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Listing Educational games for NDS:

100 Classic Book Collection (E)(XenoPhobia)100 Classic Books (U)Adventures of Pinocchio (EU)(BAHAMUT)Aly & AJ Adventure, The (E)(SQUiRE)America's Test Kitchen - Let's Get Cooking (U)Asterix - Brain Trainer (E)(SQUiRE)Bakuman - Mangaka e no Michi (J)Big Brain Academy (E)(Supremacy)Big Brain Academy (U)(WRG)Big Word Puzzle Book (EU)(M5)(EXiMiUS)Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (U)(Trashman)Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (v01) (U)Brain Age 2 - More Training in Minutes a Day (U)(Mr. 0)Brain Boost - Beta Wave (U)(Legacy)Brain Boost - Gamma Wave (U)(Legacy)Brain Challenge (E)(XenoPhobia)Brain Challenge (U)(SQUiRE)Brain Quest - Grades 3 & 4 (U)(XenoPhobia)Brain Quest - Grades 5 & 6 (U)(XenoPhobia)Brain Voyage (U)(SQUiRE)Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer (U)(Sir VG)Challenge Me - Brain Puzzles (EU)(M5)(XenoPhobia)Challenge Me Brain Puzzles (U)(EXiMiUS)Chessmaster - The Art of Learning (E)(EXiMiUS)Chessmaster - The Art of Learning (U)(Sir VG)Cooking Guide - Can't Decide What to Eat (E)(XenoPhobia)Crazy Machines 2 (EU)(M5)DS Bimoji Training (J)(Caravan)Daring Game for Girls, The (U)Dogz (E)(Sir VG)Dogz (E)(Supremacy)Dogz (U)(XenoPhobia)Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - How Old Is Your Brain (E)(Supremacy)Driving Theory Training (E)(XenoPhobia)English Training - Have Fun Improving Your Skills (E)(Legacy)Galaxy Racers (E)Galaxy Racers (Trimmed 239 Mbit)(Intro) (U)(SUXXORS)Happy Cooking (US)(NRP)Hello Kitty - Daily (ES)(Independent)Hello Kitty - Daily (US)(BAHAMUT)Hello Kitty Daily (E)(XenoPhobia)Hello Kitty Daily (F)(EXiMiUS)Hello Kitty Daily (G)(Independent)Hello Kitty Daily (IT)(Independent)I Did It Mum! - Girl (E)(XenoPhobia)I Did It Mum! - Picture Book (E)(XenoPhobia)I Did It Mum! - Spelling (EU)(M5)(BAHAMUT)Imagine - Animal Doctor (U)(Sir VG)Imagine - Doctor (EU)(M9)(BAHAMUT)Imagine - Fashion Designer (E)(Undutchable)Imagine - Fashion Designer (U)(Sir VG)Imagine - Happy Cooking (E)(EXiMiUS)Imagine - Happy Cooking (E)(XenoPhobia)Imagine - Happy Cooking (v01) (E)Imagine - Master Chef (U)(Sir VG)Imagine - Pet Vet (E)(XenoPhobia)Imagine - Teacher (E)(DSRP)Imagine - Teacher (U)(SQUiRE)Jacqueline Wilson's Tracy Beaker - The Game (E)Jam Sessions (E)(XenoPhobia)Jam Sessions (U)(Xenophobia)Jam Sessions 2 (DSi Enhanced) (US)(M3)(XenoPhobia)Just in Time Translations (US)(M7)(Suxxors)Kikansha Thomas - Kokugo Sansuu Eigo (J)(GRN)Learn Math (US)(M2)(NRP)Left Brain Right Brain (U)(Sir VG)Left Brain Right Brain 2 (E)Left Brain, Right Brain 2 (U)(XenoPhobia)Let's Draw! (E)Let's Draw! (E)Let's Draw! (E)Let's Draw! (U)March of the Penguins (E)(Supremacy)March of the Penguins (U)(XenoPhobia)Margot's Word Brain (E)(XenoPhobia)Margot's Word Brain (U)(Sir VG)Marie & Gully no Let's Science (J)Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure (US)(OneUp)Math Play (U)(SQUIRE)Math Play (v01) (US)(Mr. 0)Mega Brain Boost (U)(SQUiRE)Moetan DS (J)(Dumper)My Chinese Coach (U)(XenoPhobia)My French Coach (U)(Independent)My Fun Facts Coach (US)(M2)(Sir VG)My Healthy Cooking Coach (DSi Enhanced) (US)(BAHAMUT)My Reading Tutor (U)(EXiMiUS)My Secret Diary (E)(XenoPhobia)My Spanish Coach (U)(Independent)My Weight Loss Coach (U)(CNBS)My Word Coach (E)(XenoPhobia)My Word Coach (U)(Independent)Nova Usagi no Game de Ryuugaku! DS (J)(2CH)Otona no Joushikiryoku Training DS (J)(WRG)Otona no Joushikiryoku Training DS (v01) (JP)(2CH)Pass Your Driving Theory Test (EU)(XenoPhobia)Paws & Claws - Pet Vet (U)(XenoPhobia)Personal Trainer - Math (U)(XenoPhobia)Pet Vet (E)(EXiMiUS)Professor Kageyama's Maths Training (E)(EXiMiUS)RPG Tsukuru DS (DSi Enhanced) (J)RPG Tsukuru DS+ - Create the New World (DSi Enhanced) (J)Reader Rabbit - Kindergarten (U)Rhythm 'n Notes (E)(EXiMiUS)Rhythm 'n Notes (U)(XenoPhobia)Roary - The Racing Car (E)Roary the Racing Car (EU)(BAHAMUT)Saeki Chizu Shiki Yumemihada - Dream Skincare (J)(6rz)Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure (E)(XenoPhobia)Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure (U)(Sir VG)Sesame Street - Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure (U)Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (E)(XenoPhobia)Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (JP)(Caravan)Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (U)(XenoPhobia)Smart Boys Gameroom (U)(SQUIRE)Smart Girl's Playhouse (U)(SQUiRE)Think - Logik Trainer (E)(sUppLeX)Winter's Tail (U)Zoo Hospital (E)(SQUiRE)Zoo Hospital (E)(XenoPhobia)Zoo Hospital (U)(Independent)big brain academy (kiosk demo) (e)(trashman)more brain training from dr. kawashima - how old is your brain (e)(independent)shinri kenkyuuka yuuki yuu kanshuu - mainichi kokorobics ds therapy (j)(independent)

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