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[Budget] 180 (E)[Budget] Action Force (E)[Budget] Advanced Basketball Simulator (E)[Budget] Aliens - The Computer Game (E)[Budget] Angleball (E)[Budget] Aztec Challenge (E)[Budget] Ball Crazy (E)[Budget] Bangers & Mash (E)[Budget] Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (E)[Budget] Bazooka Bill (E)[Budget] Bubble Bobble (E)[Budget] Camelot Warriors (E)[Budget] Combat Lynx (E)[Budget] Crazy Cars (E)[Budget] Decathlon (E)[Budget] Driller (E)[Budget] Exploding Fist (E)[Budget] Flash Gordon (E)[Budget] Ghostbusters (E) (Hit Squad)[Budget] Ghostbusters (E) (Ricochet)[Budget] Grand Prix Tennis (E)[Budget] Hole in One (E)[Budget] Jet Set Willy (E)[Budget] Jonah Barrington's Squash (E)[Budget] Kromazone (E)[Budget] Laserwheel (E)[Budget] Last Ninja, The (E)[Budget] Manic Miner (E)[Budget] Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (E)[Budget] Platoon (E)[Budget] Pro Tennis Tour (E)[Budget] Raster Runner (E)[Budget] Renegade (E)[Budget] Rescue on Fractalus! (E)[Budget] Rigel (E)[Budget] River Rescue (E)[Budget] Rock'n Wrestle (E)[Budget] Rockford (E)[Budget] S.D.I. - Strategic Defence Initiative (E)[Budget] Saboteur (E)[Budget] Short Circuit (E)[Budget] Skool Daze (E) (Anirog)[Budget] Skool Daze (E) (CHR)[Budget] Spellbound (E)[Budget] Sport of Kings (E)[Budget] Star Wars Droids - The Adventures of R2D2 and C3PO (E)[Budget] Storm Warrior (E)[Budget] Stormbringer (E)[Budget] Strike! (E)[Budget] Super Hang-On (E)[Budget] T-Bird (E)[Budget] Toy Bizarre (E)[Budget] Vector Ball (E)[Budget] Wizard's Pet (E)[Budget] Zub (E)[Program] 3D Construction Kit (E)[Program] Boulder Dash Construction Kit (E)[Program] Designer's Pencil, The (E)[Program] OCP Art Studio, The (E)[Program] Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit (E)007 - A View to a Kill (E)007 - Licence to Kill (E)007 - Live and Let Die (E)007 - Living Daylights, The (E)007 - Spy Who Loved Me, The (E)10th Frame (E)11-A-Side Soccer (E)19 Part One - Boot Camp (E)19 Part One - Boot Camp (E) (2 sides)1942 (E)1943 - One Year After (E)1943 - The Battle of Midway (E)1985 - The Day After (E) (Burner)1985 - The Day After (E) (Visiload)1994 - Ten Years After (E)3D Pinball - Pinball Power (E)3D Pool (E)3D Stock Cars II (E)4th & Inches (E)720 Degrees (E)

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