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My Info:

Name: Jan-Wouter aka Sarcast
Location: The Netherlands.. or Belgium. ( I like belgium more, girls are nice there ;)
Best game ever: Command & Conquer
Best trip ever: err. Belgium
Worst moment ever: breaking up with your girl, and your Bike gets stolen at the same time
My wish: get a drivers license.. get a new mobo+cpu and a new Harddrive.. a new stereo.. a threesome in bed.. more cash.. .. ... ....
Goal in life: live ?
Best drink: Jack Daniels + Cola
Favorite English words: "hm"

Current Crappy System:
[14:16] Mem: Usage: 213/384MB (55.47%) [||||||||||]
[14:16] CPU: 1-AMD K6-2 {8} @~500.96MHz
[14:16] OS: Windows XP
[14:16] Uptime: 1wk 19hrs 21mins 51secs
[14:16] Disk Free: C: 0.22Gb / 7.87Gb
[14:16] Video: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 64mb DDR

for a detailed description about my doings on better read MasJ's info page, more stuff there.

- Sarcast

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