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List of all Acorn BBC Micro ROMs
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Game Name:Average Rating
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[ELITE start] [SSD]5
Frogger (1982)(A&F)[a][FROGGER start] [SSD]4
Dragon World (19xx)(4Mation)[bootfile] [SSD]3.8
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[a][CHUCKIE start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Flowers of Crystal (1984)(4Mat)[bootfile] [SSD]4.5
Podd (19xx)(Acornsoft)[a2][PODD start] [SSD]4.67
Dr. Who - The First Adventure (19xx)(BBC)[INTRO start] [SSD]3.86
Adventures I-The Lost Frog & Merlin's Castle (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]4.5
Dinosaur Discovery (1985)(Jacaranda Wiley)[bootfile] [SSD]5
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[REPTON start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h][t +5][a][FRAK start-porno hack] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Android (1984)(JK Programs)[ANDROID start] [SSD]3
Commando (19xx)(Elite)[COMMAND start] [SSD]5
Magic Mushrooms (1985)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] [SSD]5
Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
REVS - 1 track (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]5
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Podd (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[FOOTBAL start] [SSD]3.6
Dinosaur Discovery (1986)(4Mation)[bootfile] [SSD]4.5
Mr. Ee! (19xx)(Micro Power)[bootfile] [SSD]5
Sex Invaders (1985)(M)[S-INV start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h TSTH][t +5][bootfile-porno hack] [SSD]5
Great Britain Limited (1982)(Simon Hessel)[BRITAIN start] [SSD]5
10 of the Best Games (19xx)(Database) [UEF]No Rating Yet
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[a2][FOOTBAL start] [SSD]3
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[a2][CHUCKIE start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Superior)[GORR start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Gunsmoke (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][GUN1 start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Tapper (1986)(U.S. Gold)[TAPPER start] [SSD]3
World of Dread Dragon Droom (1985)(D-A)[bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)[a][SPY start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Pacman (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]5
Geordie Racer (1987)(BBC Enterprises)[bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Warlord, The (19xx)(Acorn User)[a2][bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Frak! (1983)(Aardvark)[b][FRAK! start] [SSD]5
Manic Miner (1984)(Software Projects)[a][MINER start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Rocket Raid (1982)(Acornsoft)[RAID start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[!BOOT start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Cube Master (1982)(Acornsoft)[CUBE start] [SSD]5
Bullseye (1984)(Macsen)[cr 81 Red][a][BULLY start] [SSD]5
Speech! (1985)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]5
Cricket (19xx)(-)[a][CRICKET start] [SSD]5
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[a2][ELITE start] [SSD]5
Green Beret (1987)(Imagine)[cr SAM][a2][GREEN start] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Battle Tank (19xx)(Superior)(TANK start) [SSD]No Rating Yet
Superman - Man of Steel (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]5
Citadel (19xx)(Superior) [UEF]No Rating Yet
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h][t +5][FRAK start-porno hack] [SSD]No Rating Yet
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] [SSD]No Rating Yet
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