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Listing Shoot 'Em Up games for MAME:

1941: Counter Attack (Japan)1941: Counter Attack (USA 900227)1941: Counter Attack (World 900227)1941: Counter Attack (World)1942 (First Version)1942 (PlayChoice-10)1942 (Revision A)1942 (Revision A, bootleg)1942 (Revision B)1942 (Williams Electronics license)1943: Battle of Midway (bootleg, hack of Japan set)1943: The Battle of Midway (Euro)1943: The Battle of Midway (US, Rev C)1944: The Loop Master (Japan 000620)1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620)19XX: The War Against Destiny (Asia 960104)19XX: The War Against Destiny (Brazil 951218)19XX: The War Against Destiny (Hispanic 951218)19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951225)19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 960104, yellow case)19XX: The War Against Destiny (USA 951207 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)19XX: The War Against Destiny (USA 951207)21 (Mirco)Aero Fighters (Taiwan / Japan, set 1)Aero Fighters (Taiwan / Japan, set 2)Aero Fighters (World / USA + Canada / Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan) (newer hardware)Aero Fighters (bootleg set 1)Aero Fighters (bootleg set 2)Air Gallet (Europe)Air Gallet (Hong Kong)Air Gallet (Korea)Air Gallet (Taiwan)Air Gallet (USA)AirwolfAirwolf (US)Akuu Gallet (Japan)Alpha MissionAlpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian (NGM-007 ~ NGH-007)Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian (prototype)Area 88 (Japan Resale Ver.)Area 88 (Japan)ArgusArgus (Gottlieb, prototype)Armed Police Batrider (China) (Fri Feb 13 1998)Armed Police Batrider (Japan, B version) (Fri Feb 13 1998)Armed Police Batrider (Japan, older version) (Mon Dec 22 1997)Armed Police Batrider (Korea) (Fri Feb 13 1998)Armed Police Batrider (Taiwan) (Mon Dec 22 1997)Armed Police Batrider (USA) (Fri Feb 13 1998)Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lander hardware)Asteroids (rev 1)Asteroids (rev 2)Asteroids (rev 4)Asteroids Deluxe (rev 1)Asteroids Deluxe (rev 2)Asteroids Deluxe (rev 3)Astro Blaster (German)Astro Blaster (version 1)Astro Blaster (version 2)Astro Blaster (version 2a)Astro Blaster (version 3)Astro Flash (Japan)Astron BeltAstron Belt (Pioneer LDV1000)B-Wings (Alt Ver.?)B-Wings (Japan new Ver.)B-Wings (Japan old Ver.)BatsugunBatsugun (older set)Batsugun - Special VersionBattlantis (Japan, program code E)Battlantis (program code F)Battlantis (program code G)Battle Bakraid (Japan) (Wed Apr 7 1999)Battle Bakraid - Unlimited Version (USA) (Tue Jun 8 1999)Battle Garegga (Austria / Hong Kong) (Sat Feb 3 1996)Battle Garegga (Europe / USA / Japan / Asia) (Sat Feb 3 1996)Battle Garegga (Taiwan / Germany) (Thu Feb 1 1996)Bega's Battle (Revision 1)Bega's Battle (Revision 3)Bermuda Triangle (Japan)Bermuda Triangle (World Wars) (US)Bermuda Triangle (World?)Bio-ship PaladinBlasterBlaster (conversion kit)Blaster (location test)Blasteroids (German, rev 2)Blasteroids (rev 2)Blasteroids (rev 3)Blasteroids (rev 4)Blasteroids (with heads)Blazing StarBoom (Russian)Border Down (Rev A) (GDL-0023A)Bosconian (Midway, new version)Bosconian (Midway, old version)Bosconian (new version)Bosconian (old version)Bosconian (older version)BusterBuster Bros. (USA)Cabal (Korea?, Joystick)Cabal (US set 1, Trackball)Cabal (US set 2, Trackball)Cabal (World, Joystick)Cabal (bootleg of Joystick version, set 1, alternate sound hardware)Cabal (bootleg of Joystick version, set 2)Carnival (Head On hardware, set 1)Carnival (Head On hardware, set 2)Carnival (cocktail)Carnival (upright)Carrier Air Wing (USA 901012)Carrier Air Wing (World 901009)Carrier Air Wing (World 901012)Carrier Air Wing (bootleg with 2xYM2203 + 2xMSM205 set 1)Carrier Air Wing (bootleg with 2xYM2203 + 2xMSM205 set 2)Centipede (bootleg)Centipede (revision 2)Centipede (revision 4)Change Air Blade (Japan)Chaos Field (Japan) (GDL-0025)Chopper I (US set 1)Chopper I (US set 2)Chopper I (US set 3)City Bomber (Japan)City Bomber (World)CobraCobra-Command (Japan)Cobra-Command (World revision 5)Colony 7 (set 1)Colony 7 (set 2)Commando (Sega)Commando (US set 1)Commando (World)Commando (bootleg set 1)Commando (bootleg set 2)CosmoCosmo Gang the Video (Japan)Cosmo Gang the Video (US)Cotton (set 1, Japan, Rev A) (FD1094 317-0179a)Cotton (set 2, Japan, Rev B) (FD1094 317-0179b)Cotton (set 3, US) (FD1094 317-0180)Cotton (set 4, World) (FD1094 317-0181a)Cotton 2 (JUET 970902 V1.000)Cotton Boomerang (JUET 980709 V1.000)Crazy Cop (Japan)CybattlerCyvern (Japan)Cyvern (US)Daikaiju no GyakushuDangerous Seed (Japan)Dangun Feveron (Japan, Ver. 98/09/17)Darius (Japan)Darius (Japan, rev 1)Darius (World, rev 2)Darius Extra Version (Japan)Defender (Blue label)Defender (Green label)Defender (L-4)Defender (Red label)Defender (White label)Defender (bootleg)Defense (System 16B, FD1089A 317-0028)Destroyer (Cidelsa) (set 1)Destroyer (Cidelsa) (set 2)Destroyer (version O1)Destroyer (version O2)Dimahoo (Euro 000121)Dimahoo (USA 000121 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Dimahoo (USA 000121)DoDonPachi (International, Master Ver. 97/02/05)DoDonPachi (Japan, Master Ver. 97/02/05)DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (2002.04.05 Master Ver)DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (2002.10.07 Black Ver)DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (2002.10.07.Black Ver)DogyuunDogyuun (location test)Dogyuun (older set)Dolphin BlueDonPachi (Hong Kong)DonPachi (Japan)DonPachi (Korea)DonPachi (US)Dragon BlazeESP Ra.De. (International, Ver. 98/04/22)ESP Ra.De. (Japan, Ver. 98/04/14)ESP Ra.De. (Japan, Ver. 98/04/21)Eco Fighters (Asia 931203)Eco Fighters (Hispanic 931203)Eco Fighters (USA 931203)Eco Fighters (USA 940215)Eco Fighters (World 931203 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Eco Fighters (World 931203)Elevator Action (5 pcb version, 1.1)Elevator Action (bootleg)EquitesEquites (Sega)Espgaluda (2003/10/15 Master Ver)Espgaluda II (2005/11/14 MASTER VER)Exed ExesExerionExerion (Taito)Exerion (bootleg)Fantasy Zone (317-5000)Fantasy Zone (Mega-Tech, SMS based)Fantasy Zone (Rev A, unprotected)Fantasy Zone (unprotected)Final Star Force (Japan)Final Star Force (US)Finalizer - Super TransformationFinalizer - Super Transformation (bootleg)Flak Attack (Japan)Front LineFrontierG-Darius (Ver 2.01J)G-Darius (Ver 2.02A)Galaga (Midway set 1 with fast shoot hack)Galaga (Midway set 1)Galaga (Midway set 2)Galaga (Namco rev. B)Galaga (Namco)Galaga 3 (GP3 rev. C)Galaga 3 (GP3 rev. D)Galaga 3 (GP3)Galaga 3 (set 4)Galaga 3 (set 5)Galaxi (v2.0)Galaxia (set 1)Galaxian (Midway set 1)Galaxian (Midway set 2)Galaxian (Namco set 1)Galaxian (Namco set 2)Galaxian (Recreativos Franco S.A. Spanish bootleg)Galaxian (Taito)Galaxian (bootleg, set 1)Galaxian (bootleg, set 2)Gang Busters (set 1)Gang Busters (set 2)Gaplus (GP2 rev D, alternate hardware)Gaplus (GP2 rev. B)Gaplus (GP2)Gekirindan (Ver 2.3J 1995/09/21)Gekirindan (Ver 2.3O 1995/09/21)Giga Wing (Asia 990222)Giga Wing (Brazil 990222)Giga Wing (Hispanic 990222)Giga Wing (Japan 990223 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Giga Wing (Japan 990223)Giga Wing (USA 990222 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Giga Wing (USA 990222)Giga Wing 2Gingateikoku No GyakushuGingateikoku No Gyakushu (bootleg set 1)Gingateikoku No Gyakushu (bootleg set 2)Golly! Ghost!Gondomania (US)GorfGorf (program 1)Gorf (program 1, with German Language ROM)Gradius (Japan, ROM version)Gradius (PlayChoice-10)Gradius (PlayChoice-10, older)Gradius 4: FukkatsuGradius III (Asia)Gradius III (Japan, program code S)Gradius III (World, program code R)Great Mahou Daisakusen (Japan 000121)Grind StormerGrind Stormer (older set)Gun & Frontier (World)Gun Fight (set 1)Gun Fight (set 2)Gun Frontier (Japan)GunNail (28th May. 1992)Gunbird (Japan)Gunbird (Korea)Gunbird (World)Gunbird 2Gunlock (Ver 2.3O 1994/01/20)Guwange (Japan, Master Ver. 99/06/24)Guwange (Japan, Special Ver. 00/07/07)GyrussGyruss (Centuri)Gyruss (bootleg?)House of the Dead 2House of the Dead 2 (USA)House of the Dead 2 (prototype)Ibara (2005/03/22 MASTER VER..)Ikaruga (GDL-0010)In The Hunt (US)In The Hunt (World)Invaders (Barcrest - Red Gaming) (MPU5)Juno FirstJuno First (Gottlieb)Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (2003/01/01 Master Ver)Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (2003/01/01 Master Ver.)Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (2003/01/01. Master Ver.)King & Balloon (Japan)King & Balloon (US)Koukuu Kihei Monogatari - The Legend of Air Cavalry (Japan)Labyrinth Runner (Japan)Labyrinth Runner (World Ver. K)Last Duel (Japan)Last Duel (US New Ver.)Last Duel (US Old Ver.)Last Duel (bootleg)Last Mission (Japan)Last Mission (US revision 5)Last Mission (US revision 6)Legendary Wings (US set 1)Legendary Wings (US set 2)Legendary Wings (bootleg)Liberator (set 1)Liberator (set 2)Lost Tomb (easy)Lost Tomb (hard)Macross PlusMahou Daisakusen (Japan)MarinerMarsMatrix (Maygay - Impulse) (EPOCH)Mayday (set 1)Mayday (set 2)Mayday (set 3)Mazinger Z (Japan)Mazinger Z (World)Mega Zone (Barcrest) (MPU5)Mega Zone (Interlogic)Mega Zone (Konami set 1)Mega Zone (Konami set 2)Mega Zone (Kosuka set 1)Mega Zone (Kosuka set 2)Mighty! Pang (Euro 000925)Mighty! Pang (Euro 001010)Mighty! Pang (Japan 001011)Mighty! Pang (USA 001010)MillipedeMissile Command (rev 1)Missile Command (rev 2)Missile Command (rev 3)Moon Crest (Moon Cresta bootleg)Moon Cresta (Electrogame S.A. Spanish bootleg)Moon Cresta (Galaxian hardware)Moon Cresta (Gremlin)Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu UK)Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu UK, unencrypted)Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu USA, unencrypted)Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu)Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu, old rev)Moon Cresta (Petaco S.A. Spanish bootleg)Moon Cresta (bootleg set 1)Moon Cresta (bootleg set 2)Moon Cresta (bootleg set 3)Mushihime-Sama (2004/10/12.MASTER VER.)Mushihime-Sama Futari Ver 1.5 (2006/12/8.MASTER VER. 1.54.)NemesisNemesis (ROM version)Nemesis (World?, ROM version)Ordyne (Japan)Ordyne (Japan, English Version)Out ZoneOut Zone (harder)Out Zone (old set)Out Zone (older set)Out Zone (oldest set)Ozma Wars (set 1)Ozma Wars (set 2)Phoenix (Amstar, set 1)Phoenix (Centuri, set 1)Phoenix (Centuri, set 2)Phoenix (Irecsa / G.G.I Corp, set 1)Phoenix (Irecsa / G.G.I Corp, set 2)Phoenix (Irecsa / G.G.I Corp, set 3)Phoenix (Irecsa / G.G.I Corp, set 4)Phoenix (JPM) (SYSTEM5, set 1)Phoenix (JPM) (SYSTEM5, set 2)Phoenix (L-1)Phoenix (Sonic, Spanish bootleg)Phoenix (T.P.N. bootleg)Phoenix (Taito Japan)Phoenix (Taito)Pistol Daimyo no Bouken (Japan)Pleiads (Centuri)Pleiads (Tehkan)Pleiads (bootleg set 1)Pleiads (bootleg set 2)Polaris (Brazil)Polaris (First revision)Polaris (Latest version)Polaris (Original version)PooyanPooyan (Stern Electronics)Pop'n Pop (Ver 2.07A 1998/02/09)Pop'n Pop (Ver 2.07J 1998/02/09)Pop'n Pop (Ver 2.07O 1998/02/09)Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (Korea)Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (US)Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World)Prize Space Invaders (v1.1) (MPU4 Video)Prize Space Invaders (v1.2) (MPU4 Video)Prize Space Invaders (v2.0?) (MPU4 Video)Progear (Asia 010117)Progear (USA 010117 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Progear (USA 010117)Progear no Arashi (Japan 010117 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)Progear no Arashi (Japan 010117)Progear no Arashi (Japan 010117) (decrypted bootleg)R-SharkR-Type (Japan prototype)R-Type (Japan)R-Type (US)R-Type (World bootleg)R-Type (World)R-Type IIR-Type II (Japan)R-Type II (Japan, revision C)Rabbit (Asia 3/6)Rabbit Punch (US)Radar ScopeRadar Scope (TRS01)Radiant Silvergun (JUET 980523 V1.000)Radirgy (Japan, Rev A) (GDL-0032A)Rags To Riches Club (Crystal) (MPU4) (set 2)Rags To Riches Club (Crystal) (MPU4) (set 3)Rags To Riches Club (Crystal) (MPU4) (set 4)Raiden (Korea)Raiden (Taiwan)Raiden (US set 1)Raiden (US set 2)Raiden (set 1)Raiden (set 2)Raiden (set 3)Raiden Fighters (Australia)Raiden Fighters (Austria)Raiden Fighters (Germany)Raiden Fighters (Hong Kong)Raiden Fighters (Italy)Raiden Fighters (Japan set 1)Raiden Fighters (Korea)Raiden Fighters (Taiwan, single board)Raiden Fighters (US)Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Germany)Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Hong Kong)Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Japan set 1)Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Taiwan)Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (US)Raiden Fighters Jet (Germany)Raiden Fighters Jet (Japan)Raiden Fighters Jet (Korea)Raiden Fighters Jet (Taiwan)Raiden Fighters Jet (US)Raiden Fighters Jet (US, single board)Raiden Fighters Jet (US, single board, test version?)Raiden II (France)Raiden II (Germany)Raiden II (US, set 1)Raiden II (easy version, Korea?)Ray Crisis (V2.03J 1998/11/15 15:43)Red AlertRed Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 1)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 10)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 11)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 12)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 13)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 14)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 15)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 16)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 17)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 18)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 5)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 6)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 7)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 8)Red Alert (Barcrest) (MPU4) (set 9)Red Alert (Crystal) (IMPACT) (set 1)Red Alert (Crystal) (IMPACT) (set 2)Red Alert (Dutch) (Bellfruit) (Scorpion 4) (set 1)Red Alert (Dutch) (Bellfruit) (Scorpion 4) (set 2)Red Alert (JPM) (IMPACT) (set 1)Red Alert (JPM) (IMPACT) (set 2)Red Alert (JPM) (IMPACT) (set 3)Red Alert (JPM) (IMPACT) (set 4)Red Alert (JPM) (IMPACT) (set 5)Red Alert (JPM) [German] (IMPACT)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 1)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 10)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 100)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 101)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 11)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 12)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 13)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 14)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 15)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 16)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 17)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 18)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 19)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 2)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 20)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 21)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 22)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 23)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 24)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 25)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 26)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 27)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 28)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 29)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 3)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 30)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 31)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 32)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 33)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 34)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 35)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 36)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 37)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 38)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 39)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 4)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 40)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 41)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 42)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 43)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 44)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 45)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 46)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 47)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 48)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 49)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 5)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 50)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 51)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 52)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 53)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 54)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 55)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 56)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 57)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 58)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 59)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 6)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 60)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 61)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 62)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 63)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 64)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 65)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 66)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 67)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 68)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 69)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 7)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 70)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 71)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 72)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 73)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 74)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 75)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 76)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 77)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 78)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 79)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 8)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 80)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 81)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 82)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 83)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 84)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 85)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 86)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 87)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 88)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 89)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 9)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 90)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 91)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 92)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 93)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 94)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 95)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 96)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 97)Red Bar (Electrocoin) (set 98)Red BaronRed Baron (Revised Hardware)Return of the InvadersReturn of the Invaders (bootleg set 1)Return of the Invaders (bootleg set 2)RezonRezon (Taito)Rip OffSAR - Search And Rescue (Japan)SAR - Search And Rescue (US)SAR - Search And Rescue (World)SD Gundam Neo Battling (Japan)SF-XSalamander (version D)Salamander (version J)Salamander 2 (ver AAB)Salamander 2 (ver JAA)Samurai Aces (World)Satan's Hollow (set 1)Satan's Hollow (set 2)Savage BeesScrambleScramble (Karateco, French bootleg)Scramble (Petaco S.A., Spanish bootleg)Scramble (Pinball)Scramble (Reben S.A. Spanish bootleg)Scramble (Stern Electronics set 1)Scramble (Stern Electronics set 2)Scramble (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)Scramble (bootleg)Scramble (bootleg?)Section Z (set 1)Section Z (set 2)Sector ZoneSeicrossSengoku Ace (Japan, set 1)SheriffShootOut (JPM / Whitbread) (IMPACT)SkelagonSpace Attack (bootleg of Space Invaders)Space Attack (cocktail)Space Attack (upright set 1)Space Attack (upright set 2)Space Attack (upright set 3)Space Battle (bootleg set 1)Space Battle (bootleg set 2)Space DungeonSpace Fever (New Ver.)Space Fever (Old Ver.)Space Fever (Older Ver.)Space Fury (revision A)Space Fury (revision B)Space Fury (revision C)Space InvadersSpace Invaders '95: The Attack Of Lunar Loonies (Ver 2.5A 1995/06/14)Space Invaders '95: The Attack Of Lunar Loonies (Ver 2.5O 1995/06/14)Space Invaders (CV Version, larger roms)Space Invaders (Crystal) (IMPACT)Space Invaders (Logitec)Space Invaders (Model Racing)Space Invaders (SV Version rev 2)Space Invaders (SV Version rev 4)Space Invaders (TV Version rev 2)Space Invaders / Space Invaders MSpace Invaders DX (Japan, v2.0)Space Invaders DX (Japan, v2.1)Space Invaders DX (US, v2.1)Space Invaders DX (Ver 2.6J 1994/09/14) (F3 Version)Space Invaders DeluxeSpace Invaders II (Midway, cocktail)Space Invaders Part II (Brazil)Space Invaders Part II (Taito)Space TacticsStar Castle (Mottoeis)Star Castle (older)Star Castle (prototype)Star Castle (version 3)Star ForceStar Force (encrypted, bootleg)Star Force (encrypted, set 1)Star Force (encrypted, set 2)Stratovox (bootleg)Stratovox (set 1)Strike Gunner S.T.GStrikers 1945 IIStrikers 1945 III (World) / Strikers 1999 (Japan)Super Buster Bros. (USA 901001)Super CobraSuper Cobra (Sega)Super Cobra (Stern Electronics)Super Cobra (bootleg)Super Invaders (Zenitone-Microsec)Super Invaders (bootleg set 1)Super Invaders (bootleg set 2)Super Pang (Japan 901023)Super Pang (World 900914)Super Pang (World 900914, bootleg)Super Real Darwin (Japan)Super Real Darwin (World)Super Space Invaders '91 (World)Super Space Invaders '91 (World, Rev 1)Super XeviousSuper Xevious (Japan)Super Zaxxon (315-5013)Super-X (Mitchell)Super-X (NTC)Syvalion (Japan)Task Force HarrierTask Force Harrier (US)Tempest (rev 1)Tempest (rev 1, Revised Hardware)Tempest (rev 2)Tempest (rev 3)Tempest (rev 3, Revised Hardware)Terra Cresta (YM2203)Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 1)Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 2)Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 3)Terra ForceTerra Force (Japan)Terra Force (Japan, bootleg set 2)Terra Force (Japan, bootleg with additional Z80)Terra Force (US)The InvadersThe Next Space (Japan)The Next Space (set 1)The Next Space (set 2)Three Wonders (USA 910520)Three Wonders (World 910513)Three Wonders (World 910520)Three Wonders (bootleg)Three Wonders (hack)Thunder Blade (deluxe/standing) (unprotected)Thunder Blade (upright) (FD1094 317-0056)Tiger Heli (Japan)Tiger Heli (US)Tiger Heli (bootleg set 1)Tiger Heli (bootleg set 2)Tiger Heli (bootleg set 3)Time PilotTime Pilot '84 (set 1)Time Pilot '84 (set 2)Time Pilot '84 (set 3)Time Pilot (Atari)Time Pilot (Centuri)TransformerTrick Trap (World?)Trigger Heart Exelica (Japan, Rev A) (GDL-0036A)TwinBee (ROM version)TwinkleTwinkle Star SpritesU.N. Squadron (USA)Ufo Robo Dangar (4/07/1987)Ufo Robo Dangar (9/26/1986)Under Defeat (Japan) (GDL-0035)UniWar SV-Five (Japan)Vanguard (Centuri)Vanguard (Japan)Vanguard (SNK)VasaraVasara 2 (set 1)Vasara 2 (set 2)Victory RoadViewpointVindicators (Europe, rev 3)Vindicators (Europe, rev 4)Vindicators (Europe, rev 5)Vindicators (German, rev 1)Vindicators (rev 1)Vindicators (rev 2)Vindicators (rev 4)Vindicators (rev 5)Vs. Super XeviousVulcan Venture (New)Vulcan Venture (Old)Vulcan Venture (Oldest)Vulgus (Japan?)Vulgus (set 1)Vulgus (set 2)Western (JPM) (MPS)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 1)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 2)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 3)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 4)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 5)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 6)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 7)Wild West (Ace) (IMPACT) (set 8)Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (bootleg)Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver AAB)Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver EAB)Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver UAB)Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver UAC)Wild Western (set 1)Wild Western (set 2)World Wars (World?)Xevious (Atari)Xevious (Atari, Namco PCB)Xevious (Atari, harder)Xevious (Namco)ZavigaZaviga (Japan)Zaxxon (Japan)Zaxxon (set 1, rev D)Zaxxon (set 2, unknown rev)Zaxxon (set 3, unknown rev)Zero (Konami Endeavour)Zero (set 1, Defender bootleg)Zero (set 2, Defender bootleg)Zero Gunner (Export, Model 2A)Zero Gunner (Export, Model 2B)Zero Gunner (Japan, Model 2A)Zero Gunner (Japan, Model 2B)Zero Gunner 2Zero Wing (2P set)

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