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List of all Nintendo Game Boy ROMs
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Game Name:Average Rating
[BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World)4.8590
Game Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge (Japan) [b]4.7955
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R (Japan)4.6481
Seiken Densetsu (Japan)4.6345
Game Boy Camera (USA, Europe)4.6298
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (Japan)4.6286
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (Japan)4.6255
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden 2 (Japan)4.6208
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Japan)4.6175
Street Fighter II (USA, Europe) (Rev A)4.6142
Picross 2 (Japan)4.6075
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA, Europe)4.5968
Bugs Bunny, The - Crazy Castle (USA, Europe)4.5915
Killer Instinct (USA, Europe)4.5789
Pocket Camera (Japan) (Rev A)4.5759
Nettou Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken (Japan)4.5752
Magic Knight RayEarth (Japan)4.5686
Game Boy Camera Gold (USA)4.5685
Dragon Slayer I (Japan)4.5674
Kwirk (USA, Europe)4.5537
Hugo (Europe)4.5534
Final Fantasy Legend II (USA)4.5533
Navy Blue 90 (Japan)4.5505
Hyper Lode Runner (World) (Rev A)4.5491
Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (USA, Europe)4.5465
Pocahontas (USA, Europe)4.5439
Megaman IV (USA)4.5345
Mystic Quest (Germany)4.5333
Final Fantasy Legend III (USA)4.5312
Final Fantasy Legend, The (USA)4.5302
Tetris (World)4.5185
F-1 Race (World)4.5172
Megaman (USA)4.5161
Final Fantasy Adventure (USA)4.5113
Castlevania Legends (USA, Europe)4.5064
Motocross Maniacs (USA)4.5000
Megaman V (USA)4.4978
Megaman III (USA)4.4857
Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Japan)4.4772
Ranma 1-2 (Japan)4.4727
4 in 1 Funpak (Japan)4.4724
Doraemon no Study Boy 1 - Shou 1 Kokugo Kanji (Japan)4.4693
4 in 1 Funpak (USA, Europe)4.4686
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 (USA, Europe)4.4490
Tamagotchi (USA, Europe)4.3056
King James Bible (USA) (Unl)3.0415

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