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Listing Platformer games for Amiga:

9 LivesAddams Family, TheAirballAladdin (AGA)Alfred ChickenAlfred Chicken (AGA)Alpha WavesAltered BeastApprenticeArabian NightsAssassinAssassin - Special EditionAxel's Magic HammerBaalBarbarianBaron Baldric - A Grave AdventureBase JumpersBeaversBenefactorBeyond Dark CastleBeyond the Ice PalaceBig Nose - The CavemanBio ChallengeBionic CommandoBlack LampBlack TigerBlinky's Scary SchoolBlues Brothers, TheBoBo - Stir CrazyBomb JackBram Stoker's DraculaBrian the LionBrian the Lion (AGA)Bubble BobbleBubble DizzyCaptain DynamoCaptain Planet and the PlaneteersCarlosCastlevaniaChuck RockChuckie Egg IICool WorldCosmic SpaceheadDalek AttackDarkmanDeliveranceDemon BlueDennisDizzy - Prince of the YolkfolkDonk! - The Samurai Duck! (OCS & AGA)Doodlebug - Bug-Bash 2Edd the Duck!Elf (MicroValue)Elf (Ocean)Elvira - The Arcade GameEntityEscape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersExolonEye of HorusFantasy World DizzyFetiche Maya, LeFire and BrimstoneFire!FlashbackFlimbo's QuestFlintstones, TheFloodFury of the FurriesFuzzballGhost BattleGhouls 'N GhostsGiddy II - Hero in an Egg ShellGilbert - Escape from DrillGladiatorsGlobduleGodsGreat Giana Sisters, TheHarlequinHead Over HeelsHome AloneHuckleberry Hound in Hollywood CapersHumans, TheImpossamoleImpossible Mission 2025 - The Special EditionImpossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (AGA)Impossible Mission IIIncredible Crash Dummies, TheIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomIndigoJames Pond 2 - Codename RoboCodJames Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod (AGA)James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish (AGA)Jet Set Willy IIJim Power in Mutant PlanetJoe & Mac - Caveman NinjaKid GlovesKilling Game Show, TheKrusty's Fun HouseLeanderLionheartLiquid KidsMagic BoyMagic LinesMagic PocketsMagicland DizzyMarble MadnessMetal LawMidnight ResistanceMission ElevatorMonster (AGA)Monster BusinessMonty Python's Flying CircusNew Zealand Story, TheNicky BoomNight ShiftOscarOscar (AGA)PangPrehistorikPremierePrincePrince of PersiaPuttyQuest of Agravain, TheRainbow IslandsRick DangerousRick Dangerous 2Robin Hood - Legend QuestSecond SamuraiSecond Samurai (AGA)Seven Gates of Jambala, TheSeymour Goes to HollywoodShadow DancerShadow of the BeastShadow of the Beast IIShinobiSimpsons, The - Bart vs. The Space MutantsSimpsons, The - Bart vs. The WorldSleepwalkerSleepwalker (AGA)Soccer KidSoccer Kid (AGA)Sorceror's ApprenticeSpellbound!Steg the SlugStriderStrider IISuperfrogTintin on the MoonTop BananaTotal RecallTraps 'n' TreasuresTreasure Island DizzyTurricanWerner FlaschbierWibble World Giddy - Wibble Mania!WolfchildWoodys WorldZool 2

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