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Listing Action-Adventure games for DOS:

Adventure (1991)(Craig Pell)Alone In The Dark (1992)(Interplay)Alone In The Dark 2 (1994)(Interplay)Alone In The Dark 3 (1995)(Interplay)Bad Blood (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Bards Tale The (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)Batman 2 (1990)(Data East Corporation)Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1983)(Muse Software)Bionic Commando (1988)(Capcom)Cadaver (1990)(Bitmap Brothers)Castle Wolfenstein (1984)(Muse Software)Conan The Cimmerian (1991)(Avalon Interactive)Die Hard (1989)(Dynamix)Dragon Slayer (1992)(Silmarils)Fable (1996)(Telstar Electronic Studios)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)(F)Flashback The Quest for Identity (1993)(Delphine Software International)(Rev1)God Of Thunder (1993)(Software Creations Ltd)God Of Thunder (1993)(Software Creations Ltd)(Rev)God Of Thunder (1994)(Cse Games)ImagiNation Network (1994)(Sierra-On-Line)Immortal The (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Jill Of The Jungle (1992)(Epic Megagames Inc)Jill Of The Jungle The Complete Trilogy (1993)(Epic Megagames Inc)Jungle Hunt (1984)(Atari Inc)Little Big Adventure (1994)(Adeline Software International)Mega Man (1990)(Capcom)Metal Gear (1987)(Konami)Out Of This World (1991)(Interplay)Prince Of Persia (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Saboteur II (1987)(Keypunch Software Inc)Sarge (1988)(Capcom)Space Ace (1989)(Readysoft Incorporated)Starblade (1990)(Silmarils)(G)Strider (1989)(Capcom)Tom And The Ghost (1990)(Blue Byte)Tom And The Ghost (1990)(Blue Byte)(Rev1)Tomb Raider (1996)(Eidos)Twinsens Odyssey (1997)(Activision Publishing Inc)Wibarm (1989)(Broderbund)

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