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Listing Driving/Racing games for DC:

18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (Japan)18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (USA)4 Wheel Thunder (Europe)(En,Fr)4 Wheel Thunder (USA)4x4 Evolution (USA)Aqua GT (Europe)(En,Fr,De)Atari Anniversary Edition (USA)Buggy Heat (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Buggy Heat (Japan)Crazy Taxi (Japan)Crazy Taxi (USA)Crazy Taxi (USA) (Sega All Stars)Crazy Taxi (United Kingdom)Crazy Taxi 2 (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es,Jp)Crazy Taxi 2 (Japan)Crazy Taxi 2 (USA)Daytona USA (USA)Daytona USA 2001 (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Daytona USA 2001 (Japan)Demolition Racer - No Exit (USA)Ducati World (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It)Ducati World - Racing Challenge (USA)F355 Challenge (Japan)F355 Challenge - Passione Rossa (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Flag to Flag (USA)Flintstones, The - Viva Rock Vegas (Europe) (Pre-production copy)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Grand Theft Auto 2 (France)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Grand Theft Auto 2 (USA)Hydro Thunder (USA)Hydro Thunder (USA) (Rerelease)Hydro Thunder (United Kingdom)Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (Europe)(En,Fr,De)Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (USA)Le Mans 24 Hours (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Le Mans 24 Hours (Japan)Metropolis Street Racer (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Metropolis Street Racer (USA)Monaco Grand Prix (USA)Monaco Grand Prix - Racing Simulation 2 (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Monaco Grand Prix - Racing Simulation 2 (Japan)POD - Speedzone (USA)Racing Simulation 2 - Monaco Grand Prix On-Line (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Re-Volt (Japan)Redline Racer (Japan)Roadsters (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es,Ne)Roadsters (USA)Rush Rush Rally Racing (Germany)San Francisco RUSH 2049 (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es,Ne)San Francisco RUSH 2049 (USA)Sega Extreme Sports (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Sega GT (USA)Sega Rally 2 (France)Sega Rally 2 (Japan)Sega Rally 2 (USA)Sega Rally 2 (United Kingdom)Sno-Cross Championship Racing (USA)South Park Rally (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)South Park Rally (USA)Speed Devils (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Speed Devils (Japan)Speed Devils (USA)Speed Devils - Online Racing (USA)Speed Devils - Online Racing (United Kingdom)Spirit of Speed 1937 (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Spirit of Speed 1937 (Japan)Spirit of Speed 1937 (USA)Star Wars - Demolition (USA)Star Wars - Demolition (United Kingdom)Star Wars - Episode I - Racer (USA)Stunt GP (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es,Ne,Sv)Super Runabout (Japan)Super Runabout (United Kingdom)Super Runabout - San Francisco Edition (USA)Surf Rocket Racers (USA)Surf Rocket Racers (United Kingdom)Suzuki ALSTARE Extreme Racing (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Suzuki ALSTARE Extreme Racing (USA)TNN Motorsports - Hardcore Heat (USA)Taxi 2 - Le Jeu (France)Test Drive 6 (USA)Test Drive Le Mans (USA)Test Drive V-Rally (USA)Tokyo Bus Guide (Japan)Tokyo Bus Guide - Bijin Bus Guide Tenjou Disc (Japan)Tokyo Highway Challenge (United Kingdom)Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (United Kingdom)Tokyo Xtreme Racer (USA)Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (USA)Toy Commander (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)Toy Commander (USA)Toy Racer (Europe)(En,Fr,De,Es)TrickStyle (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)TrickStyle (USA)V-Rally 2 - Expert Edition (Europe)(En,Fr,De)Vanishing Point (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Vanishing Point (USA)Wacky Races (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es,Ne)Wacky Races (USA)(En,Fr,Es)Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour (Europe)(En,Fr,De,It,Es)Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour (USA)Winning Post 4 Program 2000 (Japan)Xtreme Sports (USA)

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