganymede III (19xx)(Armin Hoelkin)(De)Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge)Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge)[a]Garfield - Winter's Tale (1990)(The Edge)Garfield 3 (1989)(The Edge)(128k)Gargantua Copy v2.0 (1988)(Universum)Gargantua Copy v3.0 (19xx)(Universum)Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Gary Lineker's Super Skills (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)[a2]Gatecrasher (1984)(Quicksilva)Gates Of Garralon, The (1984)(Steven Cox)Gavah (19xx)(-)(Sp)Gazza - 2 Player Demo (1990)(Empire Software)Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)[a]Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)[a2]Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)[a3]GBA Basketball - Two On Two (1987)(Activision)Geister Fahrer (1983)(Klaus Kopecz)(128k)(De)Geister Fahrer (1983)(Klaus Kopecz)(De)Gemelos (1989)(YOX)(Sp)Gener 80 (1984)(Seven Stars Publishing)General Election (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)General Tape Catalogue Reader (1985)(E. Kuchtin)Genesis II - Space Adventure (1984)(Mikro-Gen)Genesis II - Space Adventure (1984)(Mikro-Gen)[a]Genie 128 v2.1 (19xx)(Alchemist Research)Genius 18 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Gens v4.1 (1987)(Hisoft)Geoff Capes Strongman (1985)(Martech Games)Geoff Capes Strongman (1985)(Martech Games)[a]Geografia Polityczna Europy (1986)(Jacek Dlugopolski)(Pl)Geografia Polityczna Europy (1986)(Jacek Dlugopolski)(Pl)[a]Geografia Polski (1986)(Jacek Dlugopolski)(Pl)Geografia Polski (1986)(Jacek Dlugopolski)(Pl)[a]Geography 1 (1984)(Kemsoft)Geography 1 (1984)(Kemsoft)[a]Geography 2 (1984)(Kemsoft)Geography 2 (1984)(Kemsoft)[a]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 1 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 2 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 3 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 4 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 5 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[a][Part 6 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 1 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 2 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 3 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 4 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 5 of 6]Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)[Part 6 of 6]Gerbil Riot Of '67, The (1992)(The Guild)German Language Tutor (19xx)(-)Gerry The Germ (1985)(Firebird)Gerry The Germ (1985)(Firebird)[a]Get Me To The Church On Time (1992)(Zenobi Software)Get That Emulator (1997)(CSSCGC)Ghenghis Khan (1991)(Positive)Ghenghis Khan (1991)(Positive)[a]Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)[a]Ghost Town (1983)(Virgin Games)Ghost's Revenge (1983)(Micromania)Ghost's Revenge (1983)(Micromania)[a]Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)(128k)Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)[a]Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)[a2]Ghostbusters II - Demo Prepared For Micro Hobby (1989)(Activision)Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)Ghostly Grange (1988)(Creative Sparks)Ghostly Shadow, The (1985)(16 - 48k Magazine)Ghostly Shadow, The (1985)(16 - 48k Magazine)[a]Ghosts 'n' Goblins (1986)(Elite Systems)Ghosts 'n' Goblins (1986)(Elite Systems)[a]Ghosts (1997)(CSSCGC)Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (1989)(Elite Systems)(128k)Giant's Revenge (1984)(Thor Computer Software)Giants Adventure (19xx)(-)Gift From The Gods (1984)(Ocean Software)Gift From The Gods (1984)(Ocean Software)[a]Gilbert - Escape From Drill (1989)(Again Again)Gilbert - Escape From Drill (1989)(Again Again)(128k)Gilbert - Escape From Drill (1989)(Again Again)[a]Gillespie (19xx)(16 - 48k Magazine)Gilligan's Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)Gilligan's Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)[a]Give My Regards To Broad Street (1985)(Argus Press Software)Gize - Preview (1986)(Excellent Software)Gize (1986)(Excellent Software)Gladiator (1986)(Domark)Gladiator (1986)(Domark)(128k)Gladiator (1986)(Domark)[a]Gladiator Adventure (19xx)(A. Gough)Glass (1985)(Quicksilva)Glaurung (19xx)(-)(Sp)Glaurung (19xx)(-)(Sp)[a]Glider (1984)(Macmillan)Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)[a]Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)[a2]Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)[a4]Glider Simulator (1984)(Macmillan - Sinclair Research)Glider Simulator (1984)(Macmillan - Sinclair Research)[a]Globe, The (19xx)(John Wilson)Globular Troubles (1987)(Jorgen Bech)Globular Troubles (1987)(Jorgen Bech)[a]Glug Glug (1984)(CRL Group)Gnasher (1983)(R & R Software)Gnome Lazies, The (19xx)(Mouse)Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[a][Part 1 of 3]Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[a][Part 2 of 3]Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 1 of 3]Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 2 of 3]Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 3 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 1 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 2 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)[Part 3 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)[Part 1 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)[Part 2 of 3]Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)[Part 3 of 3]Gnoni (1987)(Biei Software)(Sp)Go Bear Go (1988)(Sinclair User)Go Bear Go (1988)(Sinclair User)[a]Go To Hell (1985)(Triple Six)Go To Jail (1983)(Automata UK)Gob Stopper (1983)(Calisto)Gobble A Ghost (1982)(CDS Microsystems)Gobbleman (1982)(Artic Computing)Gobbleman (1982)(Artic Computing)[a]Gobbleman (1982)(Artic Computing)[a2]Gobbleman (1982)(Artic Computing)[a3]Goblin Gazette, The - Issue 1 (1989)(Zenobi Software)Goblin Gazette, The - Issue 1 (1989)(Zenobi Software)[a]Goblin Gazzette 2, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 2]Goblin Gazzette 2, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 2]Gods (1989)(Simon & Julia Barnsley)Gods (1989)(Simon & Julia Barnsley)[a]Gods (1989)(Simon & Julia Barnsley)[a2]Gods (1989)(Simon & Julia Barnsley)[a3]Gods Of War, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)(128k)Gods Of War, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 3]Gods Of War, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 3]Gods Of War, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)[Part 3 of 3]Godzilla - The Atomar Nightmare (1995)(Tiger's Claw - LCD Design)Gold Digger (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)Gold Mine - Sinclair User 48k Remix (1991)(Sinclair User)Gold Mine - Sinclair User 48k Remix (1991)(Sinclair User)[a]Gold Mine (1983)(DK'Tronics)Gold Mine (1983)(DK'Tronics)[a]Gold Rush (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)Gold Rush (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)[a]Gold Stadt (1984)(Sun Soft)(UNK-LANG)Gold Stadt (19xx)(Aqua Soft)(UNK-LANG)Golden Arrow, The (1984)(M Price Kayem Partnership)Golden Basket (1990)(Opera Soft)(Sp)Golden Chalice, The (1984)(RM Software)Golden Chalice, The (1984)(RM Software)[a]Golden Cobra (1985)(Chezron Software)Golden Cobra (1985)(Chezron Software)[a]Golden Locket, The - Introduction (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Golden Locket, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Golden Pyramid, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)Golden Rose, The (1984)(Adam Enterprises)Golden Sword Of Bhakhor, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 3]Golden Sword Of Bhakhor, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 3]Golden Sword Of Bhakhor, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)[Part 3 of 3]Goldgraber (1983)(Thoralf Klatt)(De)Goldgraber (1983)(Thoralf Klatt)(De)[a]Goldwood (19xx)(Xcellent Software)Golf (1983)(Virgin Games)Golf (1983)(Virgin Games)(16k)Golf (1983)(Virgin Games)[a]Golf (1986)(Imagine Software)Golf (1986)(Imagine Software)[a]Golf (19xx)(-)Golf (19xx)(-)(Sp)Golf (19xx)(-)[a]Golf At St. Andrews (19xx)(Artic Computing)Golf At St. Andrews (19xx)(Artic Computing)[a]Golfing World (1983)(CP Software)Gomoku (1984)(Scsibrany Software)(De)Gomoku (1984)(Scsibrany Software)(De)[a]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(128k)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(128k)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a][Part 1 of 2]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a][Part 2 of 2]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Gonzalezzzzz (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)[a]Goolf (1984)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)Goolf's Exit (1986)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)Goolf's Return (1984)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)[a]Gordello Incident, The - Introduction (1989)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 2]Gordello Incident, The - Introduction (1989)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 2]Gordello Incident, The (1989)(Zenobi Software)[a][Part 1 of 2]Gordello Incident, The (1989)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 of 2]Gordello Incident, The (1989)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 of 2]Gorgon (1983)(Phipps Associates)Gorgon (1983)(Phipps Associates)[a]Gotcha (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)Gothik (1987)(Firebird)Grabbed By The Ghoulies! (19xx)(FSF Adventures)Graf Eddi (1985)(Starcomp)Graf Spee (1982)(S.R. Mansfield)Grafik (19xx)(-)Grafik 3D (19xx)(-)Grafika (19xx)(-)(Pl)Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (1986)(Audiogenic Software)Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (1986)(Audiogenic Software)[a]Gran Juego De Intelegencia (19xx)(-)(Sp)Grand National (1985)(Elite Systems)Grand National (1985)(Elite Systems)[a]Grand Prix (1989)(D & H Games)Grand Prix Challenge (1991)(Challenge Software)Grand Prix Challenge (1991)(Challenge Software)[a]Grand Prix Circuit (1990)(Accolade)(128k)Grand Prix Driver (1983)(Britannia Software)Grand Prix Manager (1984)(Silicon Joy)Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)[a]Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)[a]Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)[a2]Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press Software)Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press Software)(128k)Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press Software)[a]Graphic Editor, The (19xx)(-)Graphic Pen - Calibration (19xx)(-)Graphics (19xx)(Database Publications)Graphics 1 (19xx)(-)Graphics 2 (19xx)(-)Graphics Editor (19xx)(DK'Tronics)Graphics Kit (1983)(Softek)[b]Graphics Pack (19xx)(-)[Part 1 of 4]Graphics Pack (19xx)(-)[Part 2 of 4]Graphics Pack (19xx)(-)[Part 3 of 4]Graphics Pack (19xx)(-)[Part 4 of 4]Graphics Reviews (19xx)(16 - 48k Magazine)Graphics Utility (19xx)(-)(De)Graphik Code Program (19xx)(S. Slabihoud)(De)Great Britain Limited (1982)(Hessel Software)Great Britain Limited (1982)(Hessel Software)[a]Great Courts (19xx)(-)Great Courts (19xx)(-)[a]Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)[a]Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)[a2]Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)[a3]Great Fire Of London, The (1985)(Rabbit Software)Great Fire Of London, The (1995)(Vaxalon)Great Gurianos (1987)(Hit Pak)Great Gurianos (1987)(Hit Pak)[a]Great Gurianos (1987)(Hit Pak)[a2]Great Space Race, The (1984)(Legend)Great Space Race, The (1984)(Legend)[a]Grebit (19xx)(-)Grebit (19xx)(-)[a]Greedy Gulch (1983)(Phipps Associates)Greedy Gulch (1983)(Phipps Associates)[a]Greedy Gulch (1983)(Phipps Associates)[a2]Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)(128k)Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)[a]Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)[a2]Green Death, The (1988)(Casventures)Green Death, The (1988)(Casventures)[a]Green Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)Green Sonja (1991)(Psychedelic Hedgehog Software)Gregory Loses His Clock (1989)(Mastertronic)Gregory Loses His Clock (1989)(Mastertronic)[a]Grell And Falla (1987)(Codemasters)Grell And Falla (1987)(Codemasters)(128k)Grell And Falla (1992)(Codemasters)Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)(Sp)Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)[a]Gremlins (1984)(Thor Computer Software)[a][Speech]Gremlins (1984)(Thor Computer Software)[Speech]Greyfell (1987)(Starlight Software)Gricko (19xx)(R & R Software)(Yu)Grid Bug (1983)(Elfin Software)Grid Iron 2 (1989)(Alternative Software)Grid Patrol (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)Grid Patrol (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a]Grid Run (1983)(Arcade Software)Grid Trap (1986)(Live Wire Software)Grid Zapper (19xx)(-)Gridrunner (1983)(Salamander Software)Gridrunner (1983)(Salamander Software)[a]Grljevca (1987)(Alivojvodic Nikola)(Cz)Groucho (1983)(Automata UK)Ground Attack (1982)(Silversoft)Ground Attack (1982)(Silversoft)[a]Ground Force Zero (1983)(Titan Programs)Ground Force Zero (1983)(Titan Programs)[a]Ground Strike (1997)(CSSCGC)Ground Zero (1984)(Artic Computing)Ground Zero (1984)(Artic Computing)[a]Grue Knapped (1990)(FSF Adventures)Grue Knapped (1990)(FSF Adventures)[a]Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)[a2]Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)[a]Gu! - Ugh! (1984)(Softek Software International)(UNK-LANG)Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)[Part 1 of 3]Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)[Part 2 of 3]Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)[Part 3 of 3]Guardian (1983)(PSS)Guardian (1983)(PSS)[a]Guardian (1983)(PSS)[a2]Guardian 2 (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)Guardian 2 (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[a]Guardian Adventure (19xx)(-)Guardian Angel, The (1990)(Dinamic)Guardian Angel, The (1990)(Dinamic)[a]Guerilla War (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)Guerilla War (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a]Guerra De Las Vajillas, La (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[a][Part 1 of 2]Guerra De Las Vajillas, La (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[a][Part 2 of 2]Guerra De Las Vajillas, La (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Guerra De Las Vajillas, La (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Guess The Number (1995)(Vaxalon)Guido (1984)(Blaby Computer Games)Gulpman (1982)(Campbell Systems)Gun Fright (1985)(Ultimate)Gun Fright (1985)(Ultimate)[a]Gunboat (1987)(Piranha)Gunlaw (1983)(Vortex Software)Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (1988)(Redwood Designs)Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (1988)(Redwood Designs)(128k)Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (1992)(Redwood Designs - Sinclair User)Gunrunner (1987)(Hewson Consultants)Gunrunner (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[a]Gunrunner (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[a2]Gunship (1987)(Microprose Software)Gunship (1987)(Microprose Software)(128k)Gunship (1987)(Microprose Software)(128k)[a]Gunstar (1987)(Firebird)Gusiloc (19xx)(Hipocrates Soft)(Sp)Gutz (1988)(Ocean Software)Gutz (1988)(Ocean Software)[a]Gwain The Haffling (1990)(Panic Soft)Gyron - Atrium (1985)(Firebird)Gyron - Atrium (1985)(Firebird)[a]Gyron - Atrium (1985)(Firebird)[a2]Gyron - Instructions (1985)(Firebird)Gyron - Instructions (1985)(Firebird)[a]Gyron - Necropolis (1985)(Firebird)Gyron - Necropolis (1985)(Firebird)[a]Gyron - Necropolis (1985)(Firebird)[a2]Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)[a]Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)[a2]Gyroscope 2 (1987)(Melbourne House)

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