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List of all Sharp X68000 ROMs
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Game Name:Average Rating
Akumajou Dracula (1993)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2)4.31
Akumajou Dracula (1993)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2)4.3
Nemesis '94 Gradius 2 (1994)(Gra2 Project Team)4.29
Gradius (1987)(Sharp - SPS)4.3
177 (1986)(Macadamia)4.25
Gradius II Gofer No Yabou (1992)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A)3.96
Gradius II Gofer No Yabou (1992)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2)(Disk B)4
Xanadu (1994)(Yokoshiba Soft)4.29
Final Fight (1992)(Capcom)(Disk 1 of 2)4.49
Afterburner II (1989)(Dempa)(Disk 1 of 2)4.28
Final Fight (1992)(Capcom)(Disk 2 of 2)4.75
Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1993)(SPS)(Disk 2 of 4)(Disk 1)5
Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1993)(SPS)(Disk 1 of 4)(System)5
Daimakaimura (1994)(Capcom)(Disk 1 of 2)(System)4.93
Afterburner II (1989)(Dempa)(Disk 2 of 2)4.07
Nemesis '90 Kai (1993)(SPS)(Disk 2 of 2)(Data)[a]5
Daimakaimura (1994)(Capcom)(Disk 2 of 2)(Data)5
R-Type (1989)(Irem)4.69
Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1993)(SPS)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk 2)4
Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1993)(SPS)(Disk 4 of 4)(Disk 3)5
Salamander (1988)(Sharp - SPS)5
Star Luster (1994)(Dempa)3.99
Thunder Force II (1988)(Technosoft)(Disk 2 of 2)5
Thunder Force II (1988)(Technosoft)(Disk 1 of 2)4.2
Space Harrier (1987)(Dempa)4.67
Nemesis '90 Kai (1993)(SPS)(Disk 1 of 2)(System)4.92
Parodius Da! (1991)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2)5
Bomber Man (1990)(System Soft)[a2]4.5
Ys 1 Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (1991)(Milk House)4.69
Parodius Da! (1991)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2)5
Fantasy Zone (1989)(Dempa)4.73
Aquales (1991)(Exact)(Disk 1 of 3)4.13
Aquales (1991)(Exact)(Disk 3 of 3)5
Bosconian (1988)(Dempa)5
Dragon Spirit (1988)(Dempa)(Disk 2 of 2)(Disk B)5
Strider Hiryuu (1992)(Capcom)(Disk 1 of 3)(System)4.86
Aquales (1991)(Exact)(Disk 2 of 3)4.6
Hydlide 3 The Space Memories Special Version (1990)(T&E Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)3.93
Chourensha 68K v1.01 (1995)(Famibe No Yosshin)5
Phalanx (1991)(Zoom)(Disk 1 of 3)(System)5
Dragon Spirit (1988)(Dempa)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A)3.88
Genpei Toumaden (1988)(Dempa)4.45
Strider Hiryuu (1992)(Capcom)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk B)4.83
Strider Hiryuu (1992)(Capcom)(Disk 2 of 3)(Disk A)4.83
Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams (1993)(Victor)(Disk 1 of 2)4.8
Ys 2 Ancient Ys Vanished (1991)(Dempa)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A)4.78
Nemesis '90 Kai (1993)(SPS)(Disk 1 of 2)(System)[a]5
Phalanx (1991)(Zoom)(Disk 2 of 3)(Data)4.8
Ys 2 Ancient Ys Vanished (1991)(Dempa)(Disk 2 of 2)(Disk B)5
Detana! Twin Bee (1991)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A)5
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