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Listing Platformer games for C64 PP:

Addams Family, The (UE)Altered Beast (U)Auf Wiedersehen Monty (E)BC's Quest for Tires (UE)Baal (E)Barbarian (UE)Below the Root (UE)Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (UE)Bionic Commando (E)Bionic Commando (E) [alt]Bionic Commando (U)Black Tiger (E)Bubble Bobble (E)Bubble Bobble (E) (Rainbow Collection)Bubble Bobble (U)Castlevania (U)Championship Lode Runner (UE)Cool Croc Twins (E)Cool Croc Twins (E) [alt]Darkman (E)Deliverance - Stormlord II (E)Demon Blue (E)Die Hard (E) (Power Hits Compilation)Die Hard (U)First Samurai (U)Flimbo's Quest (U)Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt2]Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt3]Flimbo's Quest (U) [alt]Flintstones (UE)Ghouls 'n Ghosts (E)Goonies, The (UE)Goonies, The (UE) [alt]Green Beret (E)Hard Hat Mack (UE)Hard Hat Mack (UE) [alt]Hawkeye (E) (Thalamus Hits 1986-1988 Compilation)Heist, The (UE)Impossamole (UE)Impossible Mission (UE)Impossible Mission II (UE)Impossible Mission II (UE) [alt2]Impossible Mission II (UE) [alt]Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (E)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (U)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (U) [alt]Jet, The (UE) (v2.00)Jumpman (UE) (v1.0)Jumpman (UE) (v1.1)Kong (U)Madness (UE)Marble Madness (UE) (Ariolasoft)Marble Madness (UE) (Electronic Arts)Mayhem in Monsterland (E)Midnight Resistance (E)Mission Elevator (UE)Mission Elevator (UE) [alt]Montezuma's Revenge (UE)Night Shift (UE)Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (UE)Pogo Joe (UE)Rad Warrior (U)Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (E)Rastan (E)Rick Dangerous (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Rush'n Attack (U)Saracen (UE)Shinobi (E)Shinobi (U)Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (E)Snokie (UE)Spelunker (UE)Squish 'em (UE)Strider (U)Tintin on the Moon (UE)Total Recall (E) (2 Hot 2 Handle Compilation)Turrican (E)Turrican (E) [alt2]Turrican (E) [alt]Turrican (U)Ultimate Wizard (U)Wizard (U)Wonder Boy in Monster Land (E) (Mastermix Compilation)Zorro (UE)

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