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J.R. (1982)(Software For All)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jack and the Beanstalk (1984)(Superior)[a][JACK start] [SSD]Jack and the Beanstalk (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] [SSD]Jack and the Beanstalk (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jack and the Beanstalk (1984)(Superior)[JACK start] [SSD]Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[a][JACKATT start] [SSD]Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[a2][JACKATT start] [SSD]Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[JACKATT start] [SSD]Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite (19xx)(A.H.)[bootfile-music] [SSD]James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights (1987)(Domark)[a][BONDLOA start] [SSD]James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights (1987)(Domark)[a2][BONDLOA start] [SSD]James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights (1987)(Domark)[BONDLOA start] [SSD]James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights (1987)(Domark)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Janine (19xx)(-)[a][JANLOAD start] [SSD]Janine (19xx)(-)[JANLOAD start] [SSD]JCB Digger (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]JCB Digger (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]JCB Digger (1983)(Acornsoft)[JCB start] [SSD]JCB Digger (1983)(Acornsoft)[JCB1 start] [SSD]Jedi Battle (19xx)(-)[A.JEDI start] [SSD]Jedi Battle (19xx)(-)[a][A.JEDI start] [SSD]Jedi Battle (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jeremy Goes Jumping (1984)(Superior)[a][bootfile] [SSD]Jeremy Goes Jumping (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] [SSD]Jeremy Goes Jumping (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jet Boat (1984)(Software Invasion)[a][JETBOAT start] [SSD]Jet Boat (1984)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jet Boat (1984)(Software Invasion)[JETBOAT start] [SSD]Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][a][JBT start] [SSD]Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][a2][JBT start] [SSD]Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][bootfile] [SSD]Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][JBT start] [SSD]Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[a][JACK start] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[a2][JACK start] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[a3][JACK start] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[JACK start] [SSD]Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[JETJACK start] [SSD]Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[a][bootfile] [SSD]Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[bootfile] [SSD]Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a][JETSET start] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a2][JETSET start] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a3][JETSET start] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][JETSET start] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite lives] [SSD]Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-invulnerability] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a][JSWII start] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a2][JSWII start] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][JSWII start] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-invulnerability] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[t][a][bootfile] [SSD]Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[t][bootfile] [SSD]Jigsaw (19xx)(-)[a2][JIG1 start] [SSD]Jigsaw (19xx)(-)[JIG1 start] [SSD]Jigsaw (19xx)(Kansas)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Joe Blade (1988)(Players)[b][START start-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Joe Blade (1988)(Players)[b2][START start-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Joe Blade (1988)(Players)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Joe Blade (1988)(Players)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] [SSD]Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players)[a][GAME start] [SSD]Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players)[GAME start] [SSD]Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] [SSD]Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a][JOELOAD start] [SSD]Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a2][JOELOAD start] [SSD]Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[JOELOAD start] [SSD]Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][JR start] [SSD]Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[JR start] [SSD]Joust (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile-no sound] [SSD]Joust (19xx)(Atari)[h TSTH][p][bootfile-no sound] [SSD]Joust (19xx)(Atari)[h TSTH][p][bootfile] [SSD]Joust (19xx)(Atari)[p][a][JOUST start] [SSD]Joust (19xx)(Atari)[p][JOUST start] [SSD]Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[a][JOUSTER start] [SSD]Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[JOUSTER start] [SSD]Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[a][JUMBO start] [SSD]Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[JUMBO start] [SSD]Jump Jet (1984)(Doctor Soft)[a][JET start] [SSD]Jump Jet (1984)(Doctor Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jump Jet (1984)(Doctor Soft)[JET start] [SSD]Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog)[cr Simon][a][JUMP start] [SSD]Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog)[cr Simon][JUMP start] [SSD]Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jungle Jive (1984)(Virgin Games)[a][JUNGLE start] [SSD]Jungle Jive (1984)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Jungle Jive (1984)(Virgin Games)[JUNGLE start] [SSD]Jupiter III - Shipwrecked 2 (19xx)(-)[h Acorn Haven][b](TBI-151)[bootfile] [SSD]Just a Mot (19xx)(-)[WD2 start] [SSD]

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