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This about-me was written in 2002 as you can tell from the listed computer specs and more ;)


Well, I'm "Da Big Boss" around this joint. But can't really be any sort of a boss without people to boss around :). In this info page you're going to find a lot of background on the history of
So this is how it all began. I was always a cute kid but horribly dumb (that's what I think). Got my computer in 1997. It was a really really l33t Pentium 200Mhz with 16MB Ram and a 2MB Video Card. No modem or internet at that time.
We moved houses in 1999 and that's when I got my first internet connection :). It was a nice 56k connection always connecting at 48000bps(great memory, I've got ;). Anyways, I started out with just surfing here and there, and then decided to make a webpage. I also used to chat online a lot! My first webpage was hosted on and as far as I remember, only I ever visited it ;).

I first learnt about emulation sometime in September '99 when I read something about GBC roms. I was VERY impressed, that's because being in India, I never got to play all those wonderful games on the Super Nintendo (it was never released over here) and other systems, and even though the Genesis was around, we never had a good market for it, since at that time, video games were damn expensive in India and through emulation I could play all those wonderful games which were otherwise absolutely out of my reach.

Following is a VERY detailed history of
Skip if not interested (damn well read it! ;)

Ultimately, I decided to open an emulation site, I started on my ISPs server. It was called Emulation Paradise since the beginning, and it was started on 27th March 2000. We started out pretty well, had lots of N64 roms, so we used to get 1000-2000 hits a day. And then Sarcast arrived on the scene. He used to call himself Viper back then. He asked for a job because I had put up a request for staff members on the page. We also had two people earlier, one was JamesBond and another was Aaron(they left). They used to write reviews, some of their reviews are still there in our reviews section.

So when Sarcast asked me for the post, I told him, I'm getting a domain, we'll start working together on the site after that. In the meantime, I purchased And then we started working on the site again with a brand new design, lots of roms, and more. We were hosted on (for free), and I had decided that we would move to paid hosting soon, but our sponsors ditched us again and again and again. Ultimately, we reached a position where we used to get 15,000 visitors a day and about 45,000 hits, so due to high bandwidth usage, hypermart ditched us. Luckily Sarcast had a backup of the site..

Well, there were many speedbreakers like that on our way, but finally in May 2001 Cypher (he had joined sometime in November 2000) and I started working on a new design for the site. Although the design was completed, we never got it online.(server down all the time). But the message board was up and became really popular. So we had a lot of people looking forward to the site and... no site. Ultimately, Sarcast put up the scraps of the site left and we also started taking interest again, so was on the road to recovery after about 5 months downtime.

Now we're a big sprawling site with an awesome amount of content and a huge amount of visitors. If we had better sponsors, we would have had a dedicated server by now.. but whatever may be the case, still rules for me! Because it's something I made with my hard work and when I see people appreciating it, it gives a GREAT feeling! Just to say, "Long Live" !
About Me:
Well, now I have an awesome site and awesome visitors and I can only thank all the people who have helped me out through the years especially Sarcast and Cypher and emuhouse, who were there with us since a long time. But I can't forget about some of the great people like gibb (find him on the message boards) and more who have been fans since the beginning (oh yes, Fredricos also!). As for my own life, I play basketball for my school, like hanging out with friends, listening to music, gabbing on the phone with my girl, working on emuparadise, having fun in our chat (with all the GREAT people over there), and ...well.. and living life to the fullest in every way I can!! So that's my indepth year old philosophy. :)

My favorite music really depends on my mood, but I like Guns 'N Roses (especially November Rain), liked Eminem once upon a time (still like listening to Stan), like Trance from Paul Oakenfold, Three Doors Down, Metallica, and when I'm in a bad mood, I like listening to Rage Against the Machine, Magus's Theme (Chrono Trigger) and Black Omen (Chrono Trigger). Also like Sister Hazel, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and some more.. Don't really dig R&B and Pop music though. I like some game themes a LOT. Like Chrono Cross - Times Scar (Intro Track), Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time, Final Fantasy IX - Neo Kuja's Theme, Final Fantasy IX - The Place I'll return to someday (don't know why I like this, it's just the pipes), Xenogears _ Creid (all of them), and quite a few more, although most of my favorites are from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Also a big fan of all OC Remixes (quite crazy about those). Oh yeah, the FF3 Boss battle theme absolutely ROCKS! :)

Basketball is something that is my second love in life. I love the game a LOT and can play for hours. Really want to make it big in it, but studies take priority, unfortunately, otherwise, I'd have been competing with Iverson (yeah, he's one of my fav. and I shoot just like him :)) by now. I play for my school and although I like to be modest, I play well :). I can play on every position so I play as controller, power forward, and defender. I play everywhere, actually :). I DO NOT like playing basketball on the PC, never really liked it....

My present Computer Specifications are:

  • Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • Motherboard: MSI
  • Ram: 512MB Crucial DDR
  • Hard Disk: Seagate UDMA 80GB Barracuda
  • CD-Rom: Sony CD-RW/Sony DVD-ROM
  • Soundcard: Creative SB Live!
  • KeyBoard: Some dumb stupid crappy one, but it WORKS!
  • Mouse: A logitech USB! :)
  • Video Card: GeForce3 (yeah, the cheap one, Riva TNT2)
  • Joystick: Microsoft Sidewinder(USB Gamepad), Quickshot X25, and a PSX gamepad connected to my parallel port. (Basically, all my ports are full)
  • Connection: 56k, Dsl, and OC3 (heh, join the chat for an explanation on this one :)

Alright, that should be everything about my PC. Here's some of my favorites:

  • Favorite Song: Guns N Roses - November Rain
  • Favorite Game: Chrono Trigger
  • Favorite OS: Linux - Mandrake
  • Favorite Company: None, I like OpenSource (strong supporter of the Open Source Movement!)
  • Favorite Site: Zophar
  • Favorite Cartoon: The LeoGeo2 & Skinner 8 show (aired in our channel). Earlier I used to like the emuhouse and Fredricos show :)
  • Favorite Movie: Matrix
  • Favorite Series: uhh.. dont watch much TV, is Simpsons a series ? ;)
  • Favorite FOOD: mmm... anything that walks (non-vegetarian :).
  • Favorite Place: The Throne (if your english is good, you'll know what this means)
  • Favorite Attitude: Sarcast
  • Favorite Hangout: A joint called #emuparadise
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball(pretty obvious).
  • Favorite OC Remix: A track called "Chrono Trigger, The New Zeal", you've got to check it out!

No more favorites! Well, there's a lot more, like my favorite bus route ;), but you wouldn't be interested :). Alright, so that brings me to the end of this short (heh! yeah..), and sweet profile. Until I update this next, keep "Dying For Roms" :).


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