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Oh! Hajiki! (19xx)(Maru)Oh! Pai (199x)(Silky's)(Disk 1 of 5)(Disk A)Oh! Pai (199x)(Silky's)(Disk 2 of 5)(Disk B)Oh! Pai (199x)(Silky's)(Disk 3 of 5)(Disk C)Oh! Pai (199x)(Silky's)(Disk 4 of 5)(Disk D)Oh! Pai (199x)(Silky's)(Disk 5 of 5)(Disk E)Ohootsuku Ni Kiyu (19xx)(Login)Okumanchouja (19xx)(Cosmos Computer)Ooedo Hanseiki (19xx)(Panther Software)(Disk 1 of 3)Ooedo Hanseiki (19xx)(Panther Software)(Disk 2 of 3)Ooedo Hanseiki (19xx)(Panther Software)(Disk 3 of 3)Ora Ora Ball (1995)(Ora Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)Ora Ora Ball (1995)(Ora Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)Ora-Shoot (1996)(Ora Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)Ora-Shoot (1996)(Ora Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)Ora-Shoot (1996)(Ora Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)[a]Orange Iro No Biyaku (1989)(System House Oh!)Original Games (2001)(Tau Software)Otaku Dama (1999)(Mitsuky)Otaku Dama (1999)(Mitsuky)[h]Ougon No Buta (19xx)(Shoujo)Ougon No Rashinban (1989)(Riverhill Soft)(Disk 1 of 3)(System)Ougon No Rashinban (1989)(Riverhill Soft)(Disk 2 of 3)(Game)Ougon No Rashinban (1989)(Riverhill Soft)(Disk 3 of 3)(Data)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 1 of 6)(System)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 1 of 6)(System)[a]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 1 of 6)(System)[a2]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 2 of 6)(Data A)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 2 of 6)(Data A)[a]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 3 of 6)(Data B)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 3 of 6)(Data B)[a]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 4 of 6)(Data C)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 4 of 6)(Data C)[a]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 5 of 6)(Opening 1)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 5 of 6)(Opening 1)[a]Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 6 of 6)(Opening 2)Overtake (1992)(Zoom)(Disk 6 of 6)(Opening 2)[a]

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