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Listing Strategy games for Amiga:

1869 (AGA)4th & Inches7 ColorsA-TrainAntagoArmour-GeddonArnhem - The 'Market Garden' OperationAtominoAtomixAusterlitzBall Game, TheBandit Kings of Ancient ChinaBattle ChessBattle Chess II - Chinese ChessBattle IsleBattleTech - The Crescent Hawk's InceptionBenefactorBetrayalBlue & the Gray, TheBlue Max - Aces of the Great WarBograts - The Puzzling Misadventure (AGA)Bomb'XBombuzalBoolyBoston Bomb ClubBratBubba 'n' StixBubble +Bubble GhostBurntimeBurntime (AGA)CaesarCannon FodderCannon Fodder 2Caribbean DisasterCarrier CommandCarthageCastlesCeltic LegendsCenturion - Defender of RomeCenturyChampion of the RajChampionship ManagerCheckmateChess Player 2150Chessmaster 2000, TheChip's ChallengeCivilizationCivilization (AGA)ClockwiserClue - Master DetectiveCohort - Fighting for RomeColmena, LaColonizationColonizationColony, TheConflict - KoreaConquerorCover Girl Strip PokerCribbage King & Gin KingCubulusD-Day - The Beginning of the EndD-GenerationD-Generation (AGA)Dark CenturyDeep SpaceDefenderDefender of the CrownDeflektorDetroitDetroit (AGA)Deuteros - The Next MillenniumDiggers (AGA)Dimo's QuestDiscovery - In the Steps of ColumbusDistant Armies - A Playing History of ChessDominationDragon TilesDragon Tiles (AGA)DuneDynatechDynatech (AGA)ECOEco PhantomsElfmaniaEliteEscape from ColditzExcaliburExcellent Card GamesExecutioner, TheExtaseFast BreakFetiche Maya, LeFidelity Chessmaster 2100, TheFields of GloryFields of Glory (AGA)FireZoneFlamingo ToursFloor 13Fool's Errand, TheFootball ManagerFootballer of the Year 2Full Metal PlaneteFuture Classics CollectionGalactic ConquerorGame of Harmony, TheGame of Life, TheGazza IIGem'XGenghis KhanGettysburg - The Turning PointGlobal EffectGobliiinsGold of the Americas - The Conquest of the New WorldGraham Taylors Soccer ChallengeGrimbloodHalls of MontezumaHannibalHannibalHanseHanse - Die ExpeditionHanse - Die Expedition (AGA)High Seas Trader (AGA)High Seas Trader (AGA)Hill Street BluesHistoryline 1914-1918Humans, TheInfestationIshido - The Way of StonesKampfgruppeKlaxLaser SquadLeague ChallengeLemmingsLemmings 2 - The TribesLight Corridor, TheLocomotion (Byte Back)Locomotion (Kingsoft)LoopzLords of the RealmLords of the Realm (AGA)Lords of the Rising SunLost Vikings, TheM1 Tank PlatoonMad TVMagic LinesMalta StormManagerMean ArenasMedieval WarriorsMega lo ManiaMidwinterMorph (AGA)Never MindNobunaga's AmbitionNorth & SouthNuclear WarOgreOh No! More LemmingsOmegaOn the Ball - World Cup EditionOut Run (U.S. Gold)Overlord (Virgin Mastertronic)Overlord (Virgin)Pacific IslandsPanzer BattlesParadroid 90Patrician, ThePerfect General, ThePeter Pan (Fr)PictionaryPipe DreamPipe ManiaPlatoonPlayer ManagerPlayer Manager 2Pool of RadiancePopulousPopulous II - Trials of the Olympian GodsPowerMongerPowerplay - The Game of the GodsPremier Manager 2PuzznicQuadrelRailroad TycoonRampartRealmsRebel Charge at ChickamaugaRed LightningRed Storm RisingReunionRevelation!Rings of MedusaRings of Medusa (De)Risk - The World Conquest GameRoadwar 2000Roadwar EuropaRoboSportRock Star Ate My HamsterRockford - The Arcade GameRomance of the Three KingdomsRomance of the Three Kingdoms IIRorke's DriftRules of EngagementSabre TeamSabre Team (AGA)Santa Paravia and FiumaccioSarakonSargon IIIScorched TanksSettlers, TheSeven Cities of GoldSeven Cities of GoldShadowlandsShanghaiSimAntSimCitySimpsons, The - Bart vs. The WorldSink or SwimSkweekSoftware ManagerSolitaire RoyaleSolitaire's JourneySorcerer LordSpace Conquest - A Galactic OdysseySpace CrusadeSpace HulkSpace StationSpecial ForcesSphericalSpirit of ExcaliburSpoils of WarSpy vs SpySpy vs Spy III - Arctic AnticsStack UpStatixSteigenberger HotelmanagerStone AgeStorm MasterStrategoStrip PokerStrip Poker II+Subtrade - Return to IrataSupaplexSuper League ManagerSuper League Manager (AGA)Super TetrisSwapSyndicateTangramTanxTeam YankeeTerrorpodsTheatre of DeathTheme ParkTimeTimekeepersTitanTom Landry Strategy FootballTop CatTorch 2081Tower of BabelTradersTransarcticaTransarctica (AGA)Trivial PursuitTrivial Pursuit - A New BeginningTyphoon of SteelUFO - Enemy Unknown (AGA)UMS - The Universal Military SimulatorUgh!Utopia - The Creation of a NationVulcanWar in Middle EarthWarheadWelltrisWhen Two Worlds WarWhen Two Worlds War (AGA)Where in Time is Carmen SandiegoWild West WorldWinzerWorld Championship Boxing ManagerWormsWorms - The Director's Cut (AGA)WreckersX-ItXiphosZack!Zyconix

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