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Listing First-Person Shooter games for PSX:

007 - The World Is Not Enough [U]007 - The World is Not Enough (E)Alien Resurrection (E)Alien Resurrection [U]Alien Trilogy (E)Alien Trilogy (G)Alien Trilogy [U]Armorines - Project Swarm [U]Brahma Force [U]Codename - Tenka [U]Codename - Tenka [U] (v1.0)Crypt Killer [U]Delta Force - Urban Warfare (E)Delta Force - Urban Warfare (G)Delta Force - Urban Warfare [U]Descent Maximum [U]Die Hard Trilogy (E)Die Hard Trilogy [U]Die Hard Trilogy [U] (v1.0)Disruptor (G)Disruptor [U]Doom (E)Doom [U]Duke Nukem (E)Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown [U]Epidemic [NTSC-U]Exhumed (E)Final Doom (E)Final Doom [NTSC-U]Galaxian 3 (E)Hexen - Beyond Heretic (E)Hexen [U]Jumping Flash! (E)Jumping Flash! [NTSC-U]Kileak - The Blood (E)Kileak - The Blood (Japan)Kileak - The Blood 2 - Reason in Madness (J)Kileak - The DNA Imperative [U]Krazy Ivan (E)Krazy Ivan [U]Machine HeadMedal of HonorMedal of Honor (E)Medal of Honor (G)Medal of Honor - UndergroundMedal of Honor - Underground (E)PO'ed (E)PO'ed [NTSC-U]PlayStation Underground 3.1 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 3.1 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 3.2 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 3.2 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 3.3 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 3.3 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 3.4 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 3.4 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 4.1 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 4.1 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 4.2 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 4.2 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 4.3 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground 4.3 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground 4.4 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Jampack [U]PlayStation Underground Number 1 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Number 1 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground Number 2 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Number 2 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground Number 3 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Number 3 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground Number 4 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Number 4 [U] (Disc 2)PlayStation Underground Volume 2.3 [U] (Disc 1)PlayStation Underground Volume 2.3 [U] (Disc 2)Powerslave [NTSC-U]Quake IIQuake II (E)Resident Evil - Survivor (E)Resident Evil Survivor [U]Sled Storm & Medal of Honor Demo CD [U]South Park [NTSC-U]Star Wars - Dark Forces (E)Star Wars - Dark Forces [NTSC-U]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (E)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (G)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lone Wolf (E)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lone Wolf [U]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear (E)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear [U]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six [U]Uprising X [NTSC-U]

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