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Listing Simulation games for Atari 800:

Ace of Aces (1987)(Accolade)Advanced Pinball Simulator (19xx)(Codemasters)[cr Mr.Bacardi][k-file]Airwolf (1985)(Elite)[cr Kilroy]Arcade Fruit Machine (19xx)(Zeppelin)AutoduelB-1 Nuclear Bomber (1981)(Microcomputer Games)[BASIC]B-1 Nuclear Bomber (1981)(Powersoft)[k-file]Battle of AntietamBombBomber (1985)(A.Reeve)Bomber (19xx)(-)Carrier ForceColonial ConquestCombat Leader (1983)(SSI)Computer AmbushConflict in VietnamDarts (1981)(Thorn EMI)Darts (Blue Ribbon)Dice!Dizzy Dice (1987)(Players)[k-file]Eastern Front 1941 (1982)(Atari)F-15 Strike Eagle (19xx)(MicroProse)[cr The Cruiser]Field of FireFighter Pilot (1985)(Digital Integration)Fighter Pilot (Interceptor Software)Flight Simulator IIGATOGalaxyGato (1987)(Atari)[cr RBS][tr de][b][Req 128k][k-file]GuderianHellcat AceInfiltratorKaiserKennedy Approach (1985)(MicroProse)Knights of the DesertMech Brigade (1985)(SSI)Milk Race (1987)(Mastertronic)[k-file]Napoleon in RussiaNorth Atlantic Convoy RaiderNukewarOperation Market GardenPanzer GrenadierPitstop (1983)(Epyx)[k-file]Rebel Charge at ChickamaugaSeven Cities of GoldSnooker (1981)(Thorn EMI)[k-file]Snooker (19xx)(Blue Ribbon)[m Homesoft][title][k-file]Snooker (19xx)(CDS)SoloSolo Flight (1983)(MicroProse)SpaceSpace JourneySpace ShuttleSpace Shuttle (1983)(Microdeal)[k-file]Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (1984)(Activision)[k-file]Space War (1983)(J. Jaeger)[k-file]Spitfire 40 (1986)(Avalon Hill)Spitfire AceStealth (1984)(Broderbund)[k-file]Super Huey (1984)(Cosmi)The Quest of the Space BeagleThe Shattered AllianceTomahawkU.S.A.A.FWarWargame Construction Set (1986)(SSI)

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