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Game Name:Average Rating
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Volume 1 Sarah Bryant (J)4.7181
Langrisser 5 The End of Legend (J)4.6636
Shining Force 3 1st Scenario (J)4.6610
Last Bronx (E)4.6606
Samurai Spirits RPG (J)4.6549
Guardian Heroes (E)4.6531
Langrisser 4 (J)4.6525
Burning Rangers (E)4.6429
Cotton Boomerang (J)4.6429
Warriors of Fate 2 (J)4.6408
Panzer Dragoon (U)4.6407
Advanced World War - Last of the Millennium (J)4.6384
Astal (U)4.6376
Silhouette Mirage (J)4.6375
Rockman X4 (J)4.6357
Shining Force 3 2nd Scenario (J)4.6346
Nanatsu Kaze - No Shima Monogatari (J)4.6300
Snatcher (J)4.6290
Saturn Bomberman (J)4.6286
Langrisser Tribute Disc 1 of 4 - Langrisser Dramatic Edition (J)4.6286
Super Real Mahjong P V (J)4.6225
Magic Knight Rayearth (U)4.6199
Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei (J)4.6168
Linda 3 (J)4.6168
X-Men Vs Street Fighter (J)4.6164
Saturn Bomberman (U)4.6152
Princess Crown (J)4.6146
Gradius Deluxe Pack (J)4.6121
Saturn Bomberman (E)4.6116
Cotton 2 (J)4.6114
EVE Burst Error (J)4.6111
Langrisser Dramatic Edition (J)4.6109
J League Pro Soccer Club 2 (J)4.6099
Saturn Bomberman Fight! (J)4.6078
Nights Into Dreams (J)4.6065
Policenauts Disc 1 of 3 (J)4.6026
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (J)4.6012
Shining Force 3 3rd Scenario (J)4.6008
Bug! (U)4.6000
Thunder Force Gold Pack 1 (J)4.6000
Genso Suikoden (J)4.6000
Exhumed (E)4.6000
Die Hard Arcade (U)4.5926
King of Fighters '96 (J)4.5909
Twinkle Star Sprites (J)4.5906
Crows The Battle Action for Sega Saturn (J)4.5906
Super Real Mahjong P VII Genteiban (J)4.5905
Megaman X3 (E)4.5905
Keio Flying Squadron 2 (E)4.5897
Grandia Disc 1 of 2 (J)4.5890
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