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Listing Driving/Racing games for SNES:

Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top (Europe)Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top (USA)Batman Returns (Europe)Batman Returns (Japan)Batman Returns (Japan) (Sample)Batman Returns (USA)Battle Cars (USA)Battle Cross (Japan)Battle Grand Prix (Japan)Battle Grand Prix (USA)Battle Racers (Japan)Big Run - The Supreme 4WD Challenge (Japan)Biker Mice from Mars (Europe)Biker Mice from Mars (USA)Circuit USA (Japan)Cyber Spin (USA)Dirt Trax FX (Europe)Dirt Trax FX (USA)Duel, The - Test Drive II (Europe)Duel, The - Test Drive II (USA)Exhaust Heat (Europe)Exhaust Heat (Japan)F-1 Grand Prix (Japan)F-1 Grand Prix - Part II (Japan)F-1 Grand Prix - Part III (Japan)F1 Pole Position (Europe)F1 Pole Position (USA)F1 Pole Position (USA) (Beta)F1 Pole Position 2 (Europe)F1 ROC - Race of Champions (USA)F1 ROC II - Race of Champions (USA)Final Stretch (Japan)Full Throttle Racing (Europe)Full Throttle Racing (USA)Full Throttle Racing (USA) (Beta)GP-1 (Europe)GP-1 (Japan)GP-1 (USA)GP-1 - Part II (USA)GT Racing (Japan)Human Grand Prix (Japan)Human Grand Prix II (Japan)Human Grand Prix III - F1 Triple Battle (Japan)Human Grand Prix IV - F1 Dream Battle (Japan)Ippatsu Gyakuten (Japan)Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (USA)Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (Europe)Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (USA)King of Rally, The (Japan)Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing (USA)Lamborghini - American Challenge (Europe)Lamborghini - American Challenge (USA)Micro Machines (Europe)Micro Machines (USA)Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament (Europe)Mini Yonku Let's & Go!! - Power WGP 2 (Japan)Mini Yonku Shining Scorpion - Let's & Go!! (Japan)Nigel Mansell's World Championship (Europe) (Gremlins License)Outlander (Europe)Outlander (USA)Paperboy 2 (Europe)Paperboy 2 (USA)Power Drive (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,Pt)Power Rangers Zeo - Battle Racers (Europe)Power Rangers Zeo - Battle Racers (USA)Race Drivin' (Europe)Race Drivin' (USA)Road Riot 4WD (Europe)Road Riot 4WD (USA)Road Riot 4WD (USA) (Beta)Road Runner (Europe)Road Runner (Europe) (Beta)Road Runner's Death Valley Rally (USA)RoboCop 3 (Europe)RoboCop 3 (USA)SD F-1 Grand Prix (Japan)SD F-1 Grand Prix (Japan) (Sample)Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula (Japan)Spectre (Europe)Spectre (USA)Speed Racer (USA)Street Racer (Europe)Street Racer (Europe) (Rev A)Street Racer (Japan)Street Racer (USA)Street Racer (USA) (Beta)Stunt Race FX (Europe)Stunt Race FX (USA)Super Chase H.Q. (Europe)Super Chase H.Q. (USA)Super F-1 Hero (Japan)Super F1 Circus (Japan)Super Indy Champ (Japan)Super Mad Champ (Japan)Super Off Road (Europe)Super Off Road (Japan)Super Off Road (USA)Super Off Road - The Baja (USA)Super Off Road - The Baja (USA) (Beta)Suzuka 8 Hours (Japan)Suzuka 8 Hours (USA)Top Gear (Europe)Top Gear (USA)Top Gear 2 (Europe)Top Gear 2 (USA)Top Gear 3000 (Europe)Top Gear 3000 (USA)Top Racer (Japan)Toy Story (Europe) (En,Fr,De)Toy Story (Japan)Toy Story (USA)Uchuu Race - Astro Go! Go! (Japan)Uniracers (USA)Unirally (Europe)Vortex (Europe) (En,Es)Vortex (Japan)Vortex (USA) (En,Es)Winning Post 2 (Japan)

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